She burn in my every sigh

Copyright © 2021 © Maxima ] All Rights Reserved

I am very proud because
I see you everywhere.
In beautiful blue waves in the sea
You are the most beautiful star in the night sky.
You are in the flowers,
in the breeze caressing my face
Until I am drunk and enthralled by your beauty
across limitless expanse of meadows,
Surrounded by the sweet little butterflies
And the suns rays
In the smell of fresh air,
You are…

And my dear, you burn in my every sigh,
In every movement of the body.
You are woven into my life forever.

I can hear you in the small singing birdie.
You hold the key to my dreams
And you hold my life and happiness.
Here are the songs, my angel beautiful,
They are woven into each letter,
Every sound
Harp and violin
Which softly play
Something for our love.
I love you