I Miss You


Believe me. from maxima on Vimeo.

A Noon Poem

post 30 .8.2015..



A Noon Poem

There comes a time
A time of silence
When my sea of desires keeps calm
And trying to find you
Looking for you
With weary eyes
You, a lonely girl
Standing at a tram stop
My desires let go
Leave you to the look
Of strangers
Feeding off the traces
Of your tenderness
On my face
I love you

A Whole Forever!


Deeply in starry night,
Someone’s eyes shine,
And lips,
With kisses sweet
Shower familiar cheek

That two together become
A whole.
Inspired by this painting, the artwork of our esteemed friend ,Tania Tome M de Castro I have written this poem which I dedicate to a lovely woman, whose heart and soul are huge, towering up to the sky and beyond.

Believe Me

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Believe me
My beloved
It’s beautiful and pleasing
This rhythmic dance of your fingers in my hair
It is so gentle
Like a waltz of small stars
In the night blue of the ocean
It’s like a smile
Of the first sun rays at dawn
Shining on the purple flowers in my garden,
The rhythmic dancing of your fingers In my hair, dear
Plays a blissful melody in my heart
As the flames of love burning inside me
I send you this poem
I love you tenderly
My princess,
Come to me,
Come to me as soon as possible
I long for the warmth and tenderness
Of your fingers in my hair.

Magical Dance

POST 24.6.2015

The dark night whispers
A new story
With shades of blue
Scattered over the walls of hope
As it awaits,
Enfolded in my restless desires,
The bells toll!
Then it will bloom
And disperse
Over hot lips,
White bosom,
Ruffled hair
And my hands
Glitter in the eyes
Magical dance
Of your denuded hips…
Let us dive into a new day
With smiles on our faces
Oh, my dreams!
Spread through her smile
The smile of my poetess
My queen
My angel
My noblewoman
She is my all
I love her

Poetry By Maxima from maxima on Vimeo.

A Heart In Sand


In the afternoons
You took long walks by the sea
Or the ocean
With a stick in your hand
You stopped
Drew a heart in sand
And wrote ’I love you’
In the middle.
Joyfully you exclaimed
This is my favourite place
I’ll come here every day

Whispers Of The Open Sea


Lay your head on my chest,
And leave your soul,
Your heart,
the sun and the sea
And welcome my kisses,
My beautiful angel
I love you

POST 19.7.2015.


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