The Locket For My Love

DSCF0808The Locket For My Love
Written: © Maxima 

You pour the pure joy
Into my soul
It’s overflowing
Like the wine I pour
Into the crystal glasses
In honour of our love.
This flame burning in my heart is
My birthday present to you
May its blaze fill the vast plains
Of your soul
I’ll deliver it with my gentle kisses
The kisses braided into
A necklace around your neck
Because you are the sun
Giving life to every single day
Of mine
Bringing me delight…
I need you
Like the flowers need dew
My desires are a hundred times
Closer to your heart
Than your lips
Right now…
So, I am sending this poem to you
On the wings of birds and summer breeze
To caress your hair gently
As I cannot myself
I love you
My sweetheart

A Poem In Love

post 17.7.2014

A Poem In Love

Written: © Maxima 

A Poem In Love

Dreaming of you
Imagining you like
The petals of a meadow flower
The sun is high
The sky is blue
And I,
I’d like to give you
My sincerity
My smile
I’d love to
Nibble your lips
And when you close your eyes
I see shiny little stars
Before mine
And then
By emotions
Like a tress waving
In the breeze
I tuck myself
And turn into a pillow
Where you dream happily
I love you

A poem in Prose

post 15.7.2014.

A poem in Prose
Written: © Maxima 

A poem in Prose

Somewhat lazily
The night has spread everywhere
Shamelessly offering
Its deepest blue
And the stars.
And at the bottom
Of the wishing well
The waning moon
Following our moves,
Our rhythm
Pinching gently
Our melted silhouettes
Who knows, maybe
Trying not to disturb
Our panting rhythm.
Your hands in my hair
Mine hidden under
Your translucent nighty…
Somewhat lazily
The night has spread everywhere
Shamelessly shielding us
Fanning the wild flames
Warming up this bluish love nest
That we build
Upon our caresses
Our looks
Our smiles
For all eternity
For our love child

I Kiss Gently

Picture 358
I Kiss Gently

Written: © Maxima 

Bathing in the ocean blue
Spreading over a sleepy day
Embedded in the sea scent
Stretching and kissing dreamy beaches
It shouts to a sea gull
It shouts to an old fisherman…
Then it plays with your lovely hair
Dancing with its golden rays
Defying me and the wind.
The wind watches silently
And I…
I kiss gently
The red lips
Of my precious
And dearest woman.


A piece of Heaven…a place where Love shines trough and rays of hope and peace are kissing the eyes of your soul…This is the place where you carried me on the wings of my imagination and this journey starts in every one of your beautiful poems. I think that each one of us have that place, the beach you described…sometimes hidden deep inside us, surrounded by thick walls of fear and doubt…still, that amazing place is waiting for us to arrive there…
Thank you for reminding me every time how emotions can heal…Bless you!


Très beau commentaire de la part de Carissa , j’adhère totalement à ses ressentis. Chacun de vos poèmes est un océan d’amour qui nous plonge au coeur de vos rêveries. Une source intarissable qui fait jaillir des gouttes d’émotions . Vous me rappelez souvent ces auteurs romantiques amoureux et passionnés comme Victor Hugo , Lamartine ou Musset.
Merci Stefan pour l’occasion que vous me donnez de rêver.
Bon week-end cher ami ♥


Happy Father’s Day



Father’s Day
…is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.
Written: © Maxima 

Your Maxima
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Sings Merrily All Day Long

Sings Merrily All Day Long

Written: © Maxima 

Your love
Is the greatest feeling
When in the form of a gentle kiss
It embraces my lips
When in the form of a smile
It enters the deepest caves
Of my heart
And when my soul
Filled with it
Sings merrily all day long

Heading To Your Arms


Heading To Your Arms
Written: © Maxima 

Here I am,
Heading to your arms
Lead by a tender
Twinkling sparkle
Heading to the Danube,
Wide and lazy
Blue under the moonlight
So that we,
Meer mortals,
Can read those
Tender twinkling sparkles
In beautiful eyes,
Sensing a future
Mysterious, sweet, gorgeous
Hand in hand
I adore your soft touch…
The moment.
It has never been in doubt
Nor the place and time…
But, I can’t understand
How I can be your starry sky.
How come?
It puzzles me…
(Luckily you didn’t say
I was your potato salad!)
I come to you anxiously
Kissing your cheek softly
As the evening embraces
Vermilion ground and
Everything on it…
Miserable, lonely people
With troubled life
And us, my beloved,
Dreamy, happy, so much in love
I love you.



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