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Bounty of magical dreams

Written: © Maxima
Here, where playful waves merge
with my dreams I’m waiting for you.
There on the beach of our unfulfilled dreams
I wait for you.
Sometimes we have quite the opposite views
but remember we will always find our way
back to the miracle of my hand in yours
the sweetness of your lips at my ear,
the miracle of love.
In my mind, my hand wanders the length
of your leg above the hemline of your
short pink skirt and like a playful kitty
you brush me away until the the night
finds us filled with desire and we merge
our gentle kiss of infinite duration.
I’m waiting for you,
lingering this bounty of magical dreams
Inside my mind…somehow I find you
in opium dreams of scented hair
braided with moon beams.


​My Princess

​My Princess

How splendid the hour when you
Close your eyes
And offer to me your lips
Loving, gentle, an eternal masterpiece.
In that enduring moment of beauty
You complete my heart with the
Sweetest romance and fill it
With all that has been missing.
I love you

I miss you this morning

Park by the river


If I could command the presence
of just a small portion of sky
I would inscribe there my affection
so my dear you could know
I am fortunate to behold you
it is such a wonderful feeling
though I fear when I open my eyes
the magic will disappear
I ask only that you be yourself
my good fortune…my luck.


The morning comes somewhere.
Somewhere far away,offering brilliance
Sun touches the restless blue water,

Touched by the wind
Blue water sparkle like diamonds
And sing songs and lullabies

Magnificent beauty ,
Paradise to my eyes.

Kada bih tražio

Danas , Vaša Maxima , počinje ciklus pjesama pisan , na hrvatskom jeziku, Naime u pismima koja sam primio ovih dan, to tražite vi poštovani moji prijatelji ! Pa evo ispunjavam vašu želju .
prva iz ciklusa, pjesama je pjesma
Kada bih tražio

Da li pošla zajedno sa mnom,
Pa…tamo negdje, na kraj svijeta.
Pa da te ljubim pustom uvalom,
I da nas nitko,nitko ne smeta.

Bila bi sretna mirisna jutra
Tamo daleko na kraju svijeta,
Čaroban osmjeh i nježan poljubac
Dok tvojim usnama zaljubljen šeta

I hajde pođi nemoj da dvojiš,
Suton će poznati naše sjene.
Sav će se predati našoj sreći,
Ja volim tebe, Ti voliš mene.

My little star


My little star

Written: © Maxima

My little star,
My life,
All my life
You are my dream.
I am so lucky to have you in my heart
My heart weeps devotion.
It weeps softly.
It is happy in it’s love for you
My little star.
I have seen you many times
In the deep sea of love.
Every time you hug me,
Every time you kiss me,
Every time your fervent smile
Melts my heart in sleepless nights.
I know what you feel in your heart
I know what I feel in my heart.
I love what we have made together.
I love our joy and pleasure
I love you my little star :