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Good Morning Love


GOODMORNING LOVEThe book is available HERE !

Written: © Maxima
Good Morning Love

Christmas and New Year have a special meaning in our spiritual life.We celebrate and rejoice the birth of a new life. It is the time of year when we exchange gifts with our family andfriends.I would like to contribute to this festive atmosphere by giving away with joy and lovein my heart, this book, which can be downloaded free of charge during the holiday, season.
It is my present to you, my dear family, brothers and sisters, my dear friends, and lovers of my poetry.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!
Stjepan Maksimovic

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The Cradle Of My Dreams

The Cradle Of My Dreams

Gazing at the trails left deep in the sand of dreams that light up my soul, the trails made by her tender whispers…when she, so playful and with the sun in her chest and the soul wide open, begin telling me her vision of immortal gods of future, kisses for poems and castles echoing with children’s laughter, our castle high up in the mountains, where no raven will ever come, where only singing will be heard and love cherished, I have written this book.Those trails of her small feet define everything happening in my reality and my dreams. All of a sudden, everything matters – how I look with my moustaches, how I combed my hair, making faces in front of the mirror, if I ran out of some food, making the bed early in the morning (I hated it before)…You know, I must put away the creased pillows hiding the trembles of her heart and keep them safe until she comes again following the blue path of the night…every single thing matters! Believe me, it is easy to write a poem for those fluttering trails. The truth is not only in wine. The truth lies in the love she lavishes me with, the love that shines out of her beautiful eyes, smile and this tiny mole placed somewhere between my dreams and hands. My desires cannot reach them now so they wander around led by her promises. The truth lies within the lines

in this book, expressed through poetic sensitivity illuminated by the light of her beautiful soul.
I need just one word,
Warm and soft
Like your lips
Your face
So I can embrace it
And shelter within it
In these turbulent times
And sing a love song once again.
I love you, the love of my life

My poetic expression of these unique moments of freedom, playful hands encouraged by her promises, her kisses that place its trembles in a mosaic of passion, dancing shadows on the walls,wild seals built on her sighs some time before sunrise, bathing in the red glow of the morning sun somewhere under a palm tree in your neighbourhood …lies here before you. Leaving you alone surrounded by this eternal flame to read these verses breathlessly, I must tell you something: Love for the trails left deep in the sand of dreams is something you live for fully, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. It gave birth to visions depicted in these poems.
The book author,
Stjepan Maksimovic
poet , author , literary critic

This book is aimed at all poetry lovers,and dedicated to a woman running through my
veins as a birthday present. A few words about her…When I first laid my eyes on her, looking so fragile while selling knowledge in a shop, I wished she would sell a soft pillow to me, for my dreams.She was shy, hidden beneath thousands of uniquely coded shells, shielding her romantic soul and world. When she spoke gently, I set sail across the seas of desire and oceans of longing. Favourable winds carried my boat to the emerald harbour of happiness. Mind you, fighting those shells was hard, but my heart fell in love with her lovely smile and her beautiful eyes. Then, one day, she opened up the gates of her soul
and bestowed her endless love upon me. The burning flames of a great love flared up,
turning the land of her dreams and mine into a blazing land of true love. Above it, stars light up the night sky and the first rays of the morning sun bathe our days and our
universe.Yes, she was shy, covered with thousands of coded shells within which she kept her
romantic soul and heart for me only. I love her.

The book, Aquielana, Holly, Gordana and I have been working on for so long, is finally out.
Here it is, bright and shiny, full of a latent power, ready to take you into a world of loving hearts,smiling eyes, and gentle touch . I wish to share this world of love, tenderness and inspiration with you, my dear friends. I wish you took the time to read these verses because each line has been written with so much love, love for the soul of my beautiful lady I share everything with. It tells ofour tiny universe, a special realm ruled by the most glorious feeling of all. It tells of a world where two hearts beat as one, where there is but one soul shared by two bodies… The world needs more of that. And that is the reason I want to share it with you, my dear friends. I want you to dive into this magnificent microcosm and, inspired by it, to start creating your own. No matter what others say,my friends, believe me when I tell you that all that we really need in this world is love.
Thank you !
For this post I have chosen a poem very dear to me.

I Want You To Walk This World

Written: © Maxima

On the palms of my dreams
Let us hold each other forever.
On the wings of endless desire
Our wet lips meet…
You – utterly ordinary

… sleepy
Wander through my mind.
Hey, my beloved
Last night,
Exuberant in the colour of the night
We were kissing each other’s smiles
And sharing our sweetest desires.

I love it when you, so hopelessly in love,
Nestle in my arms
My dreams
My desires
I want you to walk this world
Dazzled by my love.

The book ‘The Cradle of My Dreams’ can be bought at 50% discount here using your coupon
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Enjoy it

I Long For You

THE CRADLE OF MY DREAMS from maxima on Vimeo.

My dear friends and lovers of my poetry,
I am going to present my book “The cradle of my dreams” is finished it will be presented here on Friday, October 24th.

Written: © Maxima

Rain’s sneaked through tree tops
And a pile of white stones
Scattered by the road
Miraculously lighting
The cold street lamps
In this gloomy dusk
Silence everywhere
But my heart,
It’s pounding wildly,
My beautiful angel,
As I walk through
This magical world of desires
The world ruled by you
And only you, my queen
Getting closer to you…
Diving into my longings
On the pillow
Whispering softly,
Kissing the trail
Of the wet kisses
You left there last night
Your laughter scattered
All around the corners
Of the room
Still echoing loudly
Kissing you…
In this late autumn
Your sparkling eyes
woke spring in me
Watching you
Entering dreamily
The blaze of my hopes
As lying on the soft bed
Sprinkled with sighs
Muffled by our kisses
My soul echoes
With your voice:
Come, my teddy bear,
Come, honey,
I long for you
Can’t get enough of you,
Your tenderness…
And I, my beloved,
I live for you
And our blooming mornings
You’re beautiful

Happy Birthday To Me


Your Face In Every Dew Drop

Written: © Maxima 

I give this Book away to you, my loyal readers, on the occasion of my birthday!

I need just one word,
Warm and soft
Like your lips

your face
so I can embrace it
and shelter within it in
these turbulent times
and sing a love song once again.
I love you, the love of my life

With love Maxima

Appelés A Donner

Appelés A Donner

by Lucia Galb

Language: French.
Published on November 17, 2013.
Price: Free!

The world today – becomes richer – for a wonderful testimony – testimony that warms our hearts. Love has no boundaries! it is in our minds and hearts, and right here in this new book that tells a wonderful story, “Love Has No Boundaries” by our friend: GALBES LUCIE

Love has no boundaries!
Stefan Maxima : Comment ce recueil s’est créé :
GALBES LUCIE Dans ce recueil, j’ai tenté d’exprimer mes émotions et mes ressentis depuis que je vis en Afrique, plus précisément au Gabon, depuis 2011.
Il n’est pas simple de quitter ses repères et sa famille pour embrasser un pays avec une culture différente de la vôtre. Il faut du courage et beaucoup prendre sur soi.
J’ai appris l’humilité pour me mettre au service des autres, j’ai appris à accepter la différence, sachant que les croyances, les codes sont tout autres.
C’est une expérience très enrichissante sur le plan humain que je ne regrette pas.
L’amour n’a pas de frontières !

GALBES LUCIE :In this book, I tried to express my emotions and feelings since I live in Africa, specifically in Gabon since 2011.
It is not easy to leave his bearings and his family to embrace a country with a different culture from yours.
It takes courage and a lot to take on yourself.
I learned humility to put myself at the service of others, I have learned to accept the difference, knowing that the beliefs, codes are quite different.
This is a very rewarding experience in human terms that I do not regret.
Love has no boundaries!

Appelés à donner
Referred to is a collection that combines thoughts, impressions and poetry .The author who has always dreamed of going on a mission in Africa for humanitarian purposes sees his dream come true through the professional project of her husband.
In this book the author expresses his joy, his discoveries, his emotions and disappointments on this earth where she is a stranger.” see all


Appelés à donner est un recueil où se mêlent réflexions, impressions et poésie
L’auteur qui a toujours rêvé de partir en mission en Afrique dans un but humanitaire voit son rêve se réaliser au travers du projet professionnel de son époux.
Dans ce recueil l’auteure exprime sa joie, ses découvertes, ses émotions et ses déceptions sur cette terre où elle n’est qu’une étrangère.

Quand le rêve devient réalité mais quelle réalité !

New Day New Dreams

Lauren Scott
Northern California

Author Photo

Written: Maxima


It is my honor and pleasure to introduce to you my guest today – an honored and respected poetess, Lauren Scott..
She is  well known and recognized for her superb writing style, from the heart and soul,  with a remarkably soothing
 mellow, and mellifluous quality. Her writing touches the boundary between realism and idealism. An enjoyable and
pleasing journey into the poetry woven by this remarkable poet whose pen reflects a loving and giving heart.  A soul as
gentle as the dawn.
This is my guest today whose book of poetry reflects her fine writing style.

I’m a wife of almost 25 years and am very blessed to have met my husband. We have two wonderful children, a daughter who is a junior in college and a son who is a college freshman. My “third” child is our chocolate lab, Copper, who adds more color to our lives. I’ve always been a big dog lover and animals, in general. Besides writing poetry, I love the outdoors…camping, hiking, and walking my dog. Music has also been an important part of my life, singing and dancing. I also enjoy reading and letting myself travel into another world.
Stefan Maxima: Lauren, what inspired you to write poetry…to begin blogging?

Lauren Scott:Now that I’ve been blogging for over two years, I can honestly say that those poets I follow have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. I have learned so much about different forms of poetry and my writing has progressed into a deeper place. Not only is it entertaining to read other’s writing, it is also a great learning experience and I truly value the feedback I have obtained from everyone who has been following me.

Stefan Maxima: Do you have a favorite author; perhaps a particular book stands out for you?

Lauren Scott:Several famous poets inspire me and there are too many to name, but my inspiration for writing is drawn from my own life experiences. I write mainly of love and romance because of my long lasting, solid marriage. I love humor. I love to laugh, so I add some comics to my poetry in hoping to make someone smile. I love to inspire, so I add encouragement with a “you can do it” message for those of us who need a little boost, once in awhile, me, included. And of course, there are those times where life throws some curve balls and so I write, once again.
Now that I’ve been blogging for over two years, I can honestly say that those poets I follow have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. I have learned so much about different forms of poetry and my writing has progressed into a deeper place. Not only is it entertaining to read other’s writing, it is also a great learning experience and I truly value the feedback I have obtained from everyone who has been following me.
Regarding a book that stands out? Again, there are just too many, but I love to read and of course, my favorite genre is romance, but I love suspense and action, too…”a compelling story that keeps me from putting the book down and leaves me saddened when I’ve finished it” is my kind of book and I try to make time for reading each night before I say good-night to the moon.

Stefan Maxima: I’m sure you are very excited about your new book and I want to commend you on your impressive composition, “New Day, New Dreams”. What prompted you to write your book at this time?
Lauren Scott I talked about self publishing for the last few years, but was never ready to take the leap of faith. Now, after some time has passed, having written and learned more, I was ready to make it happen and it’s one of the best things I could have done for myself. It’s a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of “giddiness” to see your own writing in print.
Determination, patience, confidence, support and encouragement are just a few vital components to making this dream a reality.

Stefan Maxima: What future plans do you have regarding your writing?

Lauren Scott:Currently, I’m enjoying holding the tangible product in hand! As for the future, I plan to continue writing for my own pleasure and for my blog, as long as, others continue to be touched by my writing. It will always be humbling and something I’ll never take for granted. I do have ideas for a 2nd book of poetry, though, but that will be a new project for 2014

My book, “New Day, New Dreams” takes the reader on a romantic ride of happiness, heartbreak, and passion, along with exploring struggles in life, while being inspired to move forward. Adding humor and laughter to the mix is a delightful reprieve from heartbreak and hurt. This collection of poetry is a beautiful reminder of long lasting love, new beginnings, and showing appreciation for the special people in our lives.

Stefan Maxima For end this conversation How your family members to accept the fact that you are known by the public as a quality writer
Lauren Scott My family is very supportive, in fact, my husband played a big part of inspiration for me in the romantic poems, my daughter did a great job in editing and my son was my amazing photographer. He is responsible for my cover and author’s photo. My Dad and sisters were always right there behind me and everyone is very proud of my achievement and they wish only for much success in this endeavor.

Stefan Maxima: Lauren, it has been a pleasure discussing your writing and exciting publication. Thank you for joining me. I wish you the best with your book and will continue to enjoy following you on your blog.

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