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That’s poetry by Stefan Maxima




When a new day begins with you

Written: © Maxima

I stepped into this morning
With a ravishing lipstick mark
On my radiant cheek,
Enchanted and overwhelmed
By a tiny mole
Hidden on a hot spot
So dear to me
And you,
You witness and reveal
The miracle of my world
Because I adore you,
My beautiful princess
And most of all
I love it
When a new day begins with you
I love you

My little star


My little star

Written: © Maxima

My little star,
My life,
All my life
You are my dream.
I am so lucky to have you in my heart
My heart weeps devotion.
It weeps softly.
It is happy in it’s love for you
My little star.
I have seen you many times
In the deep sea of love.
Every time you hug me,
Every time you kiss me,
Every time your fervent smile
Melts my heart in sleepless nights.
I know what you feel in your heart
I know what I feel in my heart.
I love what we have made together.
I love our joy and pleasure
I love you my little star :

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As Lake Victoria


My love is a song bird.
She fills the breeze with
Sweet symphonies
That fall into my open heart
Like drops of dew on an
Early morning when she
And I share a yellow sun
And a love as deep as
Lake Victoria.

Through My Eyes


Written: Maxima
Leaving traces in my heart
In my soul
In my all
Your Truth So
Tenderness caresses
Cognitive of my world

Your words ,touch
Love writes with heart
As hug light cheek tenderly
Illuminates all of my heavenly constellations
You Know that I love your beautiful face,
Your magical smile – and your words soft –
Please my beautiful angel
Do not leave me hanging
Without your words
Because I’ll die without you
I love you

Your Tender Words

Picture 024
Written: © Maxima

Soft word
When it touches me
I could sing like a nightingale
For days
You are gorgeous
Like a dream
Like a fairy tale
I’m a hopeless romantic
Not sure if I’ve told you
I love you so much
Love your tender words
Hopping cheerfully
All over my hair…
Kissing me
Not sure if I’ve told you
But what I like most
Are your red high-heeled shoes
You’re so lovely
I love you