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Do you remember

Written: © Maxima 

My Love
Do you remember the first date?
I still believe in the words spoken then.
And I wish then that the magic, the harmony of eye-to-eye, lasts forever.
I would be the one who receives and gives in the midnight silence.
I wanted the gentle touch of your hands.
Your warm hugs and sensual kisses, in the midnight silence, lasts a long time.
I just wanted to know how happy I was.

What are you with me, and I cherish every moment of your smile in my life?
A lot of time has passed since then.
We’re not together now, but please at least not yet,

Whisper to me, my sweetie
Wipe away these tears
From my face…
Let your blissful voice be.
Be the seal of my happiness
Talk to me… softly…
Whisper to me, honey
I want to listen to your love
I know that distinct tremble.
Of your lower lip
As you talk
Where made for me.
If only you came to me one more time.
And, kissed me to feel once more,
That divine touch of your eye
What a river
Flows through my veins,
My only, joys
Kiss me…
Press your warm lips.
Against mine
Will you do it?
Enter the world of happiness
And bring the flames of your love back into my life.

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