Picture 3 057
The distance between our eyes,
our view.
Between our lips 10,000 miles
Of dreams and hopes and desires that rise and fall
Between your lips and our kiss.
Sometimes some bitterness, …….. and
Happiness as delicious as a chocolate cake.
A smile on our lips,
Words in a poem, a letter, reaching out.
Can be summed up in three words,
“I love you”. …
And our desire reaches out

Our dreams are like clouds hanging in the air
Carried by the wind, traveling from here to you
And from you to me
And just waiting for tenderness
To arrive in a new day.
How do I know how our dreams
Will survive,
I just know it.
Iam dressed this morning in rays of love
Will I drown here in your beautiful eyes
In the eternal joy of wearing the heart of love

Written: © Maxima 

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