Tears pour down my face

Once again my heart
beats with joy.
And now again I need
And Love thee.
Your divine touch
Runs through my veins.
Tears pour down my face
Tears of joy for all the
whispered words you give me
I Love You.



Believe me

Feel different, too.
What a feeling when
The lips touch for the first time
Trembling lightly
Before they meet

God knows how many stars
Start rolling down your spine,
It seems like eternity.
And when the eyes meet…

Ooooh, it can never be forgotten,
All other kisses can’t compare
With yours, honey
Believe me,
yours were magnificent.

I miss your words

My pretty angel

With love maxima

The Blade of a Heavy Storm
Yes! I only know my desire
Was intense
My way…
Was a part of the dance
Of the wind and a butterfly
Many have scratched
The precious linen of the sky
And everyone has scarred it
Only your mark…
The only noble one
And if I manage
To climb the summit
Where the life itself
I wish
Your mark,
Your handwritten note
Wrote once again
So that my heart
Could have something
To live on
On my shoulder
There rests a potpourri
Of sad poems
Brought along
By the blade
Of a heavy storm

My pretty angel,
And now
I feel your heartbeats
In my veins
I miss your words

for my late friend

Tenderness from her lips

Hey my drunken night
My hangover morning,
Bathing in the early sun,
Under the blanket, sleeping,
Oh … yes, a sense of belonging to
To the most magical,
To my most beautiful sun
Tenderness from her lips,
One of her rosy cheeks,
One of her beautiful curls,
The fullness of my living smile
I live happy
Because ….
so drunk, I might want to walk the world forever

My sweet destiny

Brighter Than The Brightest Moonlight

Brighter than the brightest moonlight,
The most enchanting,
Magical thing,
Beautiful woven
Every night
In my dreams,
Causes me shivering.
Knows not,
How hard
I keep trying to hide
This burning longing I have inside
A gift,
More beautiful than
Blue nights’ constellation,
Even better than purple dawn,
Beaming behind the
Ravaging waves from the ocean-
Her smile,
Such a majesty!
She. . .
My sweet destiny
In love together,
We’ll be,

I leave you my body, soul, heart, and lips…



I leave you my body, soul, heart, and lips

I leave them for you my beloved
to Love me as you want.
I have searched but find
no one so beautiful, so divine.
Let tenderness govern and we
will find everything we need,
stolen from our wild nights.
I love you darling,
You are my blue sky and my desire
and I send you all my love and kisses
And this tender poem straight to
your heart.

My love and my only desire


In the gloom of my room
Each poem I write
Begins and ends in silence
Words unsaid
Are your kisses
Words unsaid
Do not vanish
In the dark…never to come back.
They turn into smiles
They overwhelm me
At these moments of loneliness
Words unsaid in this poem
Tremble in me
Your kisses,
They are…
Each and every one
You know, my beloved,
The reason my poems
Begin and end in silence,
My love and my only desire,
I love you.
In the gloom of my room
Each poem I write
Begins and ends in silence
The words unsaid
Are your kisses.