Dear God

Written: © Maxima 

Dear God,
Bless every day,
The strength, beauty,
Charm and purity
Of this love we feel

Come to Me Tonight

Picture 128

Come to Me Tonight
Written: © Maxima 

Come to Me Tonight, My Love
Talk to me…softly…
Whisper to me, my sweetie
Wipe away these tears
From my face…
May your blissful voice
Be the seal of my happiness
Talk to me… softly…
Whisper to me, honey
I want to listen to your love
I know that distinct tremble
Of your lower lip
As you talk
Was made for me…
Kiss me…
I need to feel
That divine touch
Run through my veins,
My only joy
Kiss me…
Press your warm lips
Against mine
Will you?
Make me shine
On the flames of your love
Let me bathe
In the moonlight
Come to me tonight, my darling
Come to me,
Will you?
I love you

I Need

Picture 111

Written: © Maxima 

I Need
I need a kind look
I need a gentle smile
Soft and tender palms
Which belong to me
Yet, so far to reach
Kisses from lips
That I love
So honey sweet
That I can’t resist
You are the one
Who has it all
Do come to me,
My only love

I’m Head Over Heels in Love


Written: © Maxima 

I’m Head Over Heels in Love

There’s no need at all times
To have a pony tail
I love your smile, though
I have to say

There’s no need to
Always wear that yellow dress
Though it brings smile to my face
Even when I’m under stress

My love is odd, and
Believe me, it’s endless
Just one your look, my sweetie
Opens the door to heavens

Another Night is Falling

Written: © Maxima 

Another Night is Falling

Another Night is Falling
On the white walls in hospital
I’m waiting for
Bleeding to stop
By the morning
The nurse says,
’ It will be all right,
You’ll be going home soon’
The man lying in bed next to me says,
’Some white doves
Are flying past the window’…
Another night is falling
On the white walls in hospital
And I
I’m waiting for the morning
To let me in your arms
My dearest

You Have No Idea How Much I Want You!

Picture 618

Written: © Maxima 

You have no idea how much I want you!

I want you
There’s nothing sweeter
Than your lips in March
Floating in my dreams
In the 98th azure of the sky
I note down this moment
I am looking forward to meeting you.
I love you

Had Anyone Told Me


Written: © Maxima 

Had anyone told me

Had anyone told me the other day
Before I became what I am
That this fear
That crushes me
Means love
I wouldn’t have believed
I’m in love with her smile
And I don’t know
Whether I will succeed
In making her smile
Or I will die
Of this fear raging in me.


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