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My Heart Wants You


Written: © Maxima 

My heart wants you
Oh! Goddess of love
The eyes speak
Speak for themselves
What I feel in my heart for you.
With these few words
I can’t hide joy
I can’t hide happiness
I can’t hide
What ripens in me
Therefore, my only and eternal love,
I let my heart
Carry me
To the magical world
Of your love
I love you

Mein Herz will Sie

Oh! Göttin der Liebe
Die Augen sprechen
Sprechen Sie für sich selbst
Was ich in meinem Herzen für Sie fühle.
Mit diesen wenigen Wörtern
Ich kann nicht Freude verbergen
Ich kann nicht Glück verbergen
Ich kann mich nicht verstecken
Was in mir reift Deshalb,
Meine einzige und ewige Liebe,
Ich ließ mein Herz
Tragen Sie mich
Zur magischen Welt
Ihrer Liebe
Ich liebe dich
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You In My Hyperrealism

28.11.2015 1

Written: © Maxima 

I got strange looks
As I travelled into your light
And into my light
You beautiful urban woman,
With their eyes wide open and dark
They admit their envy
Leading an empty, meaningless life
Arrogant and sinful…
Every day I pray to God
To forgive them
To me, their cold look
Reflects the rejection of romance
And indulging in tender joys,
In a gentle touch,
A soft kiss,
Gazing at stars…
And, within me,
There lie the power of a smile,
The power of cheerfulness,
The power of happiness,
The power of love
Strong enough to face
All the challenges before me
I love you

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Today I will Not Write A Poem …..


Written: © Maxima 

Irresistible and intoxicating you,
My dearest angel,
Yours are the most beautiful lips
In the world,
Hot kisses and magic are mine.
Today I will not write a poem or verse, no rhyme.
Today my hands and lips will sprinkle you
With tenderness,
The sparkling gems of my poetry.
I love you

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Silvery Stars And We


Written: © Maxima 

You pour the pure joy
Into my soul
It’s overflowing
Like the wine I pour
Into the crystal glasses
In honour of our love.
This flame burning in my heart is
My birthday present to you
May its blaze fill the vast plains
Of your soul
I’ll deliver it with my gentle kisses
The kisses braided into
A necklace around your neck
Because you are the sun
Giving life to every single day
Of mine
Bringing me delight…
I need you
Like the flowers need dew
My desires are a hundred times
Closer to your heart
Than your lips
Right now…
So, I am sending this poem to you
On the wings of birds and summer breeze
To caress your hair gently
As I cannot myself
I love you
My sweetheart

It Was Saturday Evening

Picture 154
Written: © Maxima
It was Saturday evening.
I sat on a bench in the park
Next to the river.
Arm in arm, men and women pass,
I am alone, waiting…undecided.
So many unrelated thoughts at once.
A gift from heaven,
A perfect gift from above,
Pretty eyes look my way,
Our eyes meet…
My God!
My heart flies high,
I will never forget those
Beautiful eyes.
They bring joy to my soul
And now my eyes shine like a million stars…
I am blessed that she is a part of me,
She brought joy and light into my life.
I will love her forever.

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Hey, My Butterfly

Written: © Maxima

Hey, my butterfly,
I have no words to describe
How beautiful this day is.
Something in your eyes
Makes me happy.
Everything I see is heart shaped…
Flowers and dew on the grass.
Drunken heart shaped clouds
Glide above the trees and the
Sound of bubbling rivers sing sweet
My life is filled with happiness,
That magnificent feeling that I
Belong to her,
My colorful butterfly,
She loves me.

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A Whisper

27.10.2015. POST
A whisper

Written: © Maxima

A soft breeze
Playing with a birch
In the park
Breathed in my ear
’She loves you
And she will, always and forever’
Hey, my breeze!
My heart heard a song
Your song, my gentle breeze
And she became my Queen…
Now I cannot hide this feeling inside my heart ,
And now I cannot hide this feeling inside my soul ,
My soul speaks joyfully
My soul sings out loud
That such happiness
in the world will never be found.
Her eyes are like the stars in the blue sky…
My heart rejoices
I’m blessed to have her in my life
She is a Queen….
She is my Queen

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