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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day
Written: © Maxima
Ahead of us
Treasure the night
I hear whispers
About us
The canopy
Of chestnut trees, its
Shadow sits
Hand made for months
And expanses over happiness
Slowly walking
For singing wings
For a heart murmur,
Pearls for your views
In which
We figure
Is reflected
Meaning of my life…
Ahead of us
Treasure the night

That’s poetry by Stefan Maxima



Kada bih tražio

Danas , Vaša Maxima , počinje ciklus pjesama pisan , na hrvatskom jeziku, Naime u pismima koja sam primio ovih dan, to tražite vi poštovani moji prijatelji ! Pa evo ispunjavam vašu želju .
prva iz ciklusa, pjesama je pjesma
Kada bih tražio

Da li pošla zajedno sa mnom,
Pa…tamo negdje, na kraj svijeta.
Pa da te ljubim pustom uvalom,
I da nas nitko,nitko ne smeta.

Bila bi sretna mirisna jutra
Tamo daleko na kraju svijeta,
Čaroban osmjeh i nježan poljubac
Dok tvojim usnama zaljubljen šeta

I hajde pođi nemoj da dvojiš,
Suton će poznati naše sjene.
Sav će se predati našoj sreći,
Ja volim tebe, Ti voliš mene.

Through my Weins

Written: © Maxima

Amid the shower of your
Divine kisses
I can bearly utter: I love you
You just smile
At me
Then it’s pouring again
You know how your whisper
Runs through my veins
filling my heart with pure joy
I love you, that’s what
I need you to know
you are so beautiful,
The tide of passion overwhelms me,
So I whisper in your ear,
Softly and gently,
‘Cause I know,
More divine raindrops will follow.

Tell me, Please

POSTWritten: © Maxima

I am always amazed at
This harmony of your warm heart
And the cold moonlight
I am always amazed at
Your spontaneity and gentleness
In the way you concede
As gently as a summer breeze
That your desire equals mine
But you fear to act upon it
Tell me, please
Where will you go
With all those words,
All those feelings…
Who will you share them with?
Or you’ll pour them into the sea?
In this little haven of ours
Say it out loud, my love,
Say that you love me
That you want me
You know I do, too
Who knows,
Maybe one day
We’ll talk to our grandchildren
About this night…
I love you,
My only true love

Tender Ease Of Spring


I’m always amazed by the
submission of warm hearts
beneath the moon’s cold glow.
I’m always amazed at the
tender ease of spring,
like a breath of freedom.
Do you want the same wonderful
things as I but do not dare do it?
Tell me please
Where you are going with all
these words, with all the emotions…
Who are you going to give them to?
Are you wasting them in the sea?
This is our little part of the world,
this beloved freedom.
Do you love me and want me?
Because I wish the that for
us this night.
Stay in your beautiful mind,
Who knows maybe one day
we will tell our grandchildren
about us.
I love you my only one
Faithful and most beautiful love

Written: Stjepam Maksimović Maxima

I Would Give You Anything

Written: © Maxima 

Not so long ago, about a year or so, upon peering into a black box secluded in the dimly lit corner of my room, I had no idea…I could not even guess that it was the day that would turn my world upside down. I fought such a notion, even the thought of the possibility – some evil minds said– you can’t talk to the keyboard, to the screen – but then, I replied:
In there you can find people with a big heart and a noble soul.
People around me were bewildered. Then I showed them a poem smiling from the screen.

The moon is sewing
The night’s gown
With extreme care
It covers
The fluttering sea of desire
The night is silent –
silver bubbles glitter
As their tiny threads
Blend your eye,
So dear to me,
And my soul
Into one
Magnificent spring in us
Yet to come…
tThen, there will be no more
Me alone
You alone
Behind the screen
For so many days
Hold me tight
Take me away
From these black holes,
Bad memories
And this loneliness
And take me to
The core of my rowdiness
My primal urges and passion
And I’ll be
The luckiest man on Earth
Am I asking for too much?
I want you to watch
The night and the river embrace
Wrapped in the magical glow
In my eyes
I love you

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