It’s Easy My Love

Written: Maxima

My Dear
it is easy for me to be the hero,
to be the heroic warrior
who rides the wide and so warm heart,
a miracle of clouds that are the color
of your heart and soul that understands me.
With you it is easy to walk a trail of stars
when I you are beside me.
My beautiful Angel
I want you I love you


I will always love you and me


Written: Maxima


I will always love you and me

When our eyes meet,
we exchange fire.
How can you know how
high that fire grows from
so far away?
To touch one strand of
your hair, hold you for one
night, I haven’t’ the words
to tell you of my thoughts
and hopes.
My guitar knows the words
listen to my sound that says
I will always love you and me
I love everything you are.


You are my sunshine

Written: Maxima

My love
You are an angel
You are a queen
You’re in my veins
You’re every beat of my heart
You’re the beauty of life
You are my sunshine
And a dew of joy
On the flower of my life
Watching your beautiful face
This morning
Kissing it gently
As you lie asleep
I love you

Your hands’ melody

Written: Maxima

A Storm Rider
In my mind
I set off naughtily
Right into your arms
Placing my palms
On your frilled silver
Evening dress
And once again
I become a storm rider
Savouring your sensuality.

Embrace poetry

Written: Maxima

Different from all the others
With the soul and heart that
Embrace poetry
When my lips
Touch her eyelashes gently
I’m at a loss for words
Which would describe
The power
The magic power I feel
As I disappear
In the depths behind them
One can drown
In the whirlpools of beauty
Her lips create
And just like that
I rush
Like a headless horseman
Into a scented blue night
My chest is swelling
Filled with primeval feeling
Of belonging to
The lavish poetry
Her lips write
My queen
Oh, my God
How much I love
The symbolism of her
Poetic prophecy
So many have been stunned
By this poem
We are not…
The curious and playful hand
Tenses the sails of
This eager boat
Let’s set sail, my beloved,
Towards the navel of the world!
Only sighs
Colouring up her face
Know the secret of
Our whispers with eternity…
And here I am now
Looking at some lost stars
Bathing in the blue reflection of a lake
And I rush to her arms

I can’t hide joy


My heart wants you
Oh! Goddess of love
The eyes speak
Speak for themselves
What I feel in my heart for you.
With these few words
I can’t hide joy
I can’t hide happiness
I can’t hide
What ripens in me
Therefore, my only and eternal love,
I let my heart
Carry me
To the magical world
Of your love
I love you

Love is blind

with love Maxima

The moment between the blink of an eye
Truth: That .
I bow on my knees immersed in beauty.
I travel through dreams,
through the heat of your palms,
and order my dreams to never end.
I offer your eyes a world of love,
Those eyes that I want to live in forever.
I love you.