The Glass Of New Secrets

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The Glass Of New Secrets

Written: Maxima
The sound of the guitar at dawn
The hoarse voice…
And the glass of new secrets
On the table
Waiting for
The sun to light up the sky
So it could, hidden in the sun rays
Vanish in the bustling streets
Of the metropolis

I was enchanted
By your loose hair
Each lock would like to
Tell its story
For every one of them
Loved me in its own way
Every single one
Succumbed in its unique style,
Unique beauty
Every single one had distinct colour,
Its aroma, smelling of…
Its name
Woven into my soul
I know, I remember one
The softest one, my love
Oh, God, how it surrendered
To my fingers
So many sensational
And magnificent images
Hidden in the glass of new secrets
On the table
Waiting for
The sun to light up the sky
So it could, hidden in the sun rays
Vanish in the bustling streets
Of the metropolis
I love you so…
Missing you already…
As my eyes kiss the pillow
You fell asleep on
I want you.

Everything Is In God’s Hands

Guess what I wrote

Everything Is In God’s Hands

Written: Maxima

You give birth to every day of mine
You are the shower of tenderness
…a loving foam
Falling from the vast blue skies
Down on me…quietly
My eyes glisten as the brightest stars
I give you all the love in the world
Give it with all of my heart
Please do not fear under the rose
Tonight I give myself away,
Tonight I’m all yours.

I Wish You Good Luck


I wish you good luck

Written: Maxima

No, it doesn’t matter
There is no hope for me anymore
I’m sailing in the dream boat – all alone
Sailing through stormy seas
Feels like I’m sinking deeper and deeper
into the time of a jar of jam
The captain at the helm of a battered boat
not even a regular boat
but a tiny little boat
Keep scooping the water
In order not to sink
I tear my shirt and
patch up the hole.

Someone standing at the other bank
is shouting to me
There’s no use in patching up
You’ll have no strength to paddle
and you’ll drown, my steersman…
I’m covered in sweat
I despair
Once a proud captain
of a dream boat…
Now I cherish those dreams
Wrapped up in the rags of life
I don’t want the waves of despair
to drown them.
And the tears
It’s hard for me to get
The more you weep,
the more you choke on them.

I tear my shirt
tear all my clothes
and patch up the holes…and paddle
fearing the waves coming my way
fearing my dreams will be shattered…

And though I’m burning…
I remember those voices
saying it’s no use in patching up!
You won’t be able to paddle
I wish you success
I wish you good luck!
I despair…

You see, I hadn’t known
the true happiness
until I met you.
Not even thought about it
I’m scared of happiness
‘cause I know
it is always followed by misery,
the misery I’m living
Breathing its colour,
its smell… its claws
those damn claws thrusting my truth
I know its eyes
know them too well
Enslaved by the bitter truth
Out of my ripped heart
stabbed by the life long time ago
red blood is running
running towards you
the woman I love…

Through Howling Of The Bitter Wind


Through Howling Of The Bitter Wind

Written: Maxima

Through howling of the bitter wind
Twisting among thick snowflakes
All of a sudden a shadow
Of arms, a warm embrace
Appears out of nowhere
Your loving and warm embrace
Touches the depths of my soul
My lips instinctively
Brush against yours
My hopeful look
Rests on your white scarf
Wishing to shape
Your happiness and your dreams
I love you even when the wind
Twisting among snowflakes
Howls wildly
Down the empty streets of
This sleeping town
You are my everything.

National Poetry Month: How These 5 Poets Stand Out

Originally posted on Poetic Parfait:

Poetry Celebration with 5 Poets

Photo Source: Steve A Johnson, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

Hello national poetry month! Hello new day. Hello new time to express my adoration for fellow poets. To celebrate the legendary month, I am sharing 5 poets who stand out for me from other writers. I visit their sites regularly and urge you to connect with them too. Let’s go!

The Boi Poet

Jeremy Farmer at The Boi Poet

Print screen of The Boi Poet

First up, we have The Boi Poet, a blog full of poetry written by Jeremy Farmer. I think Jez is amazing for having such a great collection of heartfelt poetry.

The poetry types range from haiku to modern free verse. In addition, enjoy music clips, poet biographies and wisdom, spread out in posts throughout the week. Connect with Jeremy Farmer in the link above.

View original 431 more words

I Used To Think

POST  9.4.2014.


I Used To Think

Written: Maxima

I used to think
There’s no such beauty
That could match
The beauty of the sunset
And the starlit sky.
And I kept reaching out
For this beauty
Feasting my eyes on it.

And, then
I saw you striding down the street
Saw your dazzling smile
And a breezy look in your eyes.
Ever since
My hands
My look
My mind
My soul
And my heart
Have been obsessed with you.
They belong to you
I love you

In My Mind

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In my mind
Written: Maxima

In my mind your kisses spent the night
Your tenderness tasting like cherries
Your hands
And your words
Oh, God! How I wish
I could throw my hands
Around your neck now
Wish it
More than anything in the world
The secret of our love
Is kept with care by sparrows
Under the eaves of this wet town,
The murmur of waves of the river
Muffles passionate sighs…
The play of a tomcat and a goldfish
Which steams up windows
From the inside
Giving off the smell of the naked truth
As the midnight flickers…
We are timeless, my sweetheart
Woven through tremble
Sublimely succumbing
And here, in my mind
Your kisses are dwelling…
Your tenderness
With the taste of cherries…
Your hands…
And your words
Oh, God!
How I wish
I could throw my hands
Around your neck now
Wish it
More than anything in the world!
I love you, honey,
More than anything in the world


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