Colourful Butterflies


Written: © Maxima

At high noon
Out of the blue
An old painter
With joy in his heart
And warmth in his soul
Appeared under a lime tree
On the fluttering wings
Of some
And drew you first
You seemed like someone
From the other part of the world…
Or from another planet
I remember
Your pony tail
A sharp yet beautiful look
In your eyes.
Your lovely smile
Bewildered me completely
I had no idea what to say
So I said
You know that drivel…
It made you laugh heartily
There were no stars or the moon
In the sky
Yet, so many stars
Twinkled before my eyes
Then a poet put us in his poem
And you in my arms
I just close my eyes
Keep silent
I love you

7 thoughts on “Colourful Butterflies

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