post 17.5.2016.

I know
These gloomy rainy days
Will not last long.
Meanwhile in the space
And mine,
Far from our world,
Bound by the wet windows
of a small room
In a small town along the river,
A deep turbulent vortex of temptation
is eager to break free.
The intense silence … speaks loudly
Pouring in my dreams
like carefully presented arches
of a great rain. spilling
Down the gutters
in the dark night.
The overwhelming desire of
my heart is to pay tribute to you
In the temple of love.
Believe, my dear,
what I say to you.
My heart will weave
a crown of eternal happiness
for us.
So, forgive my
Sometimes clumsy words,
I just want to shine
in your beautiful eyes.
I love you.

Written: Maxima