I Long For You

THE CRADLE OF MY DREAMS from maxima on Vimeo.

My dear friends and lovers of my poetry,
I am going to present my book “The cradle of my dreams” is finished it will be presented here on Friday, October 24th.

Written: © Maxima

Rain’s sneaked through tree tops
And a pile of white stones
Scattered by the road
Miraculously lighting
The cold street lamps
In this gloomy dusk
Silence everywhere
But my heart,
It’s pounding wildly,
My beautiful angel,
As I walk through
This magical world of desires
The world ruled by you
And only you, my queen
Getting closer to you…
Diving into my longings
On the pillow
Whispering softly,
Kissing the trail
Of the wet kisses
You left there last night
Your laughter scattered
All around the corners
Of the room
Still echoing loudly
Kissing you…
In this late autumn
Your sparkling eyes
woke spring in me
Watching you
Entering dreamily
The blaze of my hopes
As lying on the soft bed
Sprinkled with sighs
Muffled by our kisses
My soul echoes
With your voice:
Come, my teddy bear,
Come, honey,
I long for you
Can’t get enough of you,
Your tenderness…
And I, my beloved,
I live for you
And our blooming mornings
You’re beautiful

I will give everything to you

091Written: © Maxima
I will give everything to you

Dear friends and lovers of my poetry,
This book, talked about a lot lately and due to be published soon, was supposed to be released a while ago. Partly because of some technical issues but mostly for the sake of my own need to make it perfect, its publication was delayed. It is dedicated to a woman I love, a woman whose love permeates every word of it. Since it is my gift to her, I hope it will bring joy to her beautiful soul, bring out her lovely smile and a tear of joy in her eye. She is amazing, she is my inspiration… I know it will make her smile; she will kiss me and say: ‘ You’re gorgeous. I love you immensely. I want to hold you, put my head on your shoulder and whisper the sweetest words in your ear.’
I know you are also looking forward to its release, especially the first 100 buyers because they will get a book of poetry as a bonus. One more thing, those of you who can prove that your birthday is on the publishing day will get the book at 50% discount plus a gift book at a designated place. More about it soon.
Enjoy reading your Maxima

For my post today I have chosen this poem

I will give everything to you
I will give everything to you
All the beauty of my nook
Where I, eager to share it with you,
Reach out to the stars.
You are far away
Somewhere in our dream house
And I, out in the open,
Under the clear sky
I think of you…
Oh, my
How soft your cheeks are
How gentle and warm
The palms of your hands…
It’s been so long
Since I whispered
Tender words to you
And I am so eager
To see your lovely smile
To listen to your soft voice
As you say:
I love you immensely…
How much I want to hold you,
Lay my head on your shoulder
And whisper softly to you
The sweetest words ever…

You are beautiful, my love
And I will give everything to you,
All the beauty from the
Garden of dreams,
A tender touch
And endless kisses
For your joy only
I love you


Picture 086

My dear friends and lovers of  poetry, new book will be released on October 29th.
Thank you so much for your support.
The first 100 buyers are in for a small gift.
More about it in upcoming posts.
Thank you for reading my poetry
Stefan Maxima


Written: © Maxima
When I tell you I love you
When I tell you I love you
It’s hard to find the words to express my feelings
The best to do it is by showing it
With my lips on your body
With my arms around your neck
When I tell you that I love you,
it means our hands and lips are entangled
and you cannot talk
I love you today and every day

Worth Trying Again

Picture 606
Worth Trying Again

Written: © Maxima

Should you walk with me
Into this lovely poem,
As beautiful as your face
You…entering this imperfect world
Seeking perfection…
I will bestow a few verses on you
Written over a glass of blue wine,
Numerous colourful butterflies
Swarming deep down in my desire
I will give you a little cricket
Hiding in tall grass
Its enchanting violins, too
A few vibrant fireflies…
I’ll kiss your hand gently
My kisses will sprinkle
Every sweet…
And if we don’t find
The perfect one
There is still hope…
We could always try another time
I love you

A Heart




My dear friends and lovers of my poetry, this is the cover of my latest book. It will be released on October 29th. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations. The first 100 buyers are in for a small gift. More about it in upcoming posts.

Thank you for reading my poetry

Stefan Maxima



A Heart
Written: © Maxima

A heart
Drawn on a steamy window
By your finger
Is enough for me
To embrace you
With my desire
Ready, my beloved, to…
Stride down the
Wet pavements
Shivering with cold
And come to you,
With my desire
To entice your trembling lips
To speak the divine language
Of silence…
You are gorgeous
I love you


Pécs Today

Under A Chestnut Tree

Happy National Poetry Day!


Written: © Maxima
Under a chestnut tree

Right before your eyes
I spread this glittering dust
In verses…
It colours the sky
In the loveliest shades
The world has ever seen
Yet, what it desires most
Is to be wound into an embrace
And to hold you, hold you tight,
Puzzled by the magical beauty
Hidden in your hair.
Waves of passion in trembling lips
The perfect harmony
Of restless bodies
Reveal the mysteries of universe
And when your divine kisses
Fade away
Then the silence falls upon us
And we embrace the twilight
Content and blissfully happy.
I love you



Picture 596
Written: © Maxima

Amid the shower of your
Divine kisses
I can bearly utter: I love you
You just smile
At me
Then it’s pouring again
You know how your whisper
Runs through my veins
filling my heart with pure joy
I love you, that’s what
I need you to know
you are so beautiful,
The tide of passion overwhelms me,
So I whisper in your ear,
Softly and gently,
‘Cause I know,
More divine raindrops will follow.



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