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I will always love you and me


Written: Maxima


I will always love you and me

When our eyes meet,
we exchange fire.
How can you know how
high that fire grows from
so far away?
To touch one strand of
your hair, hold you for one
night, I haven’t’ the words
to tell you of my thoughts
and hopes.
My guitar knows the words
listen to my sound that says
I will always love you and me
I love everything you are.



I can’t hide joy


My heart wants you
Oh! Goddess of love
The eyes speak
Speak for themselves
What I feel in my heart for you.
With these few words
I can’t hide joy
I can’t hide happiness
I can’t hide
What ripens in me
Therefore, my only and eternal love,
I let my heart
Carry me
To the magical world
Of your love
I love you

Love is blind

with love Maxima

The moment between the blink of an eye
Truth: That .
I bow on my knees immersed in beauty.
I travel through dreams,
through the heat of your palms,
and order my dreams to never end.
I offer your eyes a world of love,
Those eyes that I want to live in forever.
I love you.

​I need your hands’ melody



​I need your hands’ melody
When the nights are so long
They bring joy and happiness to me
I need your eyes
When the nights are so long
And dark
Come to me, my love
Give me the light
I need your warm embrace
When the nights are so long
Dark and cold
Magical is your touch
In your arms
I feel safe
Feel the love,
Warmth and happiness

Somewhere among the stars

Wtih love Maxima

Suddenly, you trembled, my darling
As if craving to turn a fluid wave
A magnificent wave that
Overwhelms the endless spaces
of our hearts
Into eternity
And, I, my dearest,
I feel pure joy
Dazzled by this feeling
The endless tender kiss
Has formed a magic circle
The source of our being
Somewhere among the stars
Of the brightest constellation
I love you

This day is perfect

With love Maxima

This day is perfect
warm night do not hurry,
please,do not come soon
because it is beautiful here
in the tender and passionate eyes
of my magic woman.

My darling

Written: With love © Maxima ” “>

My darling,
Let my smile
Caress your cheek gently
As the wind dances
Let this march
Echoing in my heart
Enter your divine soul
And stay there forever
Let our happiness
Sail through the silence
Of this beautiful spring night!
My dearest
I love my life with you
You mean everything to me
I love you