My dear friends, I will be away for some time. and will not be able to post new poems. Hopefully, it will not take long.
Bless you all!
With love Maxima

IMG_20160120_105335 (1)
Written: © Maxima 

You know, my love,
As the time goes by
And the winter sets in
My only wish is
To keep warm
On the fire of your love
But you’re far away…
Actually, you are not!
You’re here with me
And millions of playful confetti
Cover us
Our lips are one
Speaking the language
Of hearts in love

You know, my love,
As the time goes by
More and more
I want my bed
To smell of you
I want birds tweeting
To wake us
Our faces bathing
In the sun
Caressed by
The warm breeze of happiness

You know, my love
I love you with all my heart
And you are in me
Deep within.

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