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Written: Maxima
Why to destroy –
Need – to hug and kiss –
When the moon is on our side –
I give you – my angel –
Haven in my soul –
With billions of tender kisses –
I love you “

Conflicted Hearts

Conflicted Hearts
D.G. Kaye
NonFiction writer, author
Toronto, Canada
2013-10-03 12.11.00 2r


Written: Maxima
Today my guest is writer , D.G. Kaye – whose words were spoken through the story touched my soul , I will be very brief about her opus – thematic range and Inspiration – About its reasoning maturity that – twisted into a nice harmless cloak flying the front of our eye and like a mirage as the basin over the soft fur autumn enters into our hearts – the best in its memori say J. Thorn, Author “D.G. Kaye writes with an emotional, powerful voice. Her inspirational stories captivate with a unique blend of style and substance.”Somehow I believed it was my obligation to try to do the right thing by her because she had given birth to me”
Conflicted Hearts Cover MEDIUM revised
Burdened with constant worry for her father and the guilt caused by her mother’s narcissism, D.G. Kaye had a short childhood. When she moved away from home at age eighteen, she began to grow into herself, overcoming her lack of guidance and her insecurities. Her life experiences became her teachers, and she learned from the mistakes and choices she made along the way, plagued by the guilt she carried for her mother.
Conflicted Hearts is a heartfelt journey of self-discovery and acceptance, an exploration of the quest for solace from emotional guilt.”
Stefan Maxima: D.G. Kaye, tell us something about yourself
D.G. Kaye: I am a non fiction writer as I seem to always be writing about some aspect of life. I think if I were to ever write a fiction book, it would still be based on nonfiction. I love to write about my feelings and opinions on life’s situations. My book Conflicted Hearts was written to expel the memories in my life, starting with my childhood and going into my later life, still finding that emotional guilt doesn’t disappear merely because we have grown up.
Stefan Maxima: Organization of the genesis and meaning of creativity certainly stems from inspiration
D.G. Kaye: My writing is inspired by my emotions. Since I was a small child, I had an over-active imagination. I used to make a lot of cards for family members with a need to let them know that I loved them. As I grew into my teens, I began journaling my thoughts about situations in my life that caused me concern. When I was in my twenties is when I began writing some poetry and also letters to those I felt the need to express my feelings that I couldn’t verbally speak aloud. Many of those letters were never sent, but I found it gratifying to release the words from my head. As I got older, my writing became more serious. I got very involved with natural health care after I fell ill and I began publishing some freelance articles for a local health magazine on my experiences. I kept journaling through the years on issues which concerned my life and childhood; knowing that I would eventually write a memoir about those issues, somewhere in the future.
My Future Plans
As I am currently working on the upcoming publication of Conflicted Hearts, I am also working on my second book, another memoir, about the satirical humor of menopause, which I hope to publish by late spring of 2014.
My favourite tag line: Live Laugh Love…and Don’t Forget to Breathe!
My favourite quote: If you love someone set them free, if they come back they’re yours, if they don’t, they never were. – Richard Bach.

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Stefan Maxima :When your book be published?
D.G. Kaye:My book be available in late November 2013. The book will be $3.99 at Amazon for ebook and available in paperback.
Stefan Maxima: Thank you my friend for information

D.G. Kaye:Thank you Stefan for having me here today, it has truly been a pleasure and an honor.
UNSUNG LULLABYE – Ode To Conflicted Hearts

The cradle rocks, I am serene in these new surroundings; in this new world.
Peaceful it sounds, nothing in thought; for I am new here; not yet aware of the complications of life.
At first I crawl, then I take my first steps.Confusion now stirs within, unsettling thoughts; the noise becomes louder.
I watch the children laugh and play as they are coddled by their mothers.
While my tummy churns, I do my chores and keep my words silent so that I may avoid the angry words for what I didn’t do well enough.
I’ve become a chess pawn in this game of life; a messenger between husband and wife.
The onus is on me to make it better; a child without the tools.
The hurts have tallied, enough guilt to carry for a lifetime.
It’s time to leave now and find my peace; in new surroundings, in a new world.

ASHES – Ode to My Father

He comes to me through scent of smoke,
with hurried beats, my heart evokes.
Though decades past, time is still,
the missing years, my heart does fill.
Memories and laughter pass through my mind,
Unsettled pasts, yet still I find.
Remembered moments which touch my heart,
Your scent of smoke reminds, we’re not far apart.
To you I gave concern, love and care,
Subtle reminders comfort, you are everywhere.


Magical -Treasury Of My Dreams

Christy Birmingham
Freelance Writer, Poet, Author
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Christy Birmingham
Written: Maxima

Today’s guest poet is my good friend Christy Birmingham. Our relationship goes back to the very start of my blogging here at Congratulations on your fine book. I am deeply inspired by your brilliant lyrics, filled with a gentle touch that soothes the soul and infuses the imagination, transporting us to lands of spiritual beauty unsurpassed. Your book is incredibly beautiful , each line an invitation to discover the beauty that surrounds us. A world of fine and outstanding writing between the covers of this lovely book.


Stefan Maxima: I have followed your creativity for a long time. I find your poetic creations brilliant. Your poetic speech characterizes with refined forms of rhythm, with special notes of sentimentality and cheerfulness.
For the reader, your words carry strong emotional experiences, handsome experiences… As a stone engraved, they remain at the heart, to live forever – and to enrich the beauty of this spiritual world.
In real understanding, of poetic language, when your song is in full swing it marches across the heart and brings envy!
I wonder, what inspires you to write poetry?
Christy Birmingham: My focus stays the same, whether I write about the rain, love or other concept. I want to teach, turn the mind, transform and tease with a vision. I want to take words into new territory. I like to take phrases and twist them so that the reader stops and says, “Well, that’s a new way of looking at the subject here.” Readers say my visions are “unique,” which I take as a compliment.
I try to reach people with words that relate to what I have learned. Within the last five years, I have conquered cancer, left an abusive relationship, battled with depression monsters and been suicidal. I no longer hide my battles. Instead, I reach out with a sword in hand to fight the darkness. I hope to show others that they can do the same thing. Not many of the best things in life come easily.
Stefan Maxima: Do you have a favorite quote?
Christy Birmingham: Ah yes, quotes. I write them down, past quotes onto Pinterest and read them on social networks daily. I love the tiny pieces of wisdom. Here are a few favorites:
“Earth laughs in flowers.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“You gotta dance like there’s nobody watching
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth” ~William W. Purkey

Stefan Maxima: What are your plans for the future?
Christy Birmingham: I plan to continue to write! I am a freelance writer and primarily write articles about business, marketing and health. I am working on another book, which will be my second one. My debut book Pathways to Illumination is getting positive reviews, which encourages me to continue writing poetry.
Through my words, I hope to inspire and motivate people to lift themselves out of dark times. That is what I believe to be my purpose. That is not a religious statement but instead a feeling I have at my core. I have been through struggles and made it through so much; it is my responsibility to show others that light can come for them too.
Stefan Maxima: Thank-you Christy, for speaking here with us today! Where can we read more of your poetry?
Christy Birmingham: Thanks for having me here, Stefan! My blog Poetic Parfait is where I regularly publish poems.
Pathways to Illumination is available exclusively at Redmund Productions:
Feel free to connect with me on Twitter too!


For All Tenderness

for 25pg

Written: Maxima
Your words in a
Letter, they always
Bring a smile to
My face.

I want to read your
Mail now.
I need the tenderness
Of your message to bring
A much needed smile of
Happiness, for today I am
About sorrow.
I miss you
I love you

I Love Autumn


Written: © Maxima

I love autumn
Rustling leaves underfoot,
Long walks through the streets;
Beneath the golden foliage
Your gentle hand hand in mine.
Some vendors under a fragrant chestnut
On the street corner
Greet us
Kings hidden behind clouds of fragrant smoke.

I love autumn
And you, my dear.
You stare dreamily into the windows
Of shoe stores.
You are as gorgeous as this Autumn
What we gently hug
And our golden hands hold one another’s.
I love you.
Thanks to Stefania for inspiring
post – Please look post our good friend, Stefanie

Between Shadows

Between Shadows


I am thrilled to  be able to pass along some information

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It is a wonderful book, written in free verse,  it is filled with nostalgia and historical references that intrigue and delight, and sometimes bring tears of sadness or joy.  Of course there is an abundance of delightful romantic articles that thrill and touch the heart.  His brilliant and joyful philosophy on life and love shines through in this lovely  work of art.  A wonderful escape into a world of enchanting fiction  (but so true to  life I feel  there is a background based on “reality”) and delight. My plan is to get my order in right away, I highly recommend that you do likewise, you will not be disappointed in this entertaining and engaging book

Holly Rene Hunter

eBook Information:

This assemblage of narrative brings the reader into intriguing tales of relationships, of friendship and of deep romantic connections, contacts of brief duration and those of a lifetime, wonderful phases and those of heartbreaking endurance.
Imprint: BookRix GmbH & Co. KG
ISBN: 9783730949337

Language: English
Download options: Adobe DRM EPUB

Between Shadows

Written: © Maxima

So I put everything
I have
This night
Where warming remains
In our sleeplessness.
The thought of you
and curved some old rags
and rags
As the last flicker of candles
In front of darkness
Dives with strength into
This beautiful feeling.
I love you,
Has arisen between us, and
My love, by
Committing your heart,
I give my heart
To take to eternity
Because it belongs to you, and
Do not forget!

It Was love

It was love

Written: © Maxima
E. .. It was love
Unseen incomprehensible and impossible
But it was not true and spurious rights
And oh never mind Sheraton
Or that some other hotels
We were created to train
It’s a special charm
I give a smile
Your smiles ,
Every movement ,
Your lips …
The eyes are drowning in them
I follow this deity smile

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