Come As Soon As Possible


The rain is again on the streets of my city
Unshackle it from the damp and cold, coffins, despair
…Loneliness, and time is running
Drummers , and grin at the darkness of my window,
Already , on the third day.

Fondness was, hidden in the apple of the eye,
In soul and waiting …
Waiting for you,
So that , spills, the beauty of your body
And inserted into the edge of of your heavenly smile
I love you
Come as soon as possible

I Need Your Hands’ Melody

POST 30 6,2015
I need your hands’ melody
When the nights are so long
They bring joy and happiness to me
I need your eyes
When the nights are so long
And dark
Come to me, my love
Give me the light
I need your warm embrace
When the nights are so long
Dark and cold
Magical is your touch
In your arms
I feel safe
Feel the love,
Warmth and happiness

I Love Your Gentle Play With My Hair

DSCN1088Written: Maxima
I love the way in which
You whisper into my ear
Make me happy
I love your gentle play with my hair
It will always be in my heart
I love your passionate kiss
Oh my God,
How passionately you kiss me
No, this dawn, in which the sun kisses
The gentle flower
That can be compared with your kisses
I love The sparkle in your eye
It make me happy
Very happy

It is my big beautiful reasons ,
Why I love you so much .

I Want To Be Embrace

Written: Maxima

This magic world that
I feel deep inside my heart
Gives my eyes gleam
You are my only desire
In the this eve,

I want to be embrace
And to hug you my love
While the Sun going down
Immerses in your beautiful hair
I want to be everything
That you need now and forever.​

My Precious Love

89654Written: Maxima

You know … Tonight I ‘m
Traveling the heat of your
Beautiful body.
Touching your lips and…
Highlights descending
Over your forehead

And time goes by, hours passing,
Leaking life, drop by drop.
You know I can not wait to
Embrace you beneath
The waterfall.

In a Mild July Night

Picture 1066
Written: Maxima

In a Mild July Night

Your eyes are the most beautiful,
Give yourself to the sunset
Of this weary day.
Lilac petal month
Gently caresses
Heavenly gifts
Ripening quietly

In a mild July night.
My soul is ruled by
Your magic eyes
My beloved

Fire In Your Eyes


Written: Maxima

Beautiful Girl
Let me sing you a love song
I shall always love your magnificent eyes
Fire in your eyes ,
Fire that burned my soul!

A fire that burns my mornings and evenings,
Fire in your eyes. ,
Fire – whose flames sweetly caress my soul
A fire that burns
And burns my mornings and evenings.
I’m happy that they chose my lips
To gently feather and
Caress their luster.
I adore you.
Let me sing you a love song
For you who brightens my day.
You’re a my cherry blossom flower in bloom .
Your smile joyful and bright as the sun –
Has so many great charms
When I am wrapped in your arms.
I Love you forever
I love you so much, my most wonderful girl!


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