Beautiful fairy tale

You, my little stars
My roses from the sky above
At this lovely summer night
I’d like to share with you
My joy
I’d like to tell you
My secret
This very night
Is the happiest moment
In my life
A beautiful fairy tale
Is about to begin
From my dreams
Into my reality
Here she comes!
The woman from my poems
My inspiration
Woman more beautiful than
Beauty itself
The mermaid of romantic songs
Coming from the wavy ocean
A woman, an angel,
The woman of my life…
Listen to my heart
Singing and crying out loud
At this blessed moment of pure happiness
Maybe it will be the most magnificent
And graceful thing you hear
I know, there are others
Loving each other
Like we do
But our love is unique
In its form
In its way
In its fullness
And our kisses, I’m sure
Are sweeter than kisses of others
I know, there are plenty of
Sweet kisses in this world
But to me…her kisses are
The sweetest
Thousands of dreams
About her…about us
Will come alive
Under your light tonight
My little stars…