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Will you, I wonder


Written: Maxima

Will you, I wonder,
When those soft pillows steal all your dreams
with those beautiful freckles across your nose
At last, awake to the early morning sun
With a short, transparent nightgown,
with the freshness of a bird’s eye
then I nag,
Bring me some more sugar, please.
And then I say
No, I do not need sugar,
Your lips are sweeter,
Give me your lips
So I want to kiss
I love you


Through My Eyes


Written: Maxima
Leaving traces in my heart
In my soul
In my all
Your Truth So
Tenderness caresses
Cognitive of my world

Your words ,touch
Love writes with heart
As hug light cheek tenderly
Illuminates all of my heavenly constellations
You Know that I love your beautiful face,
Your magical smile – and your words soft –
Please my beautiful angel
Do not leave me hanging
Without your words
Because I’ll die without you
I love you

Wild and Passionate In The Shadows

My love stood beside the bed
violets scattered in her hair,
Her hands as soft as silk
Caressed me in a magic dance.

My dreams spilled with hopes and wishes.
Only the flawless flowers remained
In our untamed dream.

I wait for you to return,
My bedroom window left open.
Be mine no one else’s,
Your breath, voice, and sighs.

I need you to be the
Queen of my nights.
I love you.
Written: © Maxima

Always Be Young

“Happy Birthday My Stefan Maxima
Always be young
You are very special
Wishing you all the best
My Stefan Maxima!”

Written: Maxima

My Morning And Evening Prayer


You are a huge sun keeping my heart warm
If only you could shine on my face forever

Your eyes are the ocean of joy for my soul
If only I could be a sun lighting them up

You are my serenity and my happiness
You are my all
And, you know… I love you

You are an everlasting dewdrop on my flowers
Keeping them alive

My darling,
I wish I could wake you up with my smile
Each and every morning

These verses and these flowers
I give to you,
My morning and evening prayer
I love you

Written: Maxima

I Love You My Only One


Written: © Maxima
Wersion 2
The morning is bathed in the scent of roses,
I speak aloud your thoughts,
It is better than silence for two.
I see your face in drops at the
Edges of yellow rose petals.
I sing your favorite songs
Better so that the morning and I
Remain silent for two.
A morning; hear hear!

Solar rays stir the imagination.
They leave their mark in the corner of
Our happiness.
I’m in a vicious circle at my lips
That leaves it mark.
I love you my only one
Speeches, morning, know better so
But that morning and I, we remain silent for two.
I love you

This is Version 2 this my poem
Thank you!
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Your Sweet And Kind Touch

Written: © Maxima 
Your Sweet And Kind Touch

There is something
In this poem especially
Romantic and beautiful,
As the glow of your eyes.
It is as warm as your soul
And loves as your
Heart knows to love.

I am ready here
To fly on the wings of joy
To you, my love.
To bring to you indescribable joy
As gentle as the kisses
You bring to me.

Our love is as this song
Written with heart,
Imagination and creativity.
Indescribably beautiful and free
As our hands to give
Gentle hugs.
I love you​

3.4.2016 3

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