Let The Tenderness

Picture 652

Picture 857

Written: © Maxima 

I give myself to you tonight,
My body, my soul,
My heart and my lips
Kiss me the way you want
Like no one else can
Divinely, uniquely
Let the tenderness
Come all over us
And let me,
Happy as never before,
Rob this night
I love you, my precious
You are my desire…
The blue sky
My kisses
Are flying to
With this poem…

The Blade of a Heavy Storm


Written: © Maxima 
The Blade of a Heavy Storm
Yes! I only know my desire
Was intense
My way…
Was a part of the dance
Of the wind and a butterfly
Many have scratched
The precious linen of the sky
And everyone has scarred it
Only your mark…
The only noble one
And if I manage
To climb the summit
Where the life itself
I wish
Your mark,
Your handwritten note
Wrote once again
So that my heart
Could have something
To live on
On my shoulder
There rests a potpourri
Of sad poems
Brought along
By the blade
Of a heavy storm

Beside The Dusty Road

,Picture 129
Written: © Maxima 

It’s all the same.
Very few images
Slightly yellowed
Winding dusty road at dusk, as
The last rays of sun
Shine over the haystacks’ shadows,
And the almost crumbling
Heavy wagons
Drag along series of roads
Carrying a bit of grass and
Tired farmers.
I remember
We sat,
You and me,
Beside the dusty road, and
Cuddled away
The setting sun with your
Big lips
Rosy cherry.
I know
Now you
Smell endless fields
Of hot scones, and
Sugared greasy bread from
Our first kisses in cornfields.
I was your prince, and
All your tiny pearls
Carried me
Always at heart.
I was the one
Who made dreams come true.
I wanted to take you
Take you somewhere,
Where we would be alone
Far from all.
I led at Yalta
I ran in Las Vegas, and
We were like
The real gamblers and daredevils
We only dreamed of…
And on the sands
When we walked barefoot
Along the beach
Past volleyball
I was writing this,
The most beautiful verse,
For you
First love.
When you wanted
A whiff of roses
I’d pick a rose,
But you do not know that
Because I was embarrassed.
First love,
That’s why.
When sitting with you on the bench
I brought you two or three gum, and
You would still not know…
There was
a gentle breeze
Before our eyes met.
I see there are still
Low wooden fences,
Flocks of geese and
The old walnut tree.
Thousands of memories, like
Bells ring
From this vast canopy
Combining two hearts
On the porch of the old farmhouse
Where now there is none,
Only memories.
This, while watching another youth
Who now etches on
The huge walnut tree
Defying the shadows of skyscrapers.
For itself, and
In thy name
I say…
Let it be for those with
A thousand old walnuts of
Happy memories collected,
As long as
I’m Collecting
My rosy cherry.
I love you!

Picture 130

The Bench Number 896

Picture 2095The bench number 896

Written: © Maxima 

I’m ready for
Your tender looks,
My darling
The constellation?
I don’t know which one
Drunk with
The love I feel
Aware of
Its magical power
Overwhelmed by
The sublime of your embrace
Waiting for you…
The bench number 896
In the lovers park

Happy Valentine’s Day

VALENTINE’S DAY from maxima on Vimeo.

A valentine collage by Maxima recited by Heartafire .
Thank you Heartafire With love Maxina

Written: © Maxima 
Happy Valentine’s Day
A February night
And your whisper…
You know, my teddy bear,
Nothing compares to your embrace
I miss your words
’I’ll lie next to the wall’
I don’t really care
I’ll just lie next to you
And cuddle up,
My teddy bear!

My pretty angel,
I feel your heartbeats
In my veins
I love you

World Full Of Fairy tales

Picture 115

Written: © Maxima 
When I was little
I used to run after the clouds
Begging them to pour
Thick raindrops
Onto the path I ran on
So the dust wouldn’t lift
Under my feet
And I loved
Being bathed by the warm raindrops
Being soaking wet
And then coming to my mother
I would pretend I got caught up

She would take a towel
Wipe off my hair gently
And say
As many kisses on your cheek
As raindrops in your hair

Raindrops are made of love
Of the rainy clouds queen
Love for the world
And you, my little one
And let them drop
All over you
So I can give you
A bunch of kisses…
Then she would give me
A glass of fresh milk

My mother was both
My mother and my father
Her soul was a treasure trove
Full of fairy tales
She would tell me
When the night fell
She would run her fingers
Through my hair
Protecting me from the boogeyman

My mother was caring
Like all the mothers in the world
She had hands
With thousands of fingers
She was a woman
Like all the other women
Ordinary, yet
The glow in her eyes
When she said,
So many kisses on your sweet cheek…
And that’s what my mother was like.

Good Morning, My Love


Written: © Maxima 

Good morning, my love
All of my joy
All of my tenderness
All my desires
And the glow in my eyes
Are woven into these lines
Kissing all of you!
You are here
In the tremble of my body,
In my heartbeat
In these fluffy snowflakes
High in the sky
You are a burning flame
My beloved
You are the one
Who has enriched my life
And my dreams
With endless tenderness…
My poetic secret,
Hidden in the warmth
Of my palm,
You are the princess
Of my heart.


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