Disturbing the silence a few
Tiny drops of dew
Falling on
Thirsty flowers.
Curled up in a blue dream
Gentle as
A view of ripe fruit,

Are you sleeping?
Your hair a
Wonderful loose cushion
I try to pick up.
Every trace of
Our blue passion is
Everywhere into
Alluring lace
Hides your beautiful…
Your divine breasts
From a month of
Exquisite views.
Disturbing the silence only
Tiny drops of dew
Falling on

No need… No more words are needed

poetry by maxima

Her voice
Illuminates the path,
Mine so far had not been spoken.
It arrives now, a whisper in her ear.
Leaning slightly forward
Her hair brushes my smile.
We can never say enough
to ever over talk.
All the beauty of the moment…
No need… No more words are needed,
Trembling of gentle lips say
what needs to be said.
Afterwards, nothing else matters,
Not the time, nor moon, no sun
Not a river, not an ant, not a bird….
The freedom of our expression
and our kisses are important.
Oh how I love your Kisses
Oh, God, I love you.

Magnificent symphony


The zeal of your shadows
Dancing on the walls
And steamy windows
Reflecting the bluish night sky
Keep warming my soul
And weave a perfect
Composition of sighs
And restlessness of my lips
Looking for your magical mole
My heart
Caught in the lively notes
Of this magnificent symphony
Cries out
As it searches in you
The silver smile
Of my oasis
I love you

With love Maxima

Umbrella of togetherness

Author poems Stefan Maxima

The rain washes away traces of sleepless
nights when my thoughts are filled with you.
In my dreams
my eyes are drunk with visions
and I am a slave to your smile
because in them I find a godliness
a soul filled with love for me and
I love you, my little princess.
Be what you are my princess,
I will love you when you are happy or sad.
You know that too well,
my little star,
I make a wish and I tell you
I want to love you through the night and that you want me too brings joy
to my life and I must smile and be happy and reassert my desire like a man who dreams among stars.
I will take my chances
With my heart to find peace and satisfaction.
I do not believe that love is dying.
This is, my dear, just a sheer blatant lie.
I bear witness to the very opposite.
The birth of each new day is a rose bathed in dew,
the reality of being.
The reality of being is the tears of joy on my face that when we come together
flow down our faces
and the hurt is washed away like drops of rain
and we are shielded with the umbrella of togetherness.
We defy the wind and rain and joy
comes once again into our lives.
It’s an indescribable event
of sodden feet and soaked hair that flutters in
the winds of chance.
Just so you know,
I do love you, my delicate petal,
you are my life’s delight and with you
I am heady, beyond words and
I sometimes wonder why this spark
of our existence must live like this.

I Love Your Eyes

Written: Maxima

I Love Your Eyes

On the first night of winter
they are the moonlight’s
crystal cylinders
reflected in windows.
Our home, your heart…
you know that I love those
beautiful eyes and your smile.
Our conversations untiring,
true language of symbols
Unpronounceable but so warm.,
Your body in that beautiful robe my
eyes and irrepressible thoughts
I cannot bypass.
We are the fruit, forming, multiply multiply…
I open like outlines of light –
Merge into a deep sigh.
At least tonight you are with me.
I love you and your beautiful eyes

In the streets of this city


Sorrow can’t wipe the tears
I’m not going to cry.
I’m looking for you.
In the streets of this city
imagining your image in every
mirrored window.
I am aware…
Just a glimmer, a hint in your smile
I am… Second
Just the second love woven into your hair
that I play with, with soft hands.
Played… I was the wind, a breeze…

Autumn is watching,
this early autumn rain…
And these yellow leaves,
As weary as I am,
the stumble through soaked streets.
And dying… like summers sun rays.
I mention the sun’s rays
I mention our names
you know…. It is dying for us.
I’m not going to cry.
Sorrow can’t wipe the tears
You’re going to come back to me one spring
I know that and believe
that this fall you will walk towards me.
I love you

The fire of your eye

The fire of your eye
With love maxima
Yours are still awake
My little girl. 
Woven into the moonshine 
Among the roots of Linden, 
Troubled and worried
I’m looking out the window waiting for you…
I’m looking for that unforgettable fire of yours,
The trace of your devotion that 
with time simply blurs.
Do you know where my smile is… 
I search but without you It is lost
captured by an empty bed. 
in the faint remembrance of
trembling dreams where I left my smile…
and my peace.  

This drunkenness has no end 
In shameless  imagination 
I sink in the bliss of tender kisses.
I want you to know, honey,
You are my World, my World is you!
I’m going to keep my word tonight.
Reveal to you my soul. 
I love you.