With Love Maxima

Written: © Maxima

The Year that we left behind – to me, the host of this house, was a year of pleasant companionship with you. I was particularly pleased and honored, I would say simply to chat with you and read wonderful comments and enjoy with you.
This page is our home, our freedom – and as such, is always open to anyone with good intentions who, on their journey through the endless internet, comes here. So it will be still – your word, here always acknowledged and respected as something sacred.
You appreciate the poetry which originates in love for the woman in my heart and my respect for everything a woman represents, a woman as a mother, as a person with integrity. My poetry celebrates woman as a whole and everything in her – a child, a girl and a mother.
Let’s celebrate love together!
My wish is to share love and good vibrations. I also wish that all of you who enjoy reading my verses feel that what we all need is love. I do not mean to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings. I enjoy reading your comments in which you support me and express how you feel about my poetry and love itself. They show that there are no boundaries between people who share the same values. Beside these comments and messages I receive in abundance daily, there are also some that reveal misunderstanding and have different connotations. Some people have their own vision of poetry and beauty and love. It is their choice and prerogative. I hereby ask them kindly not to make offensive comments. Please, let this place be a home of the most divine feelings in the world.
Thanks to this blog I have made many friends. I would especially like to thank:
Lucia Galb ,
Amalia Pedemonte – Aquileana ,
Holly Rene Hunter
Penny L.Howe
whose names have been written in gold in the prefaces of my books. They have recognized my desire to express the feelings buried deep in my heart through verses that you enjoy reading.
I would also like to thank the woman I love without whose selfless giving and love I would not be who I am.
My deepest gratitude to all of you who have shared with me your thoughts and feelings. They reflect the true beauty of your soul.

I wish all of you a Happy and Successful New Year full of love!
With love Maxima