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Flame Out of Dead Ashes

Flame Out of Dead Ashes

There are few who know the meaning of the phrase “flame out of dead ashes” whilst in this world; on this journey you’d want to stop for a moment, for a moment to admire the magic darkness between the light of two fireflies; a great hope is born as this darkness pleases you in a magic way, just as the fruits from the table of Agape agree with you, caressing your soul as they unfold what this darkness has given birth to. And that which has been born is not talked about; and what is not talked about did not happen, did not exist; and yet it existed, for your heart knows. But ashes are being strewn over it, dead ashes, everyone should know that! And out of these ashes a flame is bursting forth. A flame! And it burns and warms and feeds your soul, taking your heart and your being into only God knows what kind of world, and into the public arena; and you in that public arena; and she in that public arena…she touches you sweetly and you appreciate the darkness watching you with her black eyes.

When you are out in the open, you don’t know who is listening, who’s watching you, or what will be said or learnt, and it’s not important what will be learnt! Well, no, it is important, very important, for in your mind and in your heart – in your veins, your chest and in the stars – love abides – and you like and love that flame so much – the flame that’s bursting forth from the dead ashes!

Read this book, you won’t regret it.

Stefan Maxima


I feel pure joy

Written: © Maxima

The Circle
Suddenly, you trembled, my darling
As if craving to turn a fluid wave
A magnificent wave that
Overwhelms the endless spaces
of our hearts
Into eternity
And, I, my dearest,
Dazzled by this feeling
The endless tender kiss
Has formed a magic circle
The source of our being
Somewhere among the stars
Of the brightest constellation
I love you

Across Walls Of Shadows

Written: Maxima

We met at a party and
I asked you to dance.
Our silhouettes swayed
across walls of shadows.
I felt sorrow for the light.
We sipped champagne and
sheltered in the warmth of
a narrow bed,
pale now with memories.
When you left intractable
sadness filled the space
we shared.
Did you not believe me
when I said how much I love
Return to these eyes that can
see only you, follow me through
the scented woods and along the
river bank that when you are near
becomes a wonderland.
Once again let me search your
eyes for memories of us.
Now I’m alone on this lonely coast
and with no one but you in my mind
and heart.
I’m an ordinary beggar insane with need
of a queen, an angel to brighten my world.
Unless you return I will forever
wander through days and nights of lost
dreams of shadowed silhouettes,
lost in dreams of our shadowed

Sacred fire

Written: © Maxima

Fragrant night
Committed to you,
Love is poured on
White bed.
Eternal skies
Mirror your eyes.
The room is bathed in
Magical smile floats on
My face…
Hot kisses
On my body, while
You knit an
Pearl collar.
Fragrant night
Committed to you,
The reeds were my dreams
On the morning bud
From our love.
I know it will sprout
New flower.
Can you hear it?
The evening echoes with
The choir of crickets
Chirping loudly
And you
You’re laughing at
Their funny solos
And attempts to
Top frogs’ croaks

Your hand is in my hair
Intertwined with happiness,
The breeze,
The moonlight…
Playful, it prevails
I love you

New Horizon


In the morning our desire is woven
with golden rays of the sun,
in its warmth our arms embrace
and you gently kiss my cheek.

Your lips are warm soft petals
that gently confess your dreams
in whispers to my soul.

You are an angel
who has brought me
to this new horizon
where I am king.

I love you and the dreams
that you confess to me,
where you are my princess
and I am your only king.

Once We Meet

dscn5602Written: © Maxima 
Once We Meet

I am going to turn into a breeze
so that I may play in your hair,
travel through the tendrils of
curls on your forehead.

Once we meet
I’ll become a breeze
that whispers sweet words
I’ll be the brightest star
that shines in your eyes,

Now rivers and mountains,
seas and oceans divide us.
My thoughts and embrace travel
the blue skies carrying
tender petals that I send to you.

Once we meet
You know what I promised ….
And for us that would be ….
so marvelous.

Princess My Sweet
I love you

Through My Eyes


Written: Maxima
Leaving traces in my heart
In my soul
In my all
Your Truth So
Tenderness caresses
Cognitive of my world

Your words ,touch
Love writes with heart
As hug light cheek tenderly
Illuminates all of my heavenly constellations
You Know that I love your beautiful face,
Your magical smile – and your words soft –
Please my beautiful angel
Do not leave me hanging
Without your words
Because I’ll die without you
I love you