Tender kiss

With love maxima

Suddenly, you trembled, my darling
As if craving to turn a fluid wave
A magnificent wave that
Overwhelms the endless spaces
of our hearts
Into eternity
And, I, my dearest,
I feel pure joy
Dazzled by this feeling
The endless tender kiss
Has formed a magic circle
The source of our being
Somewhere among the stars
Of the brightest constellation
I love you

My poetic secret

Author: Stefan Maxima

Light with holiness,
Airy, deep, fierce,
What lives in me
for those beautiful eyes
Since the beginning.
So let it rise to heights
A whisper from the lips,
music of love.
It is the prayer of the heart
that that He loves.

You and I live my
our poetic secret
In timelessness,
we place ourselves in an
Infinity that lives.

Is there anything better than
our love, true and honorable.
You are what I am,
and together we are one.
I am nowhere but in her soul
and so she is no where but in me,
my poetic secret, I love her.

Happy Valentine’s Day

In my mind
I set off naughtily
Right into your arms
Placing my palms
On your frilled silver
Evening dress
And once again
I become a storm rider
Savouring your sensuality.

Come as soon as possible

I love you
Come as soon as possible

The rain is again on the streets of my city
unshackle it from the damp and cold, coffins, despair
… loneliness, and time is running
drummers, and grin at the darkness of my window,
already, on the third day.
fondness was, hidden in the apple of the eye,
in soul and waiting …
waiting for you,
so that, spills, the beauty of your body
and inserted into the edge of of your heavenly smile I love you


I need you forever

Written: Maxima

You are still awake
I’m looking at your windows
You know,
Never before have I waited
For the lights to go out
In other apartments
And given much thought
To this dazzling sensation
Or taken time to enjoy
The delightful sight
Of trifles left behind
On the bedside table…
Your hairpin…
The wrinkled pillows
Scattered in bed
The scent
Reminding me
Of the sighs and screams
Little swans your hands made
Squeezing the sheets
Never have I waited
For the lights to go out
In apartments next to yours
But tonight
Tonight I’m waiting
Feeling wonderful already
I need you tonight
I need you forever
I love you
You know, there are times in life
When everything becomes important
Every detail, every tremble
I don’t know why
But these moments now
Are those moments
You mean so much to me
And I enjoy every moment
Spent with you
I love you

Time after time


This heart filled with deep emotion
the silent whispers of our souls
Mesmerizing one another,
that moment in which the heat of breath
And our burning embrace.
Exchanging one after the other-
As poetic pledges our love goes on.
Shall not pass-for our hearts were
tried and tested time after time.
And so time shall pass but our love
so strong will never, for I will not,
my pen may, but I will not, will never.
Not in thoughts–nor in words,
only more so in my heart and soul,
Because I am a captive of you,
of your alluring eyes and burning touches…
of your ravaging kisses.
So, please, let me be your captive forever
my queen.
Let me love you Till eternity.

Love – Defiance of the Winds of Life

They are strange, the sides of the mirror
Lighthouses in the fog,
Unpredictable, uncertain.
The more we want life with each other
We subtly lose that essence.
Let’s fight for ourselves.
Let love win because she always wins.
The light-bearer.
A defiance of the winds of life
I love you

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