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Forever and beyond

Written: © Maxima 

The daffodils and roses
are the only
to a love
so endless–
of two hearts
so fearless
of love
and sacrifices;
of two souls
humming to
a timeless
of forever


My longing is unutterable

Written: © Maxima

I give in to silence tonight
Where my unutterable longing
Has fled
And now I’m wandering
Down the street of hot kisses
From last night
Waiting for you
To come to me
Please, don’t be late
My longing is unutterable
I love you

I want to kiss the moonlight shine of your lips.

In the cold glow of the moon
your compliant heart warms
and delights me always.
You gentle simplicity that like
a soft breath of spring
always enchants me.
We want the same wonderful things
but do not dare to find them.
Please tell me, all these words and
all your feelings,
to whom will you give them?
Will they waste into the sea?
This is our little part of the world
where you love and want me
and I too want to stay here in
the beautiful sphere of our minds.
Who knows, maybe one day
we will talk about our grandchildren
I love you my only
true and beautiful love.




Can you imagine
A day without sun?
A night without moon?
A tree without leaf?
An ocean without water?
And that’s exactly
How I am without you!
For I really can’t imagine
Life without our love;
And me,
Without you!

You are my all


The morning plays around my feet
Like your cuddling tomcat,
Until noon
And just like me
Daydream about the smile of its sun
Wishing to take it into its arms
And thus welcome a new day

The morning plays around my feet
Like your cuddling tomcat,
Watches the sleeping goldfish
Begging the mistress of its heart
To let it in
And thus welcome a new day.

For someone special


You snuck quietly tonight
With petals
Blooming stars
My beautiful angel,
In my dreams.

My lips overplayed
My magnificent love
On your eyelids.
Oh how much I love
Thy golden beauty.
My tenderness is
Like a pearl necklace
Touching your white neck.
Dawn breaks
Many dawns ahead, and
You’re the queen of my dreams,
Asleep nicely in my chest.

Tender Whisper

picture-1593Written: © Maxima 

Tonight I’m away
And I won’t be coming
Please, don’t cry, my darling
These verses of mine
Will send you my love
In a tender whisper
Just for your soul
I want you to know
How true and deep my love is
I want you to know
You’ll always be my princess
And I, I’ll be
Your knight in shining armour
Tonight I’m away
Perhaps I won’t come tomorrow, either
Please, don’t cry, my beloved
I can’t live without you