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Which belong to me

Written: © Maxima 
I Need
I need a kind look
I need a gentle smile
Soft and tender palms
Which belong to me
Yet, so far to reach
Kisses from lips
That I love
So honey sweet
That I can’t resist
You are the one
Who has it all
Do come to me,
My only love

Magical power

Written: © Maxima 

I’m ready for
Your tender looks,
My darling
The constellation?
I don’t know which one
Drunk with
The love I feel
Aware of
Its magical power
Overwhelmed by
The sublime of your embrace
Waiting for you…
The bench number 896
In the lovers park

With endless tenderness

Written: © Maxima 

You are the one
Who has enriched my life
And my dreams
With endless tenderness…
My poetic secret,
Hidden in the warmth
Of my palm,
You are the princess
Of my heart.

My love is odd

My love is odd, and
Believe me, it’s endless
Just one your look, my sweetie
Opens the door to heavens

With love Maxima

Magical is your touch

I need your hands’ melody
When the nights are so long
They bring joy and happiness to me
I need your eyes
When the nights are so long
And dark
Come to me, my love
Give me the light
I need your warm embrace
When the nights are so long
Dark and cold
Magical is your touch
In your arms
I feel safe
Feel the love,
Warmth and happiness

With love Maxima

Today is my birthday

You are invited to a feast! Enjoy this poem

In the afternoons
You took long walks by the sea
Or the ocean
With a stick in your hand
You stopped
Drew a heart in sand
And wrote ’I love you’
In the middle.
Joyfully you exclaimed
This is my favourite place
I’ll come here every day

With love Maxima

For the first time

With love Stefan Maxima

Feel different, too.
What a feeling when
The lips touch for the first time
Trembling lightly
Before they meet

God knows how many stars
Start rolling down your spine,
It seems like eternity.
And when the eyes meet…

Ooooh, it can never be forgotten,
All other kisses can’t compare
With yours, honey
Believe me,
yours were magnificent.

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