Silver Thread Woven In Your Hair

We have wings
Lunar silver thread,
Woven To fly from
Vineyard to vineyard.
Our desires,
Like drunken starlings –
So nice to us, in that plane.
In the light of our desires,
In this world, add one,
A little baby,
I know that you like small children.
You’re telling me my love –
While intoxicated,
flying in the sky of our happiness.
Look how beautiful they are …
This is for you,
There is, what about you …
It even has the ears of you
Look how beautiful,
I want a baby!
Quite small
With your beautiful eyes.
We told ourselves,
Like a drunken starlings
When we flew
from vineyard to vineyard
Our most beautiful dreams.
Let’s make a baby.
Please … a little Tiny…
What will we name this baby
I ask you,
Hm, so let’s name ….

Haha, I love you!
Only you , my love.

Like The Sun

I love your lips,
Your heart and your soul
In the joys of great love

Bestow to my heart
All the love of the world,
Fill my time with the
Joy on your gentle lips
Softly spoken.
And above all
I want you to be
Perfectly happy.
I love you

You Know My Beloved …

post 25.8.2015.




In the gloom of my room
Each poem I write
Begins and ends in silence
Words unsaid
Are your kisses
Words unsaid
Do not vanish
In the dark…never to come back.
They turn into smiles
They overwhelm me
At these moments of loneliness
Words unsaid in this poem
Tremble in me
Your kisses,
They are…
Each and every one
You know, my beloved,
The reason my poems
Begin and end in silence,
My love and my only desire,
I love you.
In the gloom of my room
Each poem I write
Begins and ends in silence
The words unsaid
Are your kisses.

Crois En Moi



Thank you my friend!
 Lucia GALB

Crois en moi

By Maxima

Ma bien-aimée
C’est bel et bien agréable
Cette danse rythmique
De tes doigts dans mes cheveux
Elle est si douce
c’est comme une valse de petites étoiles
Dans le bleu nuit de l’océan
c’est comme un sourire
Des premiers rayons du soleil, à l’aube
Brillant sur les fleurs violettes de mon jardin,
La danse rythmique de vos doigts
Dans mes cheveux, ma chère
Joue une mélodie heureuse dans mon coeur
Comme les flammes de l’amour brûlant
À l’intérieur de moi
Je t’envoie ce poème
Je t’aime tendrement
Ma princesse,
Viens à moi,
Dès que possible
Il me tarde de sentir
La chaleur et la tendresse
De tes doigts dans mes cheveux.
Traduction Française:
Lucia GALB

Believe me

My beloved
It’s beautiful and pleasing
This rhythmic dance of your fingers in my hair
It is so gentle
Like a waltz of small stars
In the night blue of the ocean
It’s like a smile
Of the first sun rays at dawn
Shining on the purple flowers in my garden,
The rhythmic dancing of your fingers In my hair, dear
Plays a blissful melody in my heart
As the flames of love burning inside me
I send you this poem
I love you tenderly
My princess,
Come to me,
Come to me as soon as possible
I long for the warmth and tenderness
Of your fingers in my hair.


Poetry Of Her Lips



​Different from all the others
With the soul and heart that
Embrace poetry
When my lips
Touch her eyelashes gently
I’m at a loss for words
Which would describe
The power
The magic power I feel
As I disappear
In the depths behind them
One can drown
In the whirlpools of beauty
Her lips create
And just like that
I rush
Like a headless horseman
Into a scented blue night
My chest is swelling
Filled with primeval feeling
Of belonging to
The lavish poetry
Her lips write
My queen
Oh, my God
How much I love
The symbolism of her
Poetic prophecy
So many have been stunned
By this poem
We are not…
The curious and playful hand
Tenses the sails of
This eager boat
Let’s set sail, my beloved,
Towards the navel of the world!
Only sighs
Colouring up her face
Know the secret of
Our whispers with eternity…
And here I am now
Looking at some lost stars
Bathing in the blue reflection of a lake
And I rush to her arms

I kneel

POST 19.8.2015.
I kneel
Before the reality
Luring my hands
The reality which,
Changing the shapes,
Expresses its demands
Leaving visible traces
In capillary sighs of the soul,
Filling my heart with
Nameless charm
Of a love feast
I kneel
Before reality
Dazzling me with its beauty
I dive into the secret whirls
Of every dot on
Your trembling lips
Which enchant my universe,
And deep metamorphosis of
My intimate constellations
I kneel
Before the naked truth
Love the smell
Of your body
Not even my poetic adventures
Can convey the eternal flame
Burning inside you
Tongues of fire spreading
All over you
Touching the tips of
Ripe fruits
Their quivering
Leading to heaven
I kneel
And I love kneeling
Before the naked truth
That changes us
And takes us
To a new life.

My Heart Sings a Beautiful Song

16.8.2015. post

Lucky is the one
Whose soul gets warmed
By the warmth in your eyes
Lucky is the one
Whose heart trembles
Upon the sight of you
Whose hands eagerly
Reach out to your hair
Lucky is the one
Who can embrace your silence
And listen, with all his being,
To the silent speech of your lips
Who experienced pure delight
When you entered his life,
When he tasted your kiss
And saw your gentle smile
How lucky I am,
My beloved,
How lucky I am!
I love you


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