post 10.8.

Written: © Maxima

There have been a few moments without you
Moments that I’d rather forget
Moments with you in my heart
But without the possibility of
Sharing them with you
I can only hope
You’ll forgive me,
My most beautiful song,
And understand my reasons. .,
But my palm was desperate
to touch your warm
and tender palm
because its tenderness
Feels so divine
And don’t forget
All the moments without you
were filled with the thought of you
I love you so much
You are what I dreamed of
Thank You
My purple dawn
for making my dreams
Come true
I am the luckiest man in the world
Because I have you,
Not by my side,
But inside me, my beautiful angel.
You give me strength,
You mean everything to me,
And, please, never ever
Doubt it
I love you,
Your silent man