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Release your dreams to wander

Written: © Maxima

In a shiver of hearts woven
it is not a sin to succumb to
free your imagination
release your dreams to wander
the constellations that circle
lavender fields bursting with
fantasies of joy.
Let their seeds germinate in the
hearts of love, to be born, grow
into flowers of precious souls
where you, treasured flower,
flourish in the warmth of my love.
I love you



Written: © Maxima

I want you by my side
Now and forever
My beloved
Then I won’t have to
Place my kisses in poems
And send them down the river
In paper boats
Then I won’t have to
Hide them in messages
So they get lost
Somewhere between the lines
Interrupted by
Red sign…
I want to place kisses
On your hot lips
So you can enjoy them
For real
We love you

Tender Whisper

picture-1593Written: © Maxima 

Tonight I’m away
And I won’t be coming
Please, don’t cry, my darling
These verses of mine
Will send you my love
In a tender whisper
Just for your soul
I want you to know
How true and deep my love is
I want you to know
You’ll always be my princess
And I, I’ll be
Your knight in shining armour
Tonight I’m away
Perhaps I won’t come tomorrow, either
Please, don’t cry, my beloved
I can’t live without you

I Feel It In My Heart

Picture 125

Written: © Maxima
My only love
My princess
The beauty that radiates from your soul
Is blissful melody
I hear this voice saying
I love you so much
A majestic poem
Passionately painted
With love
Filling my endless dreams
Your Love flies above the stars
Your love is eternal
I feel it in my heart
You are my sun in the sky
I love you

Always Be Young

“Happy Birthday My Stefan Maxima
Always be young
You are very special
Wishing you all the best
My Stefan Maxima!”

Written: Maxima

Only One Smile


This calendar for May,is my presents for all you
Enjoy my dear friends!

It takes only one smile
To bring back smile on your face
It is hard to find someone, though
Who will give you that smile

The abyss you’re peering into
Cherishing your dreams
Luring you, intriguing you
The abyss is called love

I can’t believe you fear it
Closing your eyes before it
Trust me, my dearest
You can’t escape it.

Written: © Maxima 

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Little Dress With Tiny Red Roses

Picture 1548

Written: © Maxima 

Nothing is better beneath the heavens
There are no words to describe
How beautiful her little dress is
With tiny red roses
Just over the knees …. silk
And gently just as… my hand touches her skin
Fluttering, by a gentle breeze

Dear God! The way it fills my heart with love
Oh, my! How it fills my soul with happiness
Holding her around the waist …
Brings me … I think that my arm is
And I hope that my right hand…
That thought makes me blush
And brings me a million wishes

My heart whispering softly to Heavens
Making a promise in his ear saying: I love her …
And I cannot wait for her to come to me
With a smile on her face and
To bring joy In the heartbeats of my heart
And stay there forever

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