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Je voudrais ce soir



Only One Smile


This calendar for May,is my presents for all you
Enjoy my dear friends!

It takes only one smile
To bring back smile on your face
It is hard to find someone, though
Who will give you that smile

The abyss you’re peering into
Cherishing your dreams
Luring you, intriguing you
The abyss is called love

I can’t believe you fear it
Closing your eyes before it
Trust me, my dearest
You can’t escape it.

Written: © Maxima 

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Your Tender Touch

Written: © Maxima 

Your tender touch

Deep and sparkling, starry splendor;
Heaven is echoing a blissful whisper.
My heart,
It only beats for you.
You are my love, my life, my everything.
Together we will sail through life.
Your gentle charm delights me,
Close your eyes,
Your gentle charm and magical kisses
Delight me.
In your face I find my fate.
I love you

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You In My Thoughts And Dreams


Written: © Maxima 

Those beautiful eyes of yours
With one gentle look
Silent warm and tender look
Turn my soul
Into a flower
A flower that blooms
Over and over again
With every new look…
For them only
And one tiny little bee
That settles on its petals
Defining mutual happiness
I love you, my sweet little bee.

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Believe Me

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Believe me
My beloved
It’s beautiful and pleasing
This rhythmic dance of your fingers in my hair
It is so gentle
Like a waltz of small stars
In the night blue of the ocean
It’s like a smile
Of the first sun rays at dawn
Shining on the purple flowers in my garden,
The rhythmic dancing of your fingers In my hair, dear
Plays a blissful melody in my heart
As the flames of love burning inside me
I send you this poem
I love you tenderly
My princess,
Come to me,
Come to me as soon as possible
I long for the warmth and tenderness
Of your fingers in my hair.

Under the eaves of heaven…

POST 16.7. 2015.Maxima
On your lips, my darling,
I can read love verses
Flowing softly and sweetly
I welcome them
And turn them
Into a gentle touch
That wanders all over you
Dreaming our dream…
Dazzled by a swallow’s joy
Under the eaves of heaven
I build our home
Build it for you,
So beautiful and graceful
Under the moonlit sky…
Inside me
There is an eternal flame
Burning so bright,
My angel,
You are the love
Of my life


Sa tvojih rumenih usana
U neprekidnom nizu
Čitam večeras
O mila, moja pjesme ljubavne .
Pa ih jednostavno nježnim
Dodirima ispisujem tijelom tvojim .

Sanjajući neke , nove snove ,
Umiven radošću lastavice ,
Pod strehom nebeskog svoda ,
Gradim dom za nas.
Za tebe tko lijepu i čednu,
Svjetlošću mjeseca okupanu.
U meni gori vječna vatra
Anđele moj lijepi
Volim te zauvijek

An Elegy

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Oh, my friends
Speak softly tonight
Let your minds wander
Somewhere else
Don’t hold it against me
But my poem is sad
Written for the angel
Looking down on me,
For my sister
Her weary eyes,
Restless hands
And her faint smile…
The last image in my mind
Her trembling hand waving at me
Her faint voice
’I’m not well’
My poem halted
Between the light and darkness
It cannot comfort the living
Nor those in Heaven
It is a memento of
My quiet and humble Anđa…
Heard her soft sigh
And her wish
’Keep on writing poems
Please, don’t write sad ones’
I won’t my dear sis
Just this one
Forgive me for this one
I can’t, I simply can’t…

I dedicate this poem
to my beloved sister Anđa
Who has passed away.