A Christmas fairy tale in your eye

Written: © Maxima 


You have never looked so beautiful.
As they do tonight!
Look! Snowflakes of the world with me,
Glory, the splendor of your views!
Your eyes are full of beauty.
Full of beauty and hidden romantic glow.

Oh my God!
How much I love that magical view.
Your eyes are my destiny.
I love my destiny
And you will be in it forever.
I am afraid that,
I will stutter, and when I do,
My love for marriage is prayed.

Oh my love
How long have I waited for you?
How long I’ve waited for the
Brilliant shine in your eyes.
Full of goodness.
I love you with all my heart.

Author: Maxima

Maxima is a pseudonym I've been using to authenticate my work. I’m a writer, poet, literary critic, and author of several booksIn addition , poetry as a basic form of literary creation ,writes short stories , aphorisms , literary criticism . ( Don't Let Tears Kiss My Face )( Between Shadows ) Poems written by Maxima have been translated into: English, French and Spanish As hobbies, I have a passion for photography and creating meaningful videos. In this site you will likewise see showcase my video creativity. Thank you for dropping by! Feel free to follow; feel free to comeback! With love Maxima

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