Happy Ester



Ode to you
There is in the world
37 billions kinds of love
Love for the mother,
For women, for children,
For a friend,
For a friend
For homeland
For nature
All animals, particularly limp!
Lives with special fervor
And a blazing flame
That touches our hearts
And refines our soul.
It is not a sin to love;
But a sin to kill,
Kill the bird
Nice thought
Nice word,
The greatest sin is to kill,
No kissing
Life in infancy
There is in the world millions
Of categories of love
Each of them different,
The greatest sin is to kill –
Life in infancy
Kill love in a heart
And birds spring free.
We are not lovers
But have an understanding,
Feelings for one another.
To be happy in our
Hearts, in our souls, we care
Deeply for each other.
Love is not just a word
Love is life
And I love our life
We will not kill life in the bud
It is one of the greatest sin
I love you