DSCN1792 (2)Written: © Maxima 

I love your soft kisses
And the wet autumn leaves below your feet
I love you in my arms softly sighing
I want to share with you hot chestnuts,
Tears of street vendors,
And the falling rain
Beneath one umbrella
A longing delicate as a rose
Known only by the heart.
Wet feet
Melodic singing Songs
Sweet tunes,
As if the lump in my throat melted.
Thrumming drummers on slippery dark roof tops ,
Houses in a dense autumnal rain, the tears of heaven.
I love your perfume, mmmmm, the sweet fragrance.
Your soft kisses and gently stroking your hair
Love makes me feel like a kid
Then you’re the sweetest.
I know you love me…
Infinitely to the sky
And more….
And I love you.
I ‘m waiting here
Leaning against the fence at night
Because I know you will come

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