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Song For Singing Treetops


Song For Singing Treetops

Written: Maxima

I watched you surrounded by ribbons of light
The rain passes bestowing a colorful spectrum in the sky
Fresh raindrops fall on your pretty face
Gentle movements of your fingers elusive as scattered pearls

I listened to the song for singing treetops
A shadow camouflage, passing lightly
It was … sky light, high, wide,
You did not have anything with you …

And so it’s nice when the light you carry in your chest
Bestow tenderness to eyes that look at you,
In him, he hides only his love
If you do not touch;
Gray purple cosmos screams
False hope … pigmented with bitterness and woven into
Bad habits …
Bad wine … Tobacco …
the morning coffee … bitter without sugar …
Because, you wake to the music in my mind ..
I love you

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