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Sacred fire

Written: © Maxima

Fragrant night
Committed to you,
Love is poured on
White bed.
Eternal skies
Mirror your eyes.
The room is bathed in
Magical smile floats on
My face…
Hot kisses
On my body, while
You knit an
Pearl collar.
Fragrant night
Committed to you,
The reeds were my dreams
On the morning bud
From our love.
I know it will sprout
New flower.
Can you hear it?
The evening echoes with
The choir of crickets
Chirping loudly
And you
You’re laughing at
Their funny solos
And attempts to
Top frogs’ croaks

Your hand is in my hair
Intertwined with happiness,
The breeze,
The moonlight…
Playful, it prevails
I love you


Bounty of magical dreams

Written: © Maxima
Here, where playful waves merge
with my dreams I’m waiting for you.
There on the beach of our unfulfilled dreams
I wait for you.
Sometimes we have quite the opposite views
but remember we will always find our way
back to the miracle of my hand in yours
the sweetness of your lips at my ear,
the miracle of love.
In my mind, my hand wanders the length
of your leg above the hemline of your
short pink skirt and like a playful kitty
you brush me away until the the night
finds us filled with desire and we merge
our gentle kiss of infinite duration.
I’m waiting for you,
lingering this bounty of magical dreams
Inside my mind…somehow I find you
in opium dreams of scented hair
braided with moon beams.

I miss your words

Written: © Maxima

All the clouds hang low in the sky,
I travel with them though they do not touch me
as I fly to ease my longing, for only you can do that.
I will journey a thousand miles without
a sound until I reach you.
I miss your words and repeat in my mind
the letter S that I know belongs to you.
This voyage among the stars will lead me to you.
Before me I send the colors of my words
sweet and warm and gentle,
my voice that gives shape and meaning.
These little rhymes, every penned letter
I send before me until we entwine as
reunited lovers.
This is how it is, I know what I am doing.
I must travel far below these clouds
on my journey to you.
I love you.

In a warm embrace

Written: © Maxima

Led by hope,
My restless lips
Are flying towards yours
Wishing to touch you
As you are, still sleepy
And gorgeous
Longing to bid you
Good morning

My pretty angel
I love you

My eager arms
Are reaching out to yours
Wishing to entangle
In a warm embrace
My hands longing
To caress…

I want to kiss the moonlight shine of your lips.

In the cold glow of the moon
your compliant heart warms
and delights me always.
You gentle simplicity that like
a soft breath of spring
always enchants me.
We want the same wonderful things
but do not dare to find them.
Please tell me, all these words and
all your feelings,
to whom will you give them?
Will they waste into the sea?
This is our little part of the world
where you love and want me
and I too want to stay here in
the beautiful sphere of our minds.
Who knows, maybe one day
we will talk about our grandchildren
I love you my only
true and beautiful love.


Someone Who Loves You


I will write a poem every day for Your beautiful eyes
And for Your most beautiful smile
With love Maxima

In my dreams…
Your hand.
In my dreams…
And gentle caresses,
Hair flinging
To better see the eyes
Which you watch
The heart and soul of
Who loves you immensely.

Best night
Riddled ripening of
Beautiful fruit
I Planted
Along with jars of jam in the hand,
This will be the night
Night donating
Eye love
A star for a star
A smile for you

The Angels Sing When You Are With Me


are the most beautiful petal
In this world.

Tenderness I disperse
In my thoughts
And in my dreams.

Magical beauty of
Your face
Is better than dawn;
More promising than sunrise
Bringing me horizons of happiness,
Serenity and love.

So love you–
My queen–
Be here beside me…

Your headboard–
It’s yours forever–

I am yours forever.

I love you,
I will always do.