Mon Dieu que c’est beau …J,ai pensé longtemps que je ne pouvais comprendre ou ressentir autant, la poésie écrite en anglais …mais tu as une façon d’écrire que je ressens tout à fait …
J’ai eu de grands frissons et les yeux mouillés en te lisant aujourd’hui …Merci Maxima…xxx Madeleine Lafrance

Touching words …. your poetry is a wisper of the soul, so sweet, wonderful !
Have a great day !Lucia

Almost all your poems are like lyrics to the best romantic song ever.
I love your writings!! :)),The Little Mermaid

Stefan Maxima is age old wise and nice writer, poet, literary critic, and author of several books who has very broad visions on love and nature and speaks well about social affairs. His poems are very nice and pleasing. He transfers wonderful messages through his poems. His notable works like, Between Shadows, The Cradle Of My Dreams, Midnight Promises and Good Morning Love, convey about his strengthened skill of writing books and poems. May God bring lots of happiness for him and his family as he is devoted to world literary society with selfless service. May flowers bloom in his way of walking.Kumarmani Mahakul

I’m Dying Of Desire
This is really a declaration of love! I also liked the flowers. Best, Tânia
Tania Tome M de Castro

Saint Nicholas

Very engaging. I felt I was participating in the story. For me that is a sign of a good story …


This Is Not The Place 
So romantic and intense, the emotion you convey in your words of love….very beautiful. She is a very blessed woman that has your heart and loyalty…

The Street Was Painted In Blue   

Reading your poem I can immediately see, feel and smell – much the same as I can hear the voices mentioned in the dream … Quite remarkable that your words and your description – which seems to be so simple (meant positively!) is generating such “visions” and is producing paintings and emotions so powerfully. Wonderful!
Sending you my best wishes!

Your poetry is bringing beauty, sensitivity and honesty into this world…Stefan, you’re an amazing writer and a wonderful giving person. And a true magician of words…creating a gate to a world of inspiration, generosity and love. I feel blessed to open the gate and to embrace my heart in the warmth of your poems.
Thank you for following my blog, i’m honored! Knowing that you’re reading, knowing that you like my humble words…is all i need to write with all my heart and soul. I’ll return here…to this beautiful place that fascinated the eyes of my soul.”
Afternoon Stefan, I soooo love your blog. It makes me fall in love with the idea of being in love. I’m sure you make many people happy with your poetry.”

What a tender way to start the day
Waking up with your lover beside…
And making love …and….
Your poetry is so delicate Maxima …
I am not bilingual as perfect as I wish to be… but …
I’m just hoping that I understand the beauty of your words …
Thank you for taking time to come over my blog…
Wish you the best

Awww…. this is what the world needs…. love and laughter.. and Nature all rolled into one
Sue Dreamwalker

your an amazing poet .. made me cry .. :) thank u “10.9.2014.Poem
My Message To You
Leslie Stockton
Wonderful words – reading your prose this morning, while sipping coffee, I escaped a moment on a magical date – thank you for the beautiful image…
September 15, 2014