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Passing Days

Written: © Maxima

Passing Days

And so the days pass
Some sad, sometimes ugly,
Some are joyous, Sun-drenched,
when you are smiling,
your eyes sparkling.
Some, like this day, are somewhat wistful,
wanting things to be the same
when we were captivated by the beauty of us,
our enchantment, hearts bursting…
sweet nectar of your lips on mine and our
love in every line of poems we wrote,
ah, the poet in us.
So today I bring her something sweet,
tonight I will mold our dreams with passion,
the tenderness that only I know she wants and needs.
The sweet way that I know it.
Let me sculpt the darkness with sighs and light
the night with passion, unleash the expanse of imagination,
light it with the flame of desire.


My Morning And Evening Prayer


You are a huge sun keeping my heart warm
If only you could shine on my face forever

Your eyes are the ocean of joy for my soul
If only I could be a sun lighting them up

You are my serenity and my happiness
You are my all
And, you know… I love you

You are an everlasting dewdrop on my flowers
Keeping them alive

My darling,
I wish I could wake you up with my smile
Each and every morning

These verses and these flowers
I give to you,
My morning and evening prayer
I love you

Written: Maxima

Moment Of Perfection

Written: © Maxima 


Your whispers are gentle
Sun dipping my wishes
Open Beautiful Eyes….Please
This Moment of perfection,
Your awakening at dawn,
For me is like a summer breeze ,
Please love ! Look into my soul…
And hear the sound of this sweet poem
I love you !!! I love You!
For me you are the stars in heaven.
Stars guiding you through the morning,
Through the days,
Through life.

POST 31.3.2016

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Happy New Year To All of You

Happy New Year To All of You

Wish You a Great, Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright, Delightful, Energetic and Extremely Happy,

Happy New Year 2016 !!!



Lost Somewhere In a Happy Time

Lost somewhere in a happy time
I softly whisper,
“Today is a special day”
The smile of the sun touches my soul.

The wonderful endless night
In which I touch your face with
A million flecks of restless confetti;
In which .
I will , with champagne,
Gently walk across
Your beautiful smile
In which …
I’ll will be woven
Into your embrace with
A million confetti fireworks
That bring you into my life.

My love for you is as the ocean.
I want for you
On this birthday .
Happy New Year 2016!!!!
I love you


I Feel So Blessed

post 2.2016.

Written: Maxima

You saved me from loneliness
That had been my home for ages,
I feel so blessed!

You lead me to the realm of beauty;
To the realm of love;
To the realm of life,
I truly feel
I am in heaven!

You’re face,
Keeps sparkling like
A diamond in the sky;
You’re smile,
Like a strong gusty,
Striking my heart,
And always blowing my sanity away!

You brighten my day;
You spice up my night,
Having you right next to me,
Makes me feel, the luckiest knight!

Your soft kisses
And warm embrace,
Inspire me each day,
To live life the fullest,
Because my tiny angel’s
Gigantic love for me,
Can never be replaced.
I love you,
My sweet…
My sweet… lollipop
And I will love you till eternity.
Do not forget
Flavored lollipop with your lips
Miss me your lips
I love you

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You In My Hyperrealism

28.11.2015 1

Written: © Maxima 

I got strange looks
As I travelled into your light
And into my light
You beautiful urban woman,
With their eyes wide open and dark
They admit their envy
Leading an empty, meaningless life
Arrogant and sinful…
Every day I pray to God
To forgive them
To me, their cold look
Reflects the rejection of romance
And indulging in tender joys,
In a gentle touch,
A soft kiss,
Gazing at stars…
And, within me,
There lie the power of a smile,
The power of cheerfulness,
The power of happiness,
The power of love
Strong enough to face
All the challenges before me
I love you

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…Do Not Mind To Me, Wind In Your Hair

post 21.11.2015

Written: © Maxima 
Do Not Mind To Me, Wind In Your Hair

It is so beautiful,
kisses your rosy lips,
While around us,
Falling from the sky,
Flakes of white.
I love you
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