Tender Twinkling Sparkles

Tender Twinkling Sparkles

Written: © Maxima 

Here I am,
Heading to your arms
Lead by a tender
Twinkling sparkle
Heading to the Danube,
Wide and lazy
Blue under the moonlight
So that we,
Meer mortals,
Can read those
Tender twinkling sparkles
In beautiful eyes,
Sensing a future
Mysterious, sweet, gorgeous
Hand in hand
I adore your soft touch…
The moment.
It has never been in doubt
Nor the place and time…
But, I can’t understand
How I can be your starry sky.
How come?
It puzzles me…
(Luckily you didn’t say
I was your potato salad!)
I come to you anxiously
Kissing your cheek softly
As the evening embraces
Vermilion ground and
Everything on it…
Miserable, lonely people
With troubled life
And us, my beloved,
Dreamy, happy, so much in love
I love you.

Thank you for read and for supporting me
With love Maxima

Carried Away By Romance


Written: © Maxima 

My love, the night is ours
Whispers so gently sweet words
I want to hear your heavenly singing
I want your light inside my heart…
There are no words to describe
How is beautiful this our love
You are my choice forever
Ilove you

For Our Love Child


Written: © Maxima 

Somewhat lazily
The night has spread everywhere
Shamelessly offering
Its deepest blue
And the stars.
And at the bottom
Of the wishing well
The waning moon
Following our moves,
Our rhythm
Pinching gently
Our melted silhouettes
Who knows, maybe
Trying not to disturb
Our panting rhythm.
Your hands in my hair
Mine hidden under
Your translucent nighty…
Somewhat lazily
The night has spread everywhere
Shamelessly shielding us
Fanning the wild flames
Warming up this bluish love nest
That we build
Upon our caresses
Our looks
Our smiles
For all eternity
For our love child

All I Need


Written: © Maxima 

All I need is
But a tiny, sweet tremble
Of your lower lip,
An ordinary whisper
Of your eyelashes
A usual, yet familiar sign
The sign I hold on to,
And I will walk the clouds
Once again
Make the moon
Close its eyes
As I, playful, kiss that tremble
Of your lip
As I kiss that simple
But charming whisper
Of your eylashes
Subtle signs of
Unbridled passion
Burning inside you

I Need Your Eyes


Written: © Maxima

Today and always you will be
The music and flower of my life
Reason for living
Queen of my soul
My hopes , my dreams
My loving and desire
I need your eyes
I want you forever in my life
My God please
A blessing from the sky
My desire and her beautiful soul

Hey My Darling


Written: © Maxima 

Hey, my darling
Let me hide
Under your tiny lacy nightie
And lay my kisses
On your secluded sweet hills
Let me feel that
Magical wild world
The world of fire
Burning in your loins
Turning the lovers tremble
And flashes of light
Buried deep under the skin
Into a cry of joy
Into a realm of glorious
The world’s destiny depends on
I dedicate this poem to you
My love
’cause I live you
With my whole being
Longing for you
Madly in love with you
In this blooming spring evening

Heart In My Heart

Heart In My Heart

Written: © Maxima
Ahead of us
Treasure the night
I hear whispers
About us
The canopy
Of chestnut trees, its
Shadow sits
Hand made for months
And expanses over happiness
Slowly walking
For singing wings
For a heart murmur,
Pearls for your views
In which
We figure
Is reflected
Meaning of my life…
Ahead of us
Treasure the night

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