Night Of My Youth


Night Of My Youth

Written: © Maxima 

Oh, the sweet memories of your hot lips kissing me that night right in front of the last house in my street, down, under a walnut tree as we lay on a mat spread for no reason at all that summer night. The light breeze tangled her voice as the night ripened over the endless wheat fields… Even now, I can hear her calling for the night butterflies and making a pledge that she would be the one to kiss under the moonlit sky and walk down the dusty road into the fields with the man she desired most and stay there until the judge called upon them.
Somebody brought a guitar, and lit a fire… as someone said… so that the soft shadows melted with the smell of grilled fish brought by fishers would not sway too much… Reckless youth! Old women shook their heads saying, you little devils… Imagine, Manda, kissing like that wide open, careless, not bothered… and, back in our times… And, look at the girls, wearing trousers! And boys with long hair! You can’t tell who’s kissing whom. Oh, Lord, what kind of fashion is that?!
None of us cared for their talk,
The guitarist played a good one
“Because of a person with black hair”
We sat around him, a boy next to a girl, making a circle… and the party began…Oh, the sweet taste of overwhelming desire playing with our hearts on the tips of the flames…her warm hand…patting my arm under the sleeve…thousands of shiny stars poured down my back…
And I…
I dared not move…
Fearing I would break the magic of her touch
And lose it forever.
Oh, what a feeling!
And every time her small hand moved to another spot warming it, my primal desire to embrace her cheeky smile would fly up in the sky like a bird, right from my heart, and those beautiful eyes of hers…
Oh, glorious night!
Fly up in the sky only to fly down again under cover of the night onto her innocent face, ruffling her hair… kissing her soft lips…Oh, God, how much I love her!

One desire after another kept smashing against the cliffs of the night, roaring wildly for a moment, then, gently, like a petal of a flower, slid down her white neck and like a gold necklace stayed there, chained to her body for eternity… staying there to see the dream and kiss… and touch her sleepy mornings till the end of times.

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