In a Pub Full Of Smoke

Picture 3 296
Written: Maxima
The truth tells its story…
Sometimes we would sit
In a pub full of smoke
Close to each other
Longing to talk
To share our words of love
While a seedy singer was silent.
Then she would screech again
Oh, my God, it’s painful…
Your hand would reach for mine
Softly caressing my palm,
– Let’s go outside
This place is not for us
Gentle look.
The night was warm
We would stroll
By the river
Under the moonlit sky
Giggling, whispering
About the flirting of the moon
And the evening star…
I would fondle your lower lip
Softly, forever…

All I knew was
You sought forgiveness
For not being kissed for long…
Forgiveness for your trembling lips
How much I loved that tremble
Wished it would never end…
Then we would talk…
So strange, you see,
You, a big city girl,
I, a country boy,
Eager to change the world,
Building a new tomorrow…
I love you

7 thoughts on “In a Pub Full Of Smoke

  1. beautiful Maxima.. I remember those days too when pubs were filled with smoke.. So pleased the smoking laws have changed that environment..
    Such a lovely poem..

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.. And many thanks for all your likes.
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx

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