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Cherry Chocolate Cake with Cream And

Cherry Chocolate Cake with Cream And …

You take a cherry
From a decorated cake
And place it gently
In my mouth
It’s so juicy
Just like your lips
I’m giving my heart to you
I love you

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With You Deep In My Soul

Written: Maxima

With You Deep In My Soul

I am mired in my days where
you steal my imagination.
As I wander alone through this forest
I want you to be here.
You and I, irresistibly fated, take root.
I don’t have you
and what remains but
to plunge into a new day with the
sweet scent of your hair
still fresh in my senses and the
hope that eventually I will feel it
brush against the dark blemish
just below my core.
We both know that beneath the dead snow
we bloom as a white flower
which we love so much,
but I don’t have you
and what remains but
to plunge into a new day
with the sweet scent of your hair
and hope.
I love you.

Sighs of Fulfillment

Written: Maxima

I am drowning in a sea of
tender impatience.
The tremor of your beautiful lips
tempt me with seductive mischief
and your curves are as sensuous as
your enticing smile.
When words cease and transform
into sighs of fulfillment
it is there we will succumb to
the fiery yellow dawn.

I love you

Observations About Us

Written: Maxima
Observations About Us

Bring me the horse of Zelenka
waiting for me in the green meadows
among the birds and the elm trees
and the wood pegs fragrant flowers
for I am facing an awesome battle.
I have a passionate love battle awaiting me.
I want her to surrender a world of tenderness,
her warm and beautiful lips.
My imagination and all of my dreams are deserted
on the glorious constellation of her beautiful eyes.
To be hers at sunrise I run along the sand by the sea
where she is the bliss of a playful nymph
adorned in flowers.

I love you my beautiful Angel

Flame Out of Dead Ashes

Flame Out of Dead Ashes

There are few who know the meaning of the phrase “flame out of dead ashes” whilst in this world; on this journey you’d want to stop for a moment, for a moment to admire the magic darkness between the light of two fireflies; a great hope is born as this darkness pleases you in a magic way, just as the fruits from the table of Agape agree with you, caressing your soul as they unfold what this darkness has given birth to. And that which has been born is not talked about; and what is not talked about did not happen, did not exist; and yet it existed, for your heart knows. But ashes are being strewn over it, dead ashes, everyone should know that! And out of these ashes a flame is bursting forth. A flame! And it burns and warms and feeds your soul, taking your heart and your being into only God knows what kind of world, and into the public arena; and you in that public arena; and she in that public arena…she touches you sweetly and you appreciate the darkness watching you with her black eyes.

When you are out in the open, you don’t know who is listening, who’s watching you, or what will be said or learnt, and it’s not important what will be learnt! Well, no, it is important, very important, for in your mind and in your heart – in your veins, your chest and in the stars – love abides – and you like and love that flame so much – the flame that’s bursting forth from the dead ashes!

Read this book, you won’t regret it.

Stefan Maxima

In my dreams

Written: © Maxima
Brighter than the brightest moonlight,
The most enchanting,
Magical thing,
Beautiful woven
Every night
In my dreams,
Causes me shivering.
Knows not,
How hard
I keep trying to hide
This burning longing I have inside
A gift,
More beautiful than
Blue nights’ constellation,
Even better than purple dawn,
Beaming behind the
Ravaging waves from the ocean-
Her smile,
Such a majesty!
She. . .
My sweet destiny. . .
In love together,
We’ll be,

Her Silk Scarf Around His Neck

Written: Maxima

On leaving the
Heat of the Night,
Her silk scarf around his neck,
Artfully concealed passion.
I have not had a scarf!
Deeply impressed kisses
Clearly depicted her beautiful lips .. .
In her eyes in. ..
Sweet smile on her lips!
My Tiny
So I affectionately call
Not now turn to grieve
I’ll buy you a gift shirt ….
With roll collar
Well yes!
I have to admit that you are beautiful
Time Stamp
And it …
You open in the waist
She was Speaking
My beautiful,