You are my all


The morning plays around my feet
Like your cuddling tomcat,
Until noon
And just like me
Daydream about the smile of its sun
Wishing to take it into its arms
And thus welcome a new day

The morning plays around my feet
Like your cuddling tomcat,
Watches the sleeping goldfish
Begging the mistress of its heart
To let it in
And thus welcome a new day.

This Perfect Joy

I feel such pride and happiness
All because of your love
What you gave to me
All because of lips I kissed
All because my angel is still near
The evening is so calm
The very best that nature can bring
All because of this perfect joy
Let it stay forever


Have a nice weekend!

​My Princess

​My Princess

How splendid the hour when you
Close your eyes
And offer to me your lips
Loving, gentle, an eternal masterpiece.
In that enduring moment of beauty
You complete my heart with the
Sweetest romance and fill it
With all that has been missing.
I love you

J’aurais tant aimé …

Through my veins


Come to Me Tonight,
My Love
Talk to me…softly…
Whisper to me, my sweetie
Wipe away these tears
From my face…
May your blissful voice
Be the seal of my happiness
Talk to me… softly…
Whisper to me, honey
I want to listen to your love
I know that distinct tremble
Of your lower lip
As you talk
Was made for me…
Kiss me…
I need to feel
That divine touch
Run through my veins,
My only joy
Kiss me…
Press your warm lips
Against mine
Will you?
Make me shine
On the flames of your love
Let me bathe
In the moonlight
Come to me tonight, my darling
Come to me,
Will you?
I love you

I miss you this morning