Still, only this picture

Picture 1082
Written: © Maxima

With you,my love
I am a smile
Wrapped in joy
A soft whisper
Turned into a scream of hands
With you, I am
A torrent of playful shadows
Dancing wildly
Under a dim light
In perfect harmony
Following your moves
My heart is trembling
But I go on
Walk down my lifeline
Walk towards infinity
With you, I am
And I always will be
Strong, stronger than devil’s flames
Burning in honour of
The wooden cross
And I keep defying them
Holding on the power
Of your promises
and your vows
Spoken softly and lovingly
I love you
You are my light,
My joy,
My all
Without you I am
Nothing but a shadow
I love you endlessly
Your love,eyes,heart,soul,
Shinning through the darkest storm…
Ilove you
You are my whole world
For every moment of forever