Christmas Fairy Tale

Christmas Fairy TaleFranch  version: Lucia Galb ,

English version:H Holly Rene Hunter

The Year that we leave behind – to me, the hosts of this house, was a year of pleasant companionship with you. – I was particularly pleased and honored, I would say simply – chat with you and read wonderful comments and enjoy with you.
This page – is – our home – our freedom – and as such, is always open for any people with good intentions, who is in his journey through the endless internet comes here. So it will be still – your word, here always acknowledged – and respected – as something sacred.
Written: Maxima
I have not and will not weigh an extra quality. Simplicity and accessibility for everyone and everything – my motto. because we are all, nonetheless, ordinary people.

People who have in this very intensive way of life come to Wordpess – to be friends – and that way be relieved of all problems.
Give one another a kind word of encouragement, sincerity, in order to help, to come to one’s aid if needed.

I am convinced that our friendly relationships will remain an excellent example of mutual respect on a global scale.

You are all great – thank you for the wonderful companionship –
Thank you all, you, you – wonderful comments, giving support; my, unique manner of speech, encouraged me and strengthened, the poetic traveling through time and space, and thus edit this page!

Thank you also, my dear guests:
Amalia Pedemonte – Aquileana ,
Lucia Galb ,
Christy Birmingham
Lauren Scott,
Penny L.Howe,
Holly Rene Hunter
and Sloan Rawlins
their contributions have also made significant contributions for your satisfaction.

Special words of thanks, I extend to my good friends for their low non intrusive and yet so distinctive:
Penny L.Howe, yet
Holly Rene Hunter who, with a good spirit and a big heart – made a special contribution to my personal promotion, because they are written preface for the book that I wrote. Because they are, whenever I needed, in their own time own time, broke away to help me, interpret …
To this my site was, what it now is:

My special thanks to my respected friends
Holly Rene Hunter et
Lucia Galb ,, for recite my poetry ,
D. A. Lavoie, Melanietoulouse ,lgyslaine, Lucia Galb ,, for great translations of my poems into French.
Amalia Pedemonte – Aquileana , for great translations my poems into Spanish .
All You – are, quite bright star – constellations at Maxima blog –

In the hope that the year in which we will soon step, to be riddled, love, faith and respect – all of which we as a people, each individually and glad that we will all be met – all our dreams –
I wish
Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year

Stefan Maxima

«  Un Joyeux Noël et une Bonne année »

Chers ami(e)s,

L’année que nous laissons avec les hôtes de ce blog a été une année agréable et riche en camaraderie.
J’ai été particulièrement heureux et honoré, je dirais tout simplement de bavarder avec vous, de lire vos merveilleux commentaires, je me suis réjouis avec vous. Ce site est notre lieu de partage, notre liberté et en tant que telle, il est toujours ouvert aux personnes de bonne intention qui naviguent sans fin sur internet et qui veulent s’y arrêter. Il en sera encore ainsi, vos mots ici seront reconnus et respectés comme quelque chose de sacré.
Je n’userai pas de qualité supplémentaire. Simplicité et accessibilité pour tout le monde voilà ma devise.
Parce que nous sommes tous juste des gens ordinaires.Les gens qui sont dans ce mode de vie très intense viennent ici à « Wordpress », pour être ami et c’est une façon d’être soulagés de leurs problèmes.Se donner les uns et les autres un mot gentil est un témoignage personnel, de sincérité et d’entraide commune.
Que nos relations amicales demeurent vraies et je suis profondément convaincu qu’elles le resteront.
En effet, un excellent exemple de respect mutuel à l’échelle mondiale, vous êtes tous formidable !
Merci, mes amis, pour votre merveilleuse compagnie Merci à vous à tous, de vos merveilleux commentaires qui m’ont apporté le soutien, m’ont aussi encouragé et ont renforcé mon parcours poétique à travers le temps et l’espace.
Ainsi j’ai pu améliorer la publication de mes pages

Merci également à mes chères invités :
Amalia Pedemonte – Aquileana ,
Lucia Galb ,
Christy Birmingham
Lauren Scott,
Penny L.Howe,
Holly Rene Hunter
and Sloan Rawlins  slon rolins
Leurs contributions vous ont également apporté de grandes satisfactions. slon rolins

Leurs contributions vous ont également apporté de grandes satisfactions.

J’offre également tous mes remerciements à mes bonnes et distinguées amies :

Penny L.Howe, yet
Holly Rene Hunter ,

Qui, avec leur bon esprit et leur grand coeur ont apporté une contribution spéciale à ma promotion personnelle.
Elles ont rédigé la préface du livre que j’ai écrit.
Elles ont répondu présent chaque fois que j’ai eu besoin de leur service, elles ont offert des heures et des heures de leur temps pour m’aider et interpréter, ce qui a permis à mon site d’être ce qu’il est maintenant.

Un spécial remerciement à mes respectées amies
Holly Rene Hunter et
Lucia Galb , pour la récitation de mes poèmes

D. A. LavoieMelanietoulouse ,lgyslaine, Lucia Galb ,
pour la traduction de mes poèmes en Français

Amalia Pedemonte – Aquileana ,  pour la traduction de mes poèmes en Espagnol.

Vous toutes, vous êtes des étoiles brillantes
La constellation du blog de Maxima
Dans l’espoir que l’année dans laquelle nous entrons bientôt, sera comblée d’amour, de foi et de respect, tous en tant que peuple mais aussi individuellement heureux nous serons réunis dans tous nos rêves.
Je souhaite à tous «  Un Joyeux Noël et une Bonne année »

Stefan Maxima

la traduction de :
Lucia Galb

Picture 2475

My Noblewoman
Written: Maxima

Oh! my gentle
You , you are my most beautiful,
Angel , angel of my heart,
Your kindness flowing
my veins,
And my soul,
In which, already heavily
Scratched it matures,
A gray veil
Insensitivity ,
And some morbid, loud and cold,
Silence , steeped,
Heavy smoke in the cafe …
Dirty glasses.
Blood, broken noses, heads,
Rising !
And a hug, a gentle kiss,
Divine , beautiful smile –
Bring sunshine into my hug!
Bring –
Gentleness views,
Beauty smiles, warmth of heart
And the nobility of his soul,
I thank you!
My only.
My princess,
Noblewoman my
The magic of your spirit
My soul dormant,
On some laurels
Greatly already, faded past
lifted – the throne
To be king of your tenderness
I do not know if I will be able to
To this, proudly humble,
Sign in glory – your beautiful smile –
Queen smile!
To you …your heart
I say these things to you.
I love you.

It is really beautiful
Thanks for the pure and unblemished friendship, of great value that is yours.
It can bear only your name, “Gentleman”, you have the nobility of a great poet who knows how to speak at heart.
A heart that still loves always , at all times.
Sincerely , be blessed, hugs and love to you !


Merci /thank you / Gracias / danke schon/ Grazie , Stefan..

It was a pleasure to meet you this year… You & your poetry are beautiful…

Sending you my best wishes and many hugs, Aquileana😉

Inside the Mind of Isadora
A wonderful reading on the video.
Hope your New Year will be filled
with all of the magical joy of the season.

Dear Stefan ,
Thank you for this beautiful video. Thank you for your touching wishes that are a reflection of your heart.
A year has passed in your presence, you gave us so much joy and pleasure through your poems, your dreams.
You are great and so endearing.
I also wish you all my best wishes of joy, peace and happiness for 2014.
We can continue this beautiful friendship that binds us in simplicity and mutual respect.
I embrace you my friend.
From my heart a Merry Christmas to you and your family !

Christmas Fairy Tale | Maxima…
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Author: Maxima

Maxima is a pseudonym I've been using to authenticate my work. I’m a writer, poet, literary critic, and author of several booksIn addition , poetry as a basic form of literary creation ,writes short stories , aphorisms , literary criticism . ( Don't Let Tears Kiss My Face )( Between Shadows ) Poems written by Maxima have been translated into: English, French and Spanish As hobbies, I have a passion for photography and creating meaningful videos. In this site you will likewise see showcase my video creativity. Thank you for dropping by! Feel free to follow; feel free to comeback! With love Maxima

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  1. It is really beautiful
    Thanks for the pure and unblemished friendship, of great value that is yours.
    It can bear only your name, “Gentleman”, you have the nobility of a great poet who knows how to speak at heart.
    A heart that still loves always , at all times.
    Sincerely , be blessed, hugs and love to you !

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