Princess and Me

​This heart
Filled with emotions too deep
For the silent whispers of our souls
Mesmerizing one another,
And the moment in which
The heat of our breath
And our burning embrace-
Exchanging one after the other-
As poetic pledges
Of our love go on;
Shall not pass-
For our hearts
Were tried and tested
Time after time…
And so time shall pass,
But our love so strong
Will never;
For I will not–
My pen may–
But I will not.
For I will never…
Not in thoughts–
Neither in words–
More so in my heart
and soul.
Coz I am a captive…
of your alluring eyes;
of your burning touches;
of your ravaging kisses.
So, please,
Let me be
Your captive forever.
My Queen,
let me love you
Till eternity.

For someone special


You snuck quietly tonight
With petals
Blooming stars
My beautiful angel,
In my dreams.

My lips overplayed
My magnificent love
On your eyelids.
Oh how much I love
Thy golden beauty.
My tenderness is
Like a pearl necklace
Touching your white neck.
Dawn breaks
Many dawns ahead, and
You’re the queen of my dreams,
Asleep nicely in my chest.

My hand in your hair


My dear love,
What makes me happy?
It is sparkle in your eyes
It is my hand in your hair
It is a kiss
As sweet as honey
In the rain, and
I loose my control.
All I need
Every day
Is your beautiful soul
Warm like sunrays
When the tenderness of
Your lips
Dream on my neck.
You’re the beautiful
Reason for my luck,
I love you!

In honor of my Birthday

Written: © Maxima 

All I need is
But a tiny, sweet tremble
Of your lower lip,
An ordinary whisper
Of your eyelashes
A usual, yet familiar sign
The sign I hold on to,
And I will walk the clouds
Once again
Make the moon
Close its eyes
As I, playful, kiss that tremble
Of your lip
As I kiss that simple
But charming whisper
Of your eylashes
Subtle signs of
Unbridled passion
Burning inside you

Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes!
This magnificent poem is my gift for you!
With love Maxima




Kiss me my love…
Tender and gentle ,touch my lips
Fill my days with brightness… happiness
Beauty that radiates in your kiss…
My princess
My magnificent princess
Be the shine of morning dew…
A new ray to one very special place
In the secret sunny garden
Of my soul
And be…
Be what you are
Something extremely sweet and kind
You are the light and the warmth in my life
I love you

New Horizon


In the morning our desire is woven
with golden rays of the sun,
in its warmth our arms embrace
and you gently kiss my cheek.

Your lips are warm soft petals
that gently confess your dreams
in whispers to my soul.

You are an angel
who has brought me
to this new horizon
where I am king.

I love you and the dreams
that you confess to me,
where you are my princess
and I am your only king.

You Are the Joy of My Existence


Your smile, so radiant and warm,
has touched my heart.
I have fallen in love with your smile.
You fulfill all my heart’s desire.
Blissful whispers come into my heart
and forever take away all my sorrow.

You are the joy of my existence,
the deep sea of romance,
You are the magic that I feel
when I close my eyes.

With all my heart I love you .