I Love Your Eyes

Written: Maxima

I Love Your Eyes

On the first night of winter
they are the moonlight’s
crystal cylinders
reflected in windows.
Our home, your heart…
you know that I love those
beautiful eyes and your smile.
Our conversations untiring,
true language of symbols
Unpronounceable but so warm.,
Your body in that beautiful robe my
eyes and irrepressible thoughts
I cannot bypass.
We are the fruit, forming, multiply multiply…
I open like outlines of light –
Merge into a deep sigh.
At least tonight you are with me.
I love you and your beautiful eyes

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One thought on “I Love Your Eyes

  1. Madeleine Lafrance September 19, 2019 at 18:11 Reply

    Very beautiful Maxima
    Such sensitive words and deep emotions…

    Thank you
    Have a nice evening


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