You Are Really An Angel


Picture 071

Written: © Maxima 

Like an artist
The autumn paints leaves
In different shades of gold
Walking down the broad avenue
A fog falling from the east
Draws me in
To the long quay
Lazy dusk lights the lamps
One by one
Turning the quay
Into a silver love oasis
And this night of mine
Has the shape of your body
Thirsty lips whisper your name…
If only you knew, my love,
How much I long for
That tiny mole on your…
It’s like a dream!
Am I dreaming?
Or is it really me
Like the God of the night sky
Flying among the stars
Flying towards you
To make my dream true
’cause I’m enchanted, my darling,
By the tremble of your lips…
I give myself to you, my desired one,
And I spread my love before you
To walk on it proudly
For as long as you live
I love you

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