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That’s poetry by Stefan Maxima




When a new day begins with you

Written: © Maxima

I stepped into this morning
With a ravishing lipstick mark
On my radiant cheek,
Enchanted and overwhelmed
By a tiny mole
Hidden on a hot spot
So dear to me
And you,
You witness and reveal
The miracle of my world
Because I adore you,
My beautiful princess
And most of all
I love it
When a new day begins with you
I love you

We Will be Eternal In Our Deep And Lasting Pleasure


Do not withdraw
Nor retreat from fantasy
Be free to bloom
Do not hold back
Grow to the sky
from wide fields
Of happiness.
Do that.

If that is a sin,
I am guilty, I know it well.
Every time our eyes meet
You must rush to errands
Cook or bake…
To do your hair.

Please help break the ice
Crack it in thousands of pieces
Deceive the dark night with the sun
And some dawn where everything began
As we have just started.
I love you.

For someone special


You snuck quietly tonight
With petals
Blooming stars
My beautiful angel,
In my dreams.

My lips overplayed
My magnificent love
On your eyelids.
Oh how much I love
Thy golden beauty.
My tenderness is
Like a pearl necklace
Touching your white neck.
Dawn breaks
Many dawns ahead, and
You’re the queen of my dreams,
Asleep nicely in my chest.

Once We Meet

dscn5602Written: © Maxima 
Once We Meet

I am going to turn into a breeze
so that I may play in your hair,
travel through the tendrils of
curls on your forehead.

Once we meet
I’ll become a breeze
that whispers sweet words
I’ll be the brightest star
that shines in your eyes,

Now rivers and mountains,
seas and oceans divide us.
My thoughts and embrace travel
the blue skies carrying
tender petals that I send to you.

Once we meet
You know what I promised ….
And for us that would be ….
so marvelous.

Princess My Sweet
I love you

Black and White World

Black and White world


I love you with all my heart
Please create a harmonious home,
And don’t you chewed up my shoes!

For the most beautiful smile in the world

Written: © Maxima 

Bathing in the ocean blue
Spreading over a sleepy day
Embedded in the sea scent
Stretching out on dreamy beaches
It shouts to a sea gull
It shouts to an old fisherman…
Then it plays with your lovely hair
Dancing with its golden rays
Defying me and the wind.
The wind watches silently
And I…
I kiss gently
The red lips
Of my precious
And dearest woman.
Her romantic smile is
A million stars up in the sky