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Butterflies Float Around Me

Butterflies Float Around Me

Written: Maxima

Tenderness of touch,
Your hair ….
Your lips
Colors awaken me
A large pond of
Happiness …

The touch of you,
My beautiful angel
In the middle of the day;
In the middle of the street!
Butterflies float around me
Someone yells…
It is a shame,
As children, in my time
E in my time
This was not done ….
Paused and then passed

I was in seventh heaven
My head spinning.
And I loved the bridge
and castle and the spa and the military …
Far away …
And yet I prefer a nice girl …
It was a long time ago.

As I only steal from the moon ….
Her beautiful smile carefully concealed
From Corporal , Sergeant , Captains
Majors , Colonels , Generals
And when I returned to the barracks
As a drunk greeting the railway workers and postmen
All wearing blue
Saluted an old woman
And spoke several poems.

She’s beautiful … like a fairy …
And so could the morning be …
Saying my verses …
That’s me when I find the beauty of thought …
Honesty and goodness of your heart
I love you

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