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It’s Easy My Love

Written: Maxima

My Dear
it is easy for me to be the hero,
to be the heroic warrior
who rides the wide and so warm heart,
a miracle of clouds that are the color
of your heart and soul that understands me.
With you it is easy to walk a trail of stars
when I you are beside me.
My beautiful Angel
I want you I love you


I will always love you and me


Written: Maxima


I will always love you and me

When our eyes meet,
we exchange fire.
How can you know how
high that fire grows from
so far away?
To touch one strand of
your hair, hold you for one
night, I haven’t’ the words
to tell you of my thoughts
and hopes.
My guitar knows the words
listen to my sound that says
I will always love you and me
I love everything you are.


​I need your hands’ melody



​I need your hands’ melody
When the nights are so long
They bring joy and happiness to me
I need your eyes
When the nights are so long
And dark
Come to me, my love
Give me the light
I need your warm embrace
When the nights are so long
Dark and cold
Magical is your touch
In your arms
I feel safe
Feel the love,
Warmth and happiness

My darling

Written: With love © Maxima ” “>

My darling,
Let my smile
Caress your cheek gently
As the wind dances
Let this march
Echoing in my heart
Enter your divine soul
And stay there forever
Let our happiness
Sail through the silence
Of this beautiful spring night!
My dearest
I love my life with you
You mean everything to me
I love you

These Things

These Things

Do these things.
I want to hear you say my name,
in sighs upon your lips,
see the sparkle in your eyes,
a chant on your tongue.
I want to know that you
feel me deep in your soul
by the tremble of your lips
and the lift of your breasts against me
I’m pretending,
dreaming you into my night
when you are far away.
Pretending to speak these words,
to disconcert them,
to hold you in the iris
of my eye your sweet and tender
lips pressed to mine
I love you my heart.

My words

My words

by: Maxima

Burning with the flame of your heart
Are not meant only for talking…
You see, they caress you gently
And pinch your cheek softly…
Spreading tentatively
Lured by your inviting look
Dazzled, they descend
To the hills covered with
Blades of silky grass…
Steamy windows
As my heart pours into your hot breath
My verses into your true soul…

Midnight slips away
My words smell
Of your white apples
Warmed by the fire in your heart
They chatter and chatter
And fondle and kiss
And yearn and love

I tasted, my beloved,
The magical touch of your lips
Now I ride in the chariots of happiness
Travel in a wonderland
Where I love you endlessly
Where I kiss you ceaselessly
And place you
In my poems
To live there eternally

Trembling lips


Written: © Maxima

Right before your eyes
I spread this glittering dust
In verses…
It colours the sky
In the loveliest shades
The world has ever seen
Yet, what it desires most
Is to be wound into an embrace
And to hold you, hold you tight,
Puzzled by the magical beauty
Hidden in your hair.
Waves of passion in trembling lips
The perfect harmony
Of restless bodies
Reveal the mysteries of universe
And when your divine kisses
Fade away
Then the silence falls upon us
And we embrace the twilight
Content and blissfully happy.
I love you