With All My Heart

Written: © Maxima

I dream that I wake morning kisses
Hot lips you write sonata passion
I can not ignoring what’s inside of me
While my yearning You cover
Scent of some late autumn roses
And the tops of their tenderness
Slowly you put a on my chest
That moment of contact remains for eternity
I really love you
I ‘d like to remember
Your gentle kisses ,
Welcoming, forever


Cherry Chocolate Cake with Cream And

Cherry Chocolate Cake with Cream And …

You take a cherry
From a decorated cake
And place it gently
In my mouth
It’s so juicy
Just like your lips
I’m giving my heart to you
I love you

My new book!

With You Deep In My Soul

Written: Maxima

With You Deep In My Soul

I am mired in my days where
you steal my imagination.
As I wander alone through this forest
I want you to be here.
You and I, irresistibly fated, take root.
I don’t have you
and what remains but
to plunge into a new day with the
sweet scent of your hair
still fresh in my senses and the
hope that eventually I will feel it
brush against the dark blemish
just below my core.
We both know that beneath the dead snow
we bloom as a white flower
which we love so much,
but I don’t have you
and what remains but
to plunge into a new day
with the sweet scent of your hair
and hope.
I love you.

Trembling lips


Written: © Maxima

Right before your eyes
I spread this glittering dust
In verses…
It colours the sky
In the loveliest shades
The world has ever seen
Yet, what it desires most
Is to be wound into an embrace
And to hold you, hold you tight,
Puzzled by the magical beauty
Hidden in your hair.
Waves of passion in trembling lips
The perfect harmony
Of restless bodies
Reveal the mysteries of universe
And when your divine kisses
Fade away
Then the silence falls upon us
And we embrace the twilight
Content and blissfully happy.
I love you

Sighs of Fulfillment

Written: Maxima

I am drowning in a sea of
tender impatience.
The tremor of your beautiful lips
tempt me with seductive mischief
and your curves are as sensuous as
your enticing smile.
When words cease and transform
into sighs of fulfillment
it is there we will succumb to
the fiery yellow dawn.

I love you

Observations About Us

Written: Maxima
Observations About Us

Bring me the horse of Zelenka
waiting for me in the green meadows
among the birds and the elm trees
and the wood pegs fragrant flowers
for I am facing an awesome battle.
I have a passionate love battle awaiting me.
I want her to surrender a world of tenderness,
her warm and beautiful lips.
My imagination and all of my dreams are deserted
on the glorious constellation of her beautiful eyes.
To be hers at sunrise I run along the sand by the sea
where she is the bliss of a playful nymph
adorned in flowers.

I love you my beautiful Angel

El pescador y las olas del río

Written: © Maxima
El pescador y las olas del río

El pescador y las olas del río
murmurando hilo de oro
y lloviendo espuma suave
las olas lavan la noche
en nuestro río favorito

Historias de pesca en la oscuridad
barco flotando suavemente
olas lejanas
ocultándose de nuestra vista

murmurando hilos de oro
lloviendo en espuma suave
en la noche,
pescador y el río olas

Lo supe todo cuando viniste hacia mí;
llena de éxtasis ocultos.
Entonces, yo pude escuchar en mi corazón
el viento que soplaba en tu pelo.