Ok! Post poetry and post awards, Because you asked for it! . Anyway  nominated for an award  I was very happy (but honestly) You have no idea what it means , I simply melt, and I look forward to, you know, like   a beautiful baby toy – I tell you,  I all dissolve , become a gentle-cry – and sing again. It’s human nature! Thank you for  To all you  the nice people – goodness and beauty of your blogs  Your prize – and your comments, you are so great!, Some awards I have received – so according to the rules – I will not re-emphasize the nomination – but remember each of your thoughts about my blog and me as a person who writes a blog is a very precious and very – I’m proud of her!
All  you love – and thinking of you


This timeThanks to my good friend Alastair on nomination  for this wonderful Award word . Is that both the

Sensual Blogging Awardi

Alastair at Alastair   Blog  has awarded me the Sensual Blogging Award. I am really touched to have received this award. It is different to other awards as .. well … it’s a sensual one.

The rules are:

1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
Done .. but thanks again Alastair

3. Answer 7 sensual questions ( Most romantic memory, Most sensual music, Most sensual season, Favorite flower, Favorite fruit, Best gift received, Love is…)
Will do that below

4. Select some nominees and notify them on their blogs.
Again will do that below … below

5. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
Done above

Most romantic memory
well here is my story ,Hugging the light of the candles that burns down, quivering solitude sleepless night in which souls have long, committed floods came the smell of autumn corn field white girl’s and songs palms leaning on hoes brother – wanders in search of – that embraced the warmth of love we weave and throwing the universe, and even there the constellation skies, smiling and defying everyone and dead sea and oceans – dawn one morning in your arms completely still and your heart surrendered. Long’s story and could fight for days to talk .. but read my blog and you will find out what it was all

Most sensual season

Spring because of the fact that it is new life and to je definitely time love

Favourite Flower
Definitely the rose. and I love and messengers of spring snowdrops and primroses

Favourite Fruit
My is Favourite Aplle

Best gift received

Love !

Most sensual music
Hug me and be attracted to me they do not see a tear

Nominees .. I see the sensual award is about feelings … it’s how a blogger portrays their posts. How they let their feelings run through to the reader. That is why I have chosen these following bloggers.

Thank you for reading the blog Maxima

With love Maxima