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Je voudrais ce soir


Park by the river


If I could command the presence
of just a small portion of sky
I would inscribe there my affection
so my dear you could know
I am fortunate to behold you
it is such a wonderful feeling
though I fear when I open my eyes
the magic will disappear
I ask only that you be yourself
my good fortune…my luck.

Three Words


Three Words

There are but three words
In the entire expanse of the universe
That intertwine feelings,
Give shape and meaning to life,
Make sense of thoughts and visions,
Are as light as the wings of butterflies
In the stomach of lovers.
They are based on faith and honor.
They glorify what is illuminated in the eye.
In the soul there can be no other means,
No scent nor taste or sound.
These words are what I know is truth
And I can say it no better than this
For my lips long for the joy that eludes me.
My poetry is a kiss that rushes to you,
My arms an ache for your embrace.
We said, my love, “I love You”
Those words live forever in the heart
And in the soul of the one who says them.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter !


Kiss me
Your hot kiss will live
In my poems forever
Let it be a trace of joy
On my face
Each and every day
Of my life
My face will tell,
The glow in my eyes will tell
Just how magical
The poetry of your kiss is
So much beauty
There is
In your lips
In your eyes
You close when you kiss
So much beauty
There is
In the letters
Of your love poem
Written on the face
Of the man
Who loves you
With you I want to spend my life life
Happy Easter to you my Love!

My dear friend ,have a Happy Easter!
With love Maxima

Rhythm Of Our Hearts

In golden rays of the moon,
Sleepy sky.
My kisses roam across
your bosom,
I love the light in your green eyes.
The sun rises on you your smile.
I listen to your soft voice and the rhythm
of your heart.

Gazette buds ,so tender,
My body calls to you.
There are no words to
Express the feeling of
My need for you.

Your breast and knees touch
Mine, we resonate love.
I hear your song,
Imagine your wedding dress,
Angels summon us with
Bells ringing above the
Rhythm of our hearts.

As time passes we remain
Lost in our dreams of
What is to be. In the land of
Our reality above the city
A new morning,
An eternal embrace.


The morning comes somewhere.
Somewhere far away,offering brilliance
Sun touches the restless blue water,

Touched by the wind
Blue water sparkle like diamonds
And sing songs and lullabies

Magnificent beauty ,
Paradise to my eyes.

Kada bih tražio

Danas , Vaša Maxima , počinje ciklus pjesama pisan , na hrvatskom jeziku, Naime u pismima koja sam primio ovih dan, to tražite vi poštovani moji prijatelji ! Pa evo ispunjavam vašu želju .
prva iz ciklusa, pjesama je pjesma
Kada bih tražio

Da li pošla zajedno sa mnom,
Pa…tamo negdje, na kraj svijeta.
Pa da te ljubim pustom uvalom,
I da nas nitko,nitko ne smeta.

Bila bi sretna mirisna jutra
Tamo daleko na kraju svijeta,
Čaroban osmjeh i nježan poljubac
Dok tvojim usnama zaljubljen šeta

I hajde pođi nemoj da dvojiš,
Suton će poznati naše sjene.
Sav će se predati našoj sreći,
Ja volim tebe, Ti voliš mene.