The Glow in Your Eyes

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“The Glow in Your Eyes” performed by Aleksandra Djordjevic

The glow in your eyes

The glow in your eyes light up my soul,
and only then
I can read my days with a threat of love verses
A purple, sky
She swoops down the cliffs.
Watching it devours them, devours them restlessly.
But I won’t give in to such a fate,
Call calling out to you,
throwing pebbles at your window,
It dwells in your eyes.,
Lights out my soul.
I love you so much.
After a while.
You calm down, smile and be cheerful,
Could you tell me your dreams,
then you kiss me,
Run your fingers through my hair.
The glow in your eyes.
Let’s suck my soul.
How I can spend my days.
With the threat of love. versus.
I love you.