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Tenderness from her lips

Hey my drunken night
My hangover morning,
Bathing in the early sun,
Under the blanket, sleeping,
Oh … yes, a sense of belonging to
To the most magical,
To my most beautiful sun
Tenderness from her lips,
One of her rosy cheeks,
One of her beautiful curls,
The fullness of my living smile
I live happy
Because ….
so drunk, I might want to walk the world forever

My love and my only desire


In the gloom of my room
Each poem I write
Begins and ends in silence
Words unsaid
Are your kisses
Words unsaid
Do not vanish
In the dark…never to come back.
They turn into smiles
They overwhelm me
At these moments of loneliness
Words unsaid in this poem
Tremble in me
Your kisses,
They are…
Each and every one
You know, my beloved,
The reason my poems
Begin and end in silence,
My love and my only desire,
I love you.
In the gloom of my room
Each poem I write
Begins and ends in silence
The words unsaid
Are your kisses.

Waiting for you


Written: Maxima

The rain is again on the streets of my city
Unshackle it from the damp and cold, coffins, despair
…Loneliness, and time is running
Drummers , and grin at the darkness of my window,
Already , on the third day.

Fondness was, hidden in the apple of the eye,
In soul and waiting …
Waiting for you,
So that , spills, the beauty of your body
And inserted into the edge of of your heavenly smile
I love you
Come as soon as possible

Will you, I wonder


Written: Maxima

Will you, I wonder,
When those soft pillows steal all your dreams
with those beautiful freckles across your nose
At last, awake to the early morning sun
With a short, transparent nightgown,
with the freshness of a bird’s eye
then I nag,
Bring me some more sugar, please.
And then I say
No, I do not need sugar,
Your lips are sweeter,
Give me your lips
So I want to kiss
I love you


Tender Treasure

Written: Maxima

Look at me

You look at me and just know,
kiss me with your thoughts like this
and I kiss you.
I’m sorry I always screw things up.
When I wait I am sad,
I won’t say angry
but really I am angry.
So am I to be angry with my angel
When you are only a minute late?
I know you’re reading this now.
Your soul smiles and you say…
“I love you darling”.
I love you too, sweetheart.
I awake dreaming of your
Your inexplicable eyes
so soft and gentle
My Dear Heart

When my sea of desires keeps calm


There comes a time
A time of silence
When my sea of desires keeps calm
And trying to find you
Looking for you
With weary eyes
You, a lonely girl
Standing at a tram stop
My desires let go
Leave you to the look
Of strangers
Feeding off the traces
Of your tenderness
On my face 

I love you

I will always love you and me


Written: Maxima


I will always love you and me

When our eyes meet,
we exchange fire.
How can you know how
high that fire grows from
so far away?
To touch one strand of
your hair, hold you for one
night, I haven’t’ the words
to tell you of my thoughts
and hopes.
My guitar knows the words
listen to my sound that says
I will always love you and me
I love everything you are.


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