The Shy Butterfly

Written: © Maxima
Poetic stamp of love in poetry Penny . L. Howe

Unparalleled beauty and greatness of love that is like a cloud of happiness , leans over the children’s imagination – when, poets spirit fresh , when the poetic expression as stamp playfull , and full of fun and high spirits in a way that is playfull creative thought guest and author book to you today with great joy I presentIt is a book of my poetic and respected in the blogging world’s most precious – my and your friend Penny L. Howe
“The Shy Butterfly The Shy Butterfly The shy butterfly hid around corners, ducked under leaves and never flew out in the bright of day.The shy butterfly kept to itself, not happy,not unhappy, just shy and unaware of the beauty of life waiting but a few feet away.”

The presence of widespread knowledge of children’s personality and consciousness and imagination and that on that basis built structurally refined sensitizing verses were the reason for a short interview with the author of Here’s what she said on that occasion

Stefan Maxima: I’d like to hear your story about how you came about writing your book?
You share a rich diversity of motive, theme, and image to attract the attention of the reader,
skillfully introducing us into the wonders of life through the eyes of a shy butterfly.
Was there a reason for your strongly outlined and symbolic elements of poetic speech?

Penny L.Howe : It began from a single thought about the fragility of life, and how sometimes our fears can keep us from stepping out of shadows to truly live in the sunshine.
The Shy Butterfly, written for both children and adults was written and illustrated in a manner that would emphasize this.

Stefan Maxima: Can You tell us more about your plans in the future due to the excellent
Critique of your first inspirational book?
Penny L.Howe :Recently finished working with a musical group based in Europe, writing the lyrics for one of the songs in their Album which will be released in September. The song is a Lullaby for Adults. I’ve been asked to collaborate with them in the near future for songs in their next album, so I’m excited about that. Currently I am working on the final draft of an Inspirational Self-help book written specifically for women of today. And I’m working towards the final chapters of my first Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller! In addition I hope to have The Shy Butterfly available in hardback form for the holiday season later this year.
Indeed! read this book is a delight for all, and I recommend
for You my dear friend!
Stefan Maxima

Written: © Maxima

“House Of Heart”

Windswept Lake

The sun slips below lofty trees.
From her periphery shadows flit
on a pine needle floor,
Fairies a-flight in the dusty haze.
Among the dandelions giant mushrooms grow wild.
The scent of musk and fir permeate the dormant woods.
Windswept lake is hidden amid stands of ancient trees.
Their weathered branches burdened with the weight of
heathery moss that rests on roots
spreading out to the banks of the lilac scented waterway.

Stepping from her clothing she entrusts them to a night owl’s
Glimmering orbs.
Delicate limbs lower into indigo,
platinum circles flow outward caught in the moonlight,
glancing off porcelain skin.
A silver wolf waits at the shore.
Emerging cold and wet she lies beside him.
Silky fur slides through her fingertips,
his velvet tongue licks her dewy skin.
Golden rays and a dusky thrush awaken her,
bird songs echo across the water.
Windswept lake waits silently.
Caught In dreams, she fades to shades of silver.
Her banks glimmer in the sun.
( Holly R. Hunter)

Written: © Maxima
Book by today’s post, we open with the intention of you point out, the beauty of the poetic statement poet Holly Rene Hunter – and in fact, expose, of course not all, secrets, very subtle poetic logic that carries in her heart, this outstanding poet. Liveliness of rhythm, sensitivity, imagination, poetic symbolism – and the beauty of the design and construction of the verse, which Holly R. Hunter fantastic – handled – in beautiful fabric, brilliant carpets, that our knowledge of the world, slow steps and fascinated by magic petals love enters – the House of heart. I stop here for a moment and ask our Dear friend Holly R. Hunter

Stefan Maxima : We know where it originates , this wonderfully poetic weaving, We know the motives , but does not know how to manage to the world , love mixed with the taste and fragrance of the ocean , like a nice , poetic ?
Holly R. Hunter ” I began writing at an early age. My writing is generally based on life experience and from the heart. There is no secret but a desire and fundamental need to express oneself. “ Top yield, width range of emotions and richness poetic images. its complexity and light trail Fairytales and very tangible joy, fluffy unrest – present in verses like these

The Sweetness of Dark

On this dock streams of
sweet, a rivulet.
A taste of salt when my
tongue flicks my lips.
The slap of sea mist my eyes
washing colors down my face.
Memories scurry into caves
where hermit crabs escape..
Sea horses trapped in murky
kelp cry for help choking bubbles
of last breaths.
This creaking dock, freedom floating off
into the sweetness of dark.

Clearly point to the fact that our friend,
the poet whose works certainly have their place in our hearts

Stefan Maxima

Taming The Invisible Dragon.
Written: © Maxima

If you type Sloan Rawlins into any of the search engines, very quickly you will receive a wealth of information about our beloved writer and poet. It will even remotely, be curious enough reason to enter the creative world of this talented woman, and whose words and deeds, to put it mildly elevated and holy water through which she lives. But what it does not say anywhere on the site, what you can find, in any of her biography, is the fact that I met through her work, in fact, stepped up her holy soul, whose depth and grandeur is identical to the depths, luxury and wealth blue ocean. Whose depth and grandeur is identical to the depths of luxury and wealth bright night sky gazing at his pomp – daydreaming and fantasizing write songs about love that you love my dear friend and very of reading
The only difference between the blue of the ocean, bright night sky and the soul of our dear friend Sloan, as her soul at times, when on the eve of the ocean and blue sky somewhere far away on the horizon with love together in one …. her soul on the majestic and graceful way about. She has written a book called :Taming The Invisible Dragon.Here, she shares her heart and soul with us.
Because of these and other properties here not by said this extremely interesting book honestly and with love recommend to you my dear friends.
With love Maxima