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Somewhere Between Dream Petal

Somewhere Between Dream Petal
Written: © Maxima

Riddled with subjective feelings and layered and continuous mutual permeation, a series of tiny elements, waking and sleeping, on the platform of a sense of subtle, and above all loving, woman, goddess, wife, mother, woman, wife – and his wife – who in my poems living somewhere on the border between the petals dreams and everyday gentle presence, on this day, she was born and the world saw this magnificent book. Beyond any doubt: poetry in which your secret chambers respected my friends take a peek, if a mouse click on the


in its entirety reveals that the deepest and most beautiful secret that the soul of man hangs here on this page for the longest time.
I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank my wife, who has patiently supported me in everything..
Also, A beautiful human soul – without whose wholehearted commitment and supportive attitude – this my project – this my first book – would not have seen the light of day. Her name is Holly Rene Hunter, she writes Heartafire”
a blog that all of you love and that I recommend.
– The book is for you all my dear friends and all who want it –
With love Maxima…

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