Kada bih tražio

Danas , Vaša Maxima , počinje ciklus pjesama pisan , na hrvatskom jeziku, Naime u pismima koja sam primio ovih dan, to tražite vi poštovani moji prijatelji ! Pa evo ispunjavam vašu želju .
prva iz ciklusa, pjesama je pjesma
Kada bih tražio

Da li pošla zajedno sa mnom,
Pa…tamo negdje, na kraj svijeta.
Pa da te ljubim pustom uvalom,
I da nas nitko,nitko ne smeta.

Bila bi sretna mirisna jutra
Tamo daleko na kraju svijeta,
Čaroban osmjeh i nježan poljubac
Dok tvojim usnama zaljubljen šeta

I hajde pođi nemoj da dvojiš,
Suton će poznati naše sjene.
Sav će se predati našoj sreći,
Ja volim tebe, Ti voliš mene.

Thank you my God


Written: Maxima

Thank you my God

When in the night ,
the deep blue night
the moon beams splash
across her hair and cheek,
the small freckles on her nose,
I let myself drown in the
honeyed color of her eyes.

It’s a beautiful feeling
I am in a wonderland
I Thank you my God for
You know just how I feel.
We let go of all our worry
and I take her in my arms
to hold her forever because
I love her.

Give me a short sweet kiss


Written: Maxima

Your kiss is so precious ,
Your kiss is so true,
Perfect harmony,
Gentle, loving, sensitive and kind!
I miss your kiss
More than I can say.
Give me a kiss,
Short and sweet.

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Tender Whisper

picture-1593Written: © Maxima 

Tonight I’m away
And I won’t be coming
Please, don’t cry, my darling
These verses of mine
Will send you my love
In a tender whisper
Just for your soul
I want you to know
How true and deep my love is
I want you to know
You’ll always be my princess
And I, I’ll be
Your knight in shining armour
Tonight I’m away
Perhaps I won’t come tomorrow, either
Please, don’t cry, my beloved
I can’t live without you

My heart wants to say

Written: © Maxima


When bars and nightclubs
Have long closed,
When you are abandoned
On the cold and ugly streets,
Your hair wet with rain,
Your face with tears,
Do not grieve little one,
Do not cry please.
When you are abandoned
Always look for me
Kiss me and close your eyes
Sweet music flowing

My little star


My little star

Written: © Maxima

My little star,
My life,
All my life
You are my dream.
I am so lucky to have you in my heart
My heart weeps devotion.
It weeps softly.
It is happy in it’s love for you
My little star.
I have seen you many times
In the deep sea of love.
Every time you hug me,
Every time you kiss me,
Every time your fervent smile
Melts my heart in sleepless nights.
I know what you feel in your heart
I know what I feel in my heart.
I love what we have made together.
I love our joy and pleasure
I love you my little star :

I’ve dreamed

It is snowing in the east,
Trees bend to listen to
An aria of wind carrying
The voices of fairies and elves
That flows through frozen bushes.
A blue moon blossoms in the water of the lake,
A shift of light on wedding cake
Dispersing the magic of life.
I like this so much