I Remember


Written: © Maxima 

I remember
On this cold day
I remember
your hot lips
on my cheeks
And I feel better
feeling the tenderness
hidden deep within
feeling glory in my heart
and love in my soul.
I love you, my gentle lady
you are indispensable
in this world of mine
I cannot live without you

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15 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. Floare a primaverii. Azi uita cine esti si trezeste-te la viata o data cu natura. Fii un fluture zglobiu si aseaza-te pe prima floare a puritatii. Ziua sa-ti fie mai senina ca infinitul. La multi ani, floare a primaverii. Fie ca primavara sa-ti aduca bucurie in suflet, fericire si liniste.La multi ani!❤

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