Stefan Maxima is a pseudonym I have been using to authenticate my work. I am a writer, poet, literary critic, and author of several booksI’m a writer, a poet, and literary critic, the author of several books that I reference here:
Slavonia as a poem (1984) An stone evening (1985 ) Don’t Let Tears Kiss My Face (2013) Midnight Promises (2013) , Between Shadows (2013)
My books are contemporary and creative fiction
1.Don’t Let Tears Kiss My Face
Published on: 08-25-2013
Words: 2195
ISBN: 978-3-7309-4555-1
Short description
Is a book that provokes visual beauty and delight! It is a fictional tender romantic story told in the rich language of love.
The contents of this book are a gift to all those who search the depths of sincere beliefs and truths that are bestowed
by nature and whose gentle touch will fill the heart and soul.
Don’t Let Tears Kiss My Face

2.Between Shadows
Published on: 09-14-2013
5013 Words
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-7309-4933-7
Price: €2.99

Short description
This assemblage of narrative brings the reader into intriguing tales of relationships,
of friendship and of deep romantic connections, contacts of brief duration and those
of a lifetime, wonderful phases and those of heartbreaking endurance…..

Between Shadows

meAuthor Bio: Stjepan Maksimović was born in the small village of Posavina stories , municipalities Maser Posavina County Brod in Croatia , father of Luke . Mothers born Jelena Trkulja Life committed to humanism and humanity studies at the University of Novi Sad became engineers fire protection .In addition , poetry as a basic form of literary creation Stjepan Maksimovic , writes short stories , aphorisms , literary criticism . He was editor and reviewer of several books . His work was published in many magazines and newspapers , as well as joint collections of poetry.( Circle over the city , ( ZKKS ) 1984 Soulmates (Wbstilus Proceedings ,(2009 ) There are sometimes dream Wbstilus zbornik(2011 ) is the author of five books of poetry solo Slavonia as a poem (1984 ) ZKKS , Stone Eve (1985 ) Between the Shadows ( 2013 ) BookRixGmbH&Co.KG.K81675 Munich Don’t Let Tears Kiss My Face (2013) BookRix GmbH&Co.KG.K81675 Munich .The literary work of Stjepan Maksimovic Writer Jusuf Begic in the foreword to the book Slavonia as a poem (1984 ) about the creation of Stjepan Maksimovic says , ” However , when our poet besides rational attitude to go and your heart , then you can sort verses full of delights , full of some latent nostalgia . It is well expressed in song as the song of Slavonia . Yugoslav the poetry seems to be the most beautiful songs were sung about the country, and motives homeland . poets like that speaks to the ground where he was born , they bericet fruit , which is cultivated and maternal love , which is imbued . All poets Slavonia , they said a lot about this area of our country . Stjepan Maksimovic And our poet speaks with enthusiasm about his homeland, even if it is creating an anthology of poems about slavonia I am confident that both songs are given here to go to that collection . Analyzing the poetry of the poet Stjepana Maksimovica in his preface to the book ” Stone Evening”(1985 ) Pero Joka says” … We come to the conclusion that his poetic narration syntactically simple and impressive . String of poetic imagination , tells us about the multidimensionality of poetic world where the correlation relation of fiction and reality , the configuration of the songs completely justifies its role in this system, the complexity of the structural element , which form a certain poetic image … love poetry or poetry about love , full of some latent power . poet uses the form of abiding by the laws of the song .. it must vary the mood to make it somehow had some dramatic range , each kojipotreban artist , poet not only to evoke a particular moment because love contains exactly those elements and requires no explanation , but we are asking participants , people with a big heart and good spirit . What kind of poetic quality it is mostly the numerous comments of satisfied readers who daily follow his work include several” This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read.” “Such beautiful, romantic verses! This poem sings a wonderful love song for the whole world from flowers to mermaids to enjoy. Delightful!” Poetry Stjepan Maksimovic was translated into English , French and Spanish.

Enchanted by your poetic work ! Surprised when I saw the low prices of the books ; your work is priceless … Kudos ! Best,Doda
Almost all your poems are like lyrics to the best romantic song ever.
I love your writings!! :)),The Little Mermaid

Stefan Maxima is age old wise and nice writer, poet, literary critic, and author of several books who has very broad visions on love and nature and speaks well about social affairs. His poems are very nice and pleasing. He transfers wonderful messages through his poems. His notable works like, Between Shadows, The Cradle Of My Dreams, Midnight Promises and Good Morning Love, convey about his strengthened skill of writing books and poems. May God bring lots of happiness for him and his family as he is devoted to world literary society with selfless service. May flowers bloom in his way of walking.Kumarmani Mahakul

I’m Dying Of Desire
This is really a declaration of love! I also liked the flowers. Best, Tânia
Tania Tome M de Castro

Saint Nicholas

Very engaging. I felt I was participating in the story. For me that is a sign of a good story …


This Is Not The Place 
So romantic and intense, the emotion you convey in your words of love….very beautiful. She is a very blessed woman that has your heart and loyalty…

The Street Was Painted In Blue   

Reading your poem I can immediately see, feel and smell – much the same as I can hear the voices mentioned in the dream … Quite remarkable that your words and your description – which seems to be so simple (meant positively!) is generating such “visions” and is producing paintings and emotions so powerfully. Wonderful!
Sending you my best wishes!

Your poetry is bringing beauty, sensitivity and honesty into this world…Stefan, you’re an amazing writer and a wonderful giving person. And a true magician of words…creating a gate to a world of inspiration, generosity and love. I feel blessed to open the gate and to embrace my heart in the warmth of your poems.
Thank you for following my blog, i’m honored! Knowing that you’re reading, knowing that you like my humble words…is all i need to write with all my heart and soul. I’ll return here…to this beautiful place that fascinated the eyes of my soul.”
Afternoon Stefan, I soooo love your blog. It makes me fall in love with the idea of being in love. I’m sure you make many people happy with your poetry.”

What a tender way to start the day
Waking up with your lover beside…
And making love …and….
Your poetry is so delicate Maxima …
I am not bilingual as perfect as I wish to be… but …
I’m just hoping that I understand the beauty of your words …
Thank you for taking time to come over my blog…
Wish you the best

Awww…. this is what the world needs…. love and laughter.. and Nature all rolled into one
Sue Dreamwalker

your an amazing poet .. made me cry .. :) thank u “10.9.2014.Poem
My Message To You
Leslie Stockton
Wonderful words – reading your prose this morning, while sipping coffee, I escaped a moment on a magical date – thank you for the beautiful image…
September 15, 2014