Autumn poem

Author; Stefan Maxima

A room full of whispers,
Fingers long restless,
warm, sweetly asleep in your hair.
Butterflies restless in my stomach tell their story,
turning me tender,
I close the eternal circle with a deep kiss on your lips.
Parallel worlds do not exist there are those
traces in time that carry the scent of us.
I love you

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexelspexels-jonathan-borba-6520591

Author: Maxima

Maxima is a pseudonym I've been using to authenticate my work. I’m a writer, poet, literary critic, and author of several booksIn addition , poetry as a basic form of literary creation ,writes short stories , aphorisms , literary criticism . ( Don't Let Tears Kiss My Face )( Between Shadows ) Poems written by Maxima have been translated into: English, French and Spanish As hobbies, I have a passion for photography and creating meaningful videos. In this site you will likewise see showcase my video creativity. Thank you for dropping by! Feel free to follow; feel free to comeback! With love Maxima

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