Picture 596
Written: © Maxima

Amid the shower of your
Divine kisses
I can bearly utter: I love you
You just smile
At me
Then it’s pouring again
You know how your whisper
Runs through my veins
filling my heart with pure joy
I love you, that’s what
I need you to know
you are so beautiful,
The tide of passion overwhelms me,
So I whisper in your ear,
Softly and gently,
‘Cause I know,
More divine raindrops will follow.

My Words

Picture 370

Written: © Maxima

My words
Burning with the flame of your heart
Are not meant only for talking…
You see, they caress you gently
And pinch your cheek softly…
Spreading tentatively
Lured by your inviting look
Dazzled, they descend
To the hills covered with
Blades of silky grass…
Steamy windows
As my heart pours into your hot breath
My verses into your true soul…

Midnight slips away
My words smell
Of your white apples
Warmed by the fire in your heart
They chatter and chatter
And fondle and kiss
And yearn and love

I tasted, my beloved,
The magical touch of your lips
Now I ride in the chariots of happiness
Travel in a wonderland
Where I love you endlessly
Where I kiss you ceaselessly
And place you
In my poems
To live there eternally

A Little Pillow For Two

Written: © Maxima

A whiff of autumn reaches my mind
And makes me a poet
Of your smile
My restless heart painted it
With divine light
Winding through magical
Starlit sky.
In secret I stole
A little pillow
A tiny one, just for the two of us
Played some soft music…
With my hot breath
Gently, quite gently
I’m going to cover your body
To keep you warm.
This burning flame
Will dive into the endless
Depths of your curves
Joy overwhelms me
And I’m eager to
Share it with you
In the time lying before us
Just you and me…
(Scratch my back a little, will you…)
I love you and I will
Till the end of time,
My beautiful angel
And… I have only one wish…
This poem smelling of autumn
And sweet apples,
Tons of kisses
And a little pillow just for two
I carry in my arms
And take them to you
Walking past the perfect
Line of street lamps
Dreaming of us,
Dreams never dreamt before
Waiting for tonight
And eternity before us
I love you

All My Longings Scattered…

post_17.9._2014.Written: © Maxima

If only you knew, the joy of my life,
How deep is my sorrow
You fell asleep gently
On the pillow of flowers
Spread by my desires
And now the morning
Pulls you away from me
Ripping you from my arms
Didn’t even have time
For a morning poem…
All my longings scattered
In the blue corners of the night
Still wander
In your ruffled hair
Honey-sweet lips
Spreading the kisses
Like flower petals
Over the curves of your bosom
My desires abounding in tenderness
Beg to be fulfilled
But the morning
Pulls you still sleepy
Rips you shamelessly
From the pillow of my desires
Like it couldn’t break tomorrow

I know this poem
Will put smile on your face
So I’m placing it
As it is, an uncut jewel,
Into your arms
Wishing you a good morning
I love you

Your Lips Are Magnificent

15.9.2014. POST

Written: © Maxima

You took all the chocolate
From me, shamelessly
Right before the shiny stars,
Astounded fireflies, crickets
And a moth
Winding around the lamp
As if drunk…
Ten thirty sharp
The bell on a small church
Tolled twice
The flutter of startled wings
Echoed through the night
And you,
You offered me your lips…
I did not object
Your lips are magnificent
Love the way they kiss

All the precious moments
I took a piece of chalk
And wrote ‘I love you’
On the pavement
Oh, yes!
I have you
Inside me
And I’m so proud of it.

The Girl From My Dreams

post 12.9.2014.

Written: © Maxima

The Girl From My Dreams

The tiny dimple on her chin
Brings joy to my life
And just like the morning
Sprinkles the rays of sun
And the tiny drops of dew
Onto still sleepy flowers
I place all my tenderness and love
Into a gentle kiss
I’m gonna lay
On the sleepy dimple
It’s perfect
It’s my love nook
For this morning that comes
Smiles fondle dreams
On their way to the eylashes
Willing to touch them before dawn
Good morning, my beautiful angel
Your white hairpin
Spent the night on
My bedside table
Bathing my morning
In blissful joy…
My heart trembles
And my soul elevates
In that kiss
Of mine
From the beginning
Of this poem
Written for your good morning
I love you

My Message To You

post 10.9.2014.

Written: © Maxima

My Message To You

I try to find the words
To express this feeling in my soul
But I do not know where to begin
And I know!
I will give anything for it to last forever
So tonight, I’m celebrating your love
Raising a glass to honour it
Saying out loud
You’re special
You give me fire
You give me warmth.
You give me light
You’ve found home in my heart
My soul says
You’re the pearl in the crown of dreams
You make me so happy
Let’s celebrate love together
I love you


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