The Charm Of Her High Heels

Autoportrait Marija Zivanovc
Author Marija Živanović

Written: Maxima

The charm of her high heels

Tinkled under the wet birch trees
How beautiful she was.
Tiny and pretty
More gorgeous than dawn
Train engine whistle resonated
Interrupted by howling wind…
The smell of her hair
Changed my life forever
It’s raining again like
It did that day…
By the fireplace, in my arms
She fell asleep.

You Become Mine

DSCN0321Written: Maxima

Threads of my dreams,
You’re so beautiful,
Stars don’t shine so bright
And my happiness is endless.
Oh, my beloved,
Our wedding guests will be
All the flowers in the world
All the dew drops
The morning sun
All the birds flying high
This river linking us together
And all its waves
Its fishermen…
I’ll invite them to witness the day
You become mine

I’ll invite, my darling,
The sparkling morning sea
All the mermaids of the world
To sing love songs
In honour of our love
I’ll invite sea horses, too
Harness them to the carriage
That will take us to our home,
Our sweet home.
And when I carry you inside
Holding you tight in my arms
I will summon all the violins
To play a song to you
A gentle, loving song
On the day
You become mine.

She Is Poems That Speak Of Love

Tina Turner post 18.5.2015 . Marija ZivanovicAuthor Marija Živanović


She Is Poems That Speak Of Love
Written: Maxima

My soul and my heart belong to you
My love
And I sing this morning ,
I sing this morning …
this, beautiful Sunday morning
….. love poem for you
Deep in my heart
I feel
My dreams of a woman…
Woman whose lips kiss fantastic
Woman whose arms embrace gently
Now, when you’re with me,
My sweet, wonderful love
With your hair gently, touching
My face

To the happy heaven, I sing.
I’ve had a dreams,
My dream is now a reality
A soul more radiant than the sun itself
I need more than anything.
Oh sweet Sunday morning
She is poems that speak of love
I love her forevermore

The Best Feeling In The World

DSCN0176Written: © Maxima

My dear Friends,
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

I’ll always remember,
Your warm birthday wish
I will keep them all in my heart.
Words are not enough to express my feelings
My soul is joyful
My heart sings an ode to joy
May God bless you all.
Thank you my dear friend !
With Love Maxima

Your Fairy Tales For Me

Picture 006 happy birthday

Today is my birthday , and this poem is my gift to all you my dear friends!

Written: © Maxima
My only love
My princess
The beauty that radiates from your soul
Is blissful melody
I hear this voice saying
I love you so much
A majestic poem
Passionately painted
With love
Filling my endless dreams
Your Love flies above the stars
Your love is eternal
I feel it in my heart
You are my sun in the sky
I love you

Good Morning Angie

Jagger Marija Zivanovic

Marija Živanović was born 1985 in Nis ,Serbia. Completed High school of Art in Nis from 2000-2004. Attended Faculty of Art at University of Nis in 2004–2009, graduated with honours and received my MA in Fine Art.

Good Morning Angie
Written: Maxima

The morning,
Windows washed by the rain
A tiny student bedroom
In Franklin Roosevelt Street
By the Journalist Club
In the city of Zagreb
I love this city
My mind
Wanders, following the look
Which rests on the wall
Somewhere between
The floor and the ceiling
I switch off the lamp
Turn on the radio
The first morning coffee
With Angie
The Rolling Stones
Damn it!
Someone has put on my shoes
Walking through this day
What can I tell you, my sweetie,
Stay with me
Let your soul
Figure out the message
Written on the steamy window
I love you
I beg you

My Heart Sings

POST 13.5.2015My Heart Sings

Written: Maxima

Thank you for this indescribable happy
You are my angel

Guess what I’ve written,
You say
Your fingers have
A distinct power
The colour of your letters
Feels so good
When you write
Gently on my back
And, I…I pretend
Not to make it out…
Like I don’t know
What you’ve written
And I say…lump
And I say…bump
And you laugh…
You laugh out loud
Then you whisper
Oh, my god,
How lovely you whisper
Those words…
Those three divine words…
The words that hold
The future of the mankind:
I love you
I love you, too
My ravishing rose


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