I Feel So Blessed

post 2.2016.

Written: Maxima

You saved me from loneliness
That had been my home for ages,
I feel so blessed!

You lead me to the realm of beauty;
To the realm of love;
To the realm of life,
I truly feel
I am in heaven!

You’re face,
Keeps sparkling like
A diamond in the sky;
You’re smile,
Like a strong gusty,
Striking my heart,
And always blowing my sanity away!

You brighten my day;
You spice up my night,
Having you right next to me,
Makes me feel, the luckiest knight!

Your soft kisses
And warm embrace,
Inspire me each day,
To live life the fullest,
Because my tiny angel’s
Gigantic love for me,
Can never be replaced.
I love you,
My sweet…
My sweet… lollipop
And I will love you till eternity.
Do not forget
Flavored lollipop with your lips
Miss me your lips
I love you

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