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When I tell you I love you

Written: © Maxima

When I tell you I love you
It’s hard to find the words to express my feelings
The best to do it is by showing it
With my lips on your body
With my arms around your neck
When I tell you that I love you,
it means our hands and lips are entangled
and you cannot talk
I love you today and every day


I gave my heart to you

Written: © Maxima

Woven in the twinkle of stars
night thoughts take me along
the path where we once wandered,
where I gave my heart to you.
The fragrance of cut grass
fresh on my hands that burned
in the passion of our embrace
of your sigh and the tremble of your lips.
You follow this eternal wanderer
of dreams where we flourish
in the warm wind of tall mountains.
​Lie here beneath the solace of evergreen
forests and grant me the solace
of your bosom ​where joy inherits
the heart and all is transfigured.
The glow of lustrous eyes seek each other,
the wind moans like lovers in
the valley where together we release
the chains of distance and know we
are beloved forever.

Hand in hand we disappear into the dream

A Song

Today the cobblestones are coated in snow.
I envision you in the thick opaque mist of a
sweet sugary dawn the way it is
when you were near.

Hand in hand we disappear into the dream
where I ask you how you slept.
Did we dream the same dream of fragrant roses
and freshly bathed skin as soft as butter
and pale pink berries from your garden.

Without you, I feel that I am nothing.
I wait for the day to possess your every dimension.
To whisper all my visions and smile
when you blush like lovely roses.

I wait to take you into my arms and
open our days to joy.
Until then we shelter in treasured dreams
where we exist on sacred words.


That’s poetry by Stefan Maxima



Passing Days

Written: © Maxima

Passing Days

And so the days pass
Some sad, sometimes ugly,
Some are joyous, Sun-drenched,
when you are smiling,
your eyes sparkling.
Some, like this day, are somewhat wistful,
wanting things to be the same
when we were captivated by the beauty of us,
our enchantment, hearts bursting…
sweet nectar of your lips on mine and our
love in every line of poems we wrote,
ah, the poet in us.
So today I bring her something sweet,
tonight I will mold our dreams with passion,
the tenderness that only I know she wants and needs.
The sweet way that I know it.
Let me sculpt the darkness with sighs and light
the night with passion, unleash the expanse of imagination,
light it with the flame of desire.


To My Father

Written: © Maxima

To My Father

I visit my Father.,I can not stop the tears that fall from my eyes
as my hand gently caresses the marble stone
place roses there.

It’s early morning … mist gray spills upon this sacred place.
It’s as though you do not want to see me..
once again as in countless times, I come for your advice.

So many times I’ve needed your hugs, affection.
A kiss, and yes, even forgiveness.
I haven’t gotten that even though I wanted it.

They tell me how you spoke to me, watched me in the cradle,
curled in a blanket by the furnace.
Your eyes were sad, not knowing if you would see the sunsets
of that summer.

With the fall, you were gone.
Covered in leaves that you loved so much, your touch now
a whisper of memory. I let the tears flow.

Somehow I know you look down and cherish those who watched
over us, mother and me, I was just a kid, a young boy, your namesake
that I will never again hear you utter.

Sacred fire

Written: © Maxima

Fragrant night
Committed to you,
Love is poured on
White bed.
Eternal skies
Mirror your eyes.
The room is bathed in
Magical smile floats on
My face…
Hot kisses
On my body, while
You knit an
Pearl collar.
Fragrant night
Committed to you,
The reeds were my dreams
On the morning bud
From our love.
I know it will sprout
New flower.
Can you hear it?
The evening echoes with
The choir of crickets
Chirping loudly
And you
You’re laughing at
Their funny solos
And attempts to
Top frogs’ croaks

Your hand is in my hair
Intertwined with happiness,
The breeze,
The moonlight…
Playful, it prevails
I love you