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One beautiful story

Written: © Maxima 

Distance is very cruel, my sweetheart.
As I sat in the infirmary among the wounded, thousands of shots of our long walks passed through my head, beside a river of gentle caresses of which the moon only knows. Those true stories of yours;
About the birds of Slavonia, about the willows in whose canopies our liana swings are left for some others to play in, maybe even our children.
The stories always ended with the most beautiful gleam in their eyes and solutions; we will have many children, many sons and many daughters,
is that so, my future husband and their father?
So is love.
I have spoken truly and completely committed to you to your idea of our life together.

We always walked in the early evening on a carpet of daisies, watching the moon gently kissing the sides of the river,
sighs as if kissing, girl’s hips full of passion tenderness…
Eager for a sigh, let me just touch one more time, please give me just a little just a little bit.
Each of us keeps the trace of the good past in our hearts and carries it with the same zeal as the memory of my grandmother who spread a potato pie in the summer kitchen. The trace of time that has passed has remained in me as a pledge for the future time.

Being your husband and father to the children you give birth to be my imperative. I love you here somehow broadly. Trying to gather my thoughts and feelings, but I can’t do it, I’m just like a shepherd in the middle of a field , who can’t gather his flock because the excited lambs are fleeing towards the sun and excitement.
I love it all, the dandelion meadows noise, the waves from the quiet river. I love this upcoming tide of memories, the time that has passed.

Your dew-washed shoes, your whispers, I live in the unlimited trace of eternity.
I love you,
You the most…
My love for you is steady, blossom as long as I live.
While liberating part of the temporarily occupied territory, I was wounded in the arm yesterday.
It’s not terrible, it will pass quickly. I love you, be good to me,
My beautiful angel
My love,

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