Umbrella of togetherness

Author poems Stefan Maxima

The rain washes away traces of sleepless
nights when my thoughts are filled with you.
In my dreams
my eyes are drunk with visions
and I am a slave to your smile
because in them I find a godliness
a soul filled with love for me and
I love you, my little princess.
Be what you are my princess,
I will love you when you are happy or sad.
You know that too well,
my little star,
I make a wish and I tell you
I want to love you through the night and that you want me too brings joy
to my life and I must smile and be happy and reassert my desire like a man who dreams among stars.
I will take my chances
With my heart to find peace and satisfaction.
I do not believe that love is dying.
This is, my dear, just a sheer blatant lie.
I bear witness to the very opposite.
The birth of each new day is a rose bathed in dew,
the reality of being.
The reality of being is the tears of joy on my face that when we come together
flow down our faces
and the hurt is washed away like drops of rain
and we are shielded with the umbrella of togetherness.
We defy the wind and rain and joy
comes once again into our lives.
It’s an indescribable event
of sodden feet and soaked hair that flutters in
the winds of chance.
Just so you know,
I do love you, my delicate petal,
you are my life’s delight and with you
I am heady, beyond words and
I sometimes wonder why this spark
of our existence must live like this.

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