Let’s sing together dear love

Let’s sing together dear love

Today and for the past three days
the clouds are crying.
Thick opaque rain,
soaking the earth and the souls of the people,
hidden behind the windows.
Forests and eaves of roofs conceal drunken
whispers and songbirds,
woods, in the cold wind,
carefully guarding the secrets
of birds and people and the city
while waiting and hoping for the best.
And she, my lpve,
hasn’t called in a long time.
She has not spent even an hour
With me.
I wonder where she is
and whether the woods and
eaves of houses, or the birds in clouds
can stop the tears from those
heavenly eyes.
Will they keep our secrets.,
I’ve shared all our secrets with the

birds above this city and when the rain stops
we will sing in chorus about our sweet and secret mischief.
Let all the city know and for my hidden treasure,
And the sun and the hidden birds
whispering and the singing birds
somewhere in the treetops and under the eaves of the houses,
And the people …
Let’s sing together dear love
Celebrate the perfection of love.
All of the magic and beauty within us.
Stefan Maxima

Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels
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