Lola and evergreen melody

Photo by Wallace Chuck from Pexels

Copyright © 2021 © Maxima ].All Rights Reserved
Golden is a view of the evening
Peace on the streets
Nocturnal birds, slowly cleaning their beaks
And the smile of beautiful women, rejoice,
Street corner,
waiting for familiar steps…
and stare at the soft blue sky.
In the rhythm of the evergreen melody…
He jumps merrily, the elegant hat.
Carnations finely packaged…
And Joy for a smile!
The most beautiful smile In the world
I know he loves drowning.
In Verses, rhymes, syllables.
Therefore, to my love, to my Lola
I’m giving away
the most wonderful forms of poetic narratives
And forms whose internal structure
lit, those sweet restless fires,
the tremor of her lips turned
in magnificent moments!
golden, is the view,
eye to eye!

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