Lola is a reason for living

Lola is a reason for living

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Today and always you will be
The music and flowers of my life
Reason for living
Enthroned Queen of my soul
My hopes, my dreams
My achievements
My loving and desire
I need your eyes.
I want you forever in my life,
My God please
A blessing from the sky
My desire and her beautiful soul.

War separates people and love.

My dear readers, As you know, a little less than a month ago I presented you with the book “Lola”, the first in the series, The Wings of A Black Butterfly: Lola  .Let me remind you. The stories from the book, the intriguing title of Lola, are based on true events in which the main characters, Lola and Stipa, in a whirlwind of war, defend their right to free choice, to love and survival.
Lola is the title of a book you will read in one breath. It will invoke stars in your eyes and the trembling of your heart which beats for the other with the tenderness of feeling and the desire for love to last forever. The words pronounced in the letters radiate the beauty of our feelings and invisible threads that connect us with this world of love that is so alive in all human souls.
These days and in the next few posts, you will read the poetic contents and poems in which the title stands, the name of the girl who is the main heroine of the said book?
The verses you read symbolically introduce you to the new sequel, series. The Wings of A Black Butterfly: Lola  . With an undisguised message, they remind you that if you haven’t already bought it. Do it today
Thank you for your kind words and compliments.
Keep reading your Maxima


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