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Sacred fire

Written: © Maxima

Fragrant night
Committed to you,
Love is poured on
White bed.
Eternal skies
Mirror your eyes.
The room is bathed in
Magical smile floats on
My face…
Hot kisses
On my body, while
You knit an
Pearl collar.
Fragrant night
Committed to you,
The reeds were my dreams
On the morning bud
From our love.
I know it will sprout
New flower.
Can you hear it?
The evening echoes with
The choir of crickets
Chirping loudly
And you
You’re laughing at
Their funny solos
And attempts to
Top frogs’ croaks

Your hand is in my hair
Intertwined with happiness,
The breeze,
The moonlight…
Playful, it prevails
I love you


New Horizon


In the morning our desire is woven
with golden rays of the sun,
in its warmth our arms embrace
and you gently kiss my cheek.

Your lips are warm soft petals
that gently confess your dreams
in whispers to my soul.

You are an angel
who has brought me
to this new horizon
where I am king.

I love you and the dreams
that you confess to me,
where you are my princess
and I am your only king.

Once We Meet

dscn5602Written: © Maxima 
Once We Meet

I am going to turn into a breeze
so that I may play in your hair,
travel through the tendrils of
curls on your forehead.

Once we meet
I’ll become a breeze
that whispers sweet words
I’ll be the brightest star
that shines in your eyes,

Now rivers and mountains,
seas and oceans divide us.
My thoughts and embrace travel
the blue skies carrying
tender petals that I send to you.

Once we meet
You know what I promised ….
And for us that would be ….
so marvelous.

Princess My Sweet
I love you

Through My Eyes


Written: Maxima
Leaving traces in my heart
In my soul
In my all
Your Truth So
Tenderness caresses
Cognitive of my world

Your words ,touch
Love writes with heart
As hug light cheek tenderly
Illuminates all of my heavenly constellations
You Know that I love your beautiful face,
Your magical smile – and your words soft –
Please my beautiful angel
Do not leave me hanging
Without your words
Because I’ll die without you
I love you

Kissing me Gently


Written: © Maxima 

Forever and ever
The blue night
Whispers words of passion
Special words for your lips
I can’t forget
Your lips kissing me softly
Your lips kissing me gently
Your lips… sweet kisses
And, my love,
I feel your kisses
The touch of your lips
All I have ever wanted
Obsessed with your kisses
Is to be a part
Of your lips
Of your kiss
Your soft kiss
Your sweet kiss
Your gentle kiss
Forever and ever…

Tender Ease Of Spring


I’m always amazed by the
submission of warm hearts
beneath the moon’s cold glow.
I’m always amazed at the
tender ease of spring,
like a breath of freedom.
Do you want the same wonderful
things as I but do not dare do it?
Tell me please
Where you are going with all
these words, with all the emotions…
Who are you going to give them to?
Are you wasting them in the sea?
This is our little part of the world,
this beloved freedom.
Do you love me and want me?
Because I wish the that for
us this night.
Stay in your beautiful mind,
Who knows maybe one day
we will tell our grandchildren
about us.
I love you my only one
Faithful and most beautiful love

Written: Stjepam Maksimović Maxima

Always Be Young

“Happy Birthday My Stefan Maxima
Always be young
You are very special
Wishing you all the best
My Stefan Maxima!”

Written: Maxima