I Do Not Want To Hear Anything…


Written: © Maxima

Every kiss of yours, original and distinct
Fresh as the scent of a May rose
And often, too often my beloved

In my dreams I hear loud calls
And I cannot do anything, and
I do not want to hear anything
There is nothing else I want
Apart from those hot messages of your love
I love you

So Many Times

Written: © Maxima

​So many times, a table in a night bar
Has been my bed,
My stage.
So many times
I caressed the bottom of a glass
Filled with wine or other drink
Imagining it was your hair
And recited verses while looking
At the glass
Seeing the image of two of us
Naked, once…
Night bar full of tobacco smoke,
People applauding
And a woman,
With soft hair , kissing me….as
I am, drunk…unshaved… smelling of wine….
And her breasts, wild, offering themselves to my lips

So many times, a table in a night bar
Has been my bed,
My stage.
People applauding to a drunk poet
And a woman, also drunk, kissing me
And me
I loving you,
Only you

Soft Milky Way


Written: © Maxima

We’re floating freely,
A constellation of love.
Soft milky way
Take us naked in intentions
With intent to stay
Here in the world of true romance
Blissful is your whisper
And the touch of your lips.
I love you

My Heart Wishes


Written: © Maxima

Give yourself to me
My hands and my soul
Fondle you
Kiss me long,
My soul speaks
Through my hands,
My touch…
My heart wishes that
You feel like a queen
’cause that is who you are
The Queen of my dreams!
I whisper your name
At dawn
At dusk
Now and ever
The tide of tenderness
Floods through me
So, take my heart
Run through my veins
Be my bride
My eyes are looking
For you,
My magic woman,
The love of my life
I love you

Puppies In Game

Puppies in a game

Written: © Maxima

In The Garden Of Playful Shades


Written: © Maxima
In the garden of playful shades

The hands of darkness tremble
Each time
I wrap my arms around you
Holding you like a sweet little bud
You are..
You are my life,
My dream,
And all my days
filled with your smile
Resemble the fairy tales
I cannot live without you

I love you

I’ll Never Stop Loving You


Written: © Maxima
I know
These gloomy rainy days
Will last for long
Meanwhile in the space
And me,
Away from our our world,
Chained with dark
Wet window panes
Of a tiny room
In a small town by the river
A deep turbulent whirl of temptation
Eager to break free
Intense silence…speaking so loudly
Pouring in my dreams
Down carefully unveiled curves
Like big raindrops
Down the drainpipes
Of the dark night
My heart’s huge desire is
To bow to you
In the temple of love
Believe me, my beloved
It says
My beats will weave
A wreath of eternal happiness
On your face
So, pardon my
Sometimes clumsy words
I just want you to be mine
And for me to glitter
In your beautiful eyes
I love you.

You are flickered with a brilliant glow!


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