In the vicious circle of love

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Nicely you trust me,
that night With hair painted
The brightest side of his
The vicious circle of love
You formed a passion
My restless body.
Intoxicated magical night
He wrote love go.
Ode to love comprised,
Since only three sweet words …
I love you …
It was a strange night blue,
somehow sparkling,

And you
You’re talking out loud,
Dirty words, sighed and laughs,
While I had no pubic tenderly loved that your.
Lovely hole on the chin …
It was a strange night blue slightly sparkling.
My room is like a New Year’s tree,
Adorned with your kisses.
The brightest side of hist he existence of smells,
And you Where are you now?
The distant sound of bells from the old tower on the river
And the golden leaves of chestnut now
I walk And yet you still crazy love.