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Believe Me

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Believe me
My beloved
It’s beautiful and pleasing
This rhythmic dance of your fingers in my hair
It is so gentle
Like a waltz of small stars
In the night blue of the ocean
It’s like a smile
Of the first sun rays at dawn
Shining on the purple flowers in my garden,
The rhythmic dancing of your fingers In my hair, dear
Plays a blissful melody in my heart
As the flames of love burning inside me
I send you this poem
I love you tenderly
My princess,
Come to me,
Come to me as soon as possible
I long for the warmth and tenderness
Of your fingers in my hair.


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I Need

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Written: © Maxima 

I Need
I need a kind look
I need a gentle smile
Soft and tender palms
Which belong to me
Yet, so far to reach
Kisses from lips
That I love
So honey sweet
That I can’t resist
You are the one
Who has it all
Do come to me,
My only love

The Street Was Painted In Blue


The Street Was Painted In Blue

Written: © Maxima

I was awaken by dreams
The street was painted in blue
The wooden fences were crooked
Some people were leaning
Against them

The morning is a bit chilly
I cover your naked body
Kissing your sleepy lips…
I leave the window open
So the birds can sing to you
While I’m away
You’re beautiful
I love you

Reading your poem I can immediately see, feel and smell – much the same as I can hear the voices mentioned in the dream … Quite remarkable that your words and your description – which seems to be so simple (meant positively!) is generating such “visions” and is producing paintings and emotions so powerfully. Wonderful!
Sending you my best wishes!


Poem With a Thousand Reasons.


Poem With a Thousand Reasons

Written: Maxima
For someone who dreamt a heart,
Whose hands are like white birch.
To view the eyes, bright and shiny,
For someone wanting my lips …
In this chilly winter night …
There a came a song with a
Thousand reasons.

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Your Gentle Kisses

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Your Gentle Kisses

Written: Maxima

I have found in your heart true love
And now it is woven into my soul
In my dreams
In my real and unreal world.
Do you know,
How much you mean to me?
Your love is every Trust
Your love is every faith
Your love awakens in my belly, mmmm ..
Billions of small butterflies ,
And they haunt my heart.
That , you know,
That wonderful feeling of love bringing soul
Which set me somewhere
Where I can still ascend
In a new universe configuration of stars
Not seen from the earth.
In which I, intoxicated by
Your beauty, your smiles magic
And the primal beauty of your voice
Count your gentle kisses
I love you